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sandi blog part 1 of 3 2008-9

sandi blog part 1 of 3 2008-9 cover

Prestatyn Starts Here, Well It Does For Me And Harpo Anyway

Posted by sandi, 11 March 2009 ·

Endless mountains of ironing now eventually come to an end,and all this in preparation for Prestatyn weekender.

We are really looking forward to the weekend and having a great time with our many ,many friends, and hope to make many more.

Paul started to get all excited on tuesday,god knows why !!!!,we still have 2 days to go yet before we set out on friday morning, so all being well we should arrive at Prestatyn by about 12 noon,unpack ,then make our way to where ever the music takes us.

See you all there.

PT 1 of the Prestatyn report over and out.

Sandi x

Pre-niter Invite

Posted by sandi, 28 February 2009

To all that it may be of interest, we are having a bit of a get together at my new home as a warm up for tonights lifeline allnighter at Brookfields riding stables, all you need to bring is a bottle/can and yourselves.

Those of you who need my address/ phone number, please e-mail me and l'll send you the details.

Sandi xx


Well we had a few responses to our invitation for the warm up prior to the allnighter, good friends of ours who came to wish us well in the new house:Jane,Phil,Johnny,Gary and Smokey, we had a bloody good laugