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Home Made CDs Is Totally Wrong.


Hello All,


 Recently i have noticed several so called soul fans selling home made/pc burnt bootleg cds of current reissue product at a few venues, now this is totally out of order and these people should be at the very least named and shamed and at worst be kicked out of the venues with there so called cds close behind them or up their bottoms side ways on.

 The likes of Ady Croasdell at Ace/Kent, Garry J.Cape and John Anderson at Grapevine 2000, Tim Brown/Kevin Roberts at Goldmine/Soul Supply, the people at Universal and numerous other reissue labels spend a great deal of time,effort and money to lease the tracks,compile and manufacture legal well put together compilations so why should certain little shits profit from other peoples dedicated and hard work, it makes me sick!!!!!!!!!! They are stealing from not only the record companies but also from the artists,writers,arrangers,session players,lable owners infact the whole of the music and entertainment industry.

Sure the odd cd burn goes on for friends but even that is wrong. Aso the people that are buying these things are as much at fault as the bootleggers and should perhaps think of what they are doing before they hand over the cash, christ! what does a cd cost £11.99 or less as many northern compilations are priced in the budget market at £7.99 or less. The music industry as a whole is suffering but at least major artists such as The Beatles,Stones etc. can swallow the loss of a lesser kick back from sales but the small mom and pop soul lable owners are getting screwed again second time around. One or two venues have blocked these people selling their nasty little bootlegs which is fantastic but this rule should apply everywhere and i hope in time that the demand and sale of straight cd bootlegs will stop and these otherwise souless leaches will stop making large amounts of cash on a weekly basis. Dont question this as it is totally wrong and believe me ive bitten my bottom lip several times over the past few weeks not to challenge one particular chap as ive been advised not to get involved as there are ways, means and people to take care of this, but enough is enough so you know who you are you know who I am stop now or suffer possible litigation or worse, in a very short space of time the name and shame ethic will apply in all the soul publications and on the net. I know you can pretty much get a copy of most forms of music and entertainment on a copy/homemade video,DVD etc. even million dollar Hollywood movies often find their way onto the streets prior to cinama release but that dont make it right, bootlegging is bootlegging be it a northern cd or a copy bottle of french perfume this seems to be a huge criminal industry and the home made northern cds are a part of this terrible crime.

We need to pull together on this and shut these muppets down, we have soild proof of transactions on film and this will be passed onto very interested parties at all the companies whos product is being lifted. Still half the people doing this have no respect for the scene they claim to be part of, personally i would ban them for life from all venues,and phone the BPI and insist they take legal action take them to court and give them a huge fine then some of the money might find its way back to the talent. Bootlegs have been around since the year dot on the northern scene often over the years supplying a demand for the records to the masses but its never been right or legal simply a way for chancers to make a fast buck and the current abuse of cd burning is i guess a follow on from these traditions, perhaps the fault of todays tecnology as its so easy to do, pretty much all PCs have a cd burner now in the package but just because its there you should not abuse this in house pressing plant to profit. Keep it real - Mark Bicknell.

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Poster Thread mike- Posted: 2003/8/6 13:31 Updated: 2003/8/6 13:31 team member Joined: 2002/8/26 From: Posts: 2244 Pirate Cds- Have Your say! New poll up on site, where can voice your view! And of course feel free if have more to say to post up your "comments"

Guest Posted: 2003/8/31 12:30 Updated: 2003/8/31 12:30 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! Bootlegs for profit - No Bootlegs for friends - I always buy legit stuff but gotta add cant see nowt wrong with tape/cd swaps amongst friends, the stuff I get to hear from these "bootlegs" you cant always get on shop bought CDs. By the way, Ive taken full advantage of "Andys Records" closing down sale discount of 60% on their soul CDs. Closing sale or not theyll still be making a profit on all sales, so just how much does go the artist and how much does the fat cat record/publishing comapany get. I know its more than the artist would get from the blatent CD bootlegger, but to be honest I think I resent those fat cats more than some saddo bootlegger, who we can give short shrift to. The fat cats, well their omnipotent!!!!

Guest Posted: 2003/9/20 21:24 Updated: 2003/9/20 21:24 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! i can see whats wrong in copying for your own use but i do believe that thay should not be sold for profit maybe thats a bit of a double standards but some of the better nothern soul records are pretty expensive there not all cheap

Guest Posted: 2003/10/17 16:45 Updated: 2003/10/17 16:45 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! Oh come on! I bought a copy of The Seven Souls for 450 quid recently - do you think any of the artists will get a cut of that? If people like vinyl then theyll buy vinyl - getting tunes on CD are a good way of feeding the vinyl market and ensuring that people who have records for sale can realise the ridiculous prices that many of us are (stupidly I admit) prepared to pay. Theres no threat here - except perhaps to your snobbery and elitism because joe bloggs from Brighouse can get access to your tunes and isnt compelled to kow tow to a DJ. Have you ever recorded a radio show? Ever played an acetate?

Guest Posted: 2003/10/18 16:06 Updated: 2003/10/18 16:06 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! To the guy above - spot on sir. Just think as well. Those white demos everyone seems to love are clearly marked NOT FOR SALE - so it was illegal to sell those in the first place, so once theyve left the radio station they were intended for arent they really bootlegs too? Also arent Kent, Goldmine et al being badly hurt by the attitude that "CDs/reissues are 2nd reate" promoted by the original label jihad? Wouldnt Goldmine Sevens and Grapevine 2k sell a lot more if they were considered acceptable DJ tools?

 Guest Posted: 2003/10/18 16:11 Updated: 2003/10/18 16:11 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! what a load of bollocks wise up francis bootlegs have never been accepted as "acceptable dj tools" on the northern scene mike- Posted: 2003/10/18 16:39 Updated: 2003/10/18 16:39 team member Joined: 2002/8/26 From: Posts: 2244 read the original post again Think that over half the posts on here have took Mark Bs post the wrong way Read it again and you will see that it is "against" the bootlegging of "offical" cds, ie the straight forward copying of legitimate cds that the artists/writers etc should get a cut of the sales.

 Guest Posted: 2003/11/5 15:17 Updated: 2003/11/5 15:17 Re: read the original post again I agree re Ady Croasdell and Kent who certainly do things the bright way. But I would be interested to know whether all of the Goldmine CDs pay royalties to the artists. How many original artists have I met this year? One. How many times have their records been used on Goldmine CDs? Twice. How many times have they received royalties? Er...never. Frankly, this is po-faced shite. Well said to all the people who remarked on the fact that the records themselves sell for inflated prices set by a market which is largely unknown to the writers and artists. When you sell a 45 on ebay for £200, how much do you send back to the artist, Mark?

 Soulgirl Posted: 2003/11/6 22:04 Updated: 2003/11/6 22:04 Regular regular Joined: 2002/8/26 From: Posts: 96 Re: read the original post again when digital media celebrated its birth then copying of CDs was not only born, it was going to be an established way of sharing music as was tapes when that was established all those years ago and still enjoys a healthy rememberance. I still get given tapes and although I grimmace at the very thought of tapes they are still a popular format amongst older people. I prefer CDs and digital formats. Yes, I will copy CDs for someone and hope that they enjoy it as much as I. Most of the music I copy will be born from original vinyl so the quality is far from acceptable. Manufactured CDs are of a better quality - I own many. People will still buy either the vinyl or the original cd when when really like something. Its natural to want to have something for free and no matter how much you whinge or moan, or belittle those that do it, it shall still carry on. For me, what matters is that this genre lives and continues. If you have the original vinyl then no matter how many bootlegs or copy cds are generated... you still own the most important peg in the board. Dont you? I have no qualms in sharing music digitally... afterall, if it were not for the interenet, where on earth would the soul scene be now? No where near the surface as it enjoys at this very moment thats for sure. I am listening right now to a tape compiled for me of 60s rarities... the sound is terrible! Nothing SoundForge cant sort out. Those who hold the original recordings have one-upmanship on those who dont. Smile with that contention. What is wrong though is those who release tracks promising a one off rarity when in fact its just a compiled load of bollocks in some off street recording studio claiming it to be something it just aint Karen x

Guest Posted: 2003/11/7 14:33 Updated: 2003/11/7 14:33 Re: read the original post again Oh dear this is just so tiresome. Before anybody else adds to this subject try reading & following the instructions of the heading!! Sorry bit stressed at mo! ;-) Dave G

mike- Posted: 2003/11/8 15:59 Updated: 2003/11/8 15:59 team member Joined: 2002/8/26 From: Posts: 2244 tell you what ok just a idea to clear this thread up if wanna discuss about the booting of officaly released cds carry on here if wanna talk about the "pros and cons" of the widesrpead sharing of soul tracks how about doing it in forum of course just a suggestion feel free to do what you want!:)

shaznay Posted: 2004/3/17 21:56 Updated: 2004/3/17 21:58 user Joined: 2003/9/23 From: Posts: 1 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! Might be a bit late in replying to this comment but I think it is a bit rich of Mark. I dont agree with selling own made cds either but lets be honest does he really think that quoting people like K. Roberts and the like is really gonna change peoples minds?. Ive been on the Northern scene since 71 and these are the people who (some anyway) were covering their precious records to hide the true identity of many a soul artist and some are still doing it today. lets remember, back then the records were just about, at the most ten years old and many new? discoveries were up todate and often just 1 or 2 years old. The artists in many cases were very much alive and could have benifited from royalties, J. J. Barnes for instance was found working in a car factory i believe. No I dont agree with it but these guys and the rest should remember that what comes around goes around. "Before youn take the mote from your brothers eye, take the plank out of your own"

 Chris Brett Posted: 2004/7/25 18:29 Updated: 2004/7/25 18:29 Hardest Joined: 2004/2/17 From: Sheffield "Northern" England Posts: 366 Re: Pirate Cds- Have Your say! I must add my comments here, i do tapes for my freinds on the scene (i never charge a penny) but all my tapes are taken ( yes honestly) from my own "original" vinyl releases. I see where Mark is coming from, good lord i have bought just about every Ady Croadsell Kent release, but i make a point off never duplicating anything that i dont own on original vinyl. Dont know where that puts me in this argument, but hell ill always do tapes for mates. Brett Franklin Sheffield

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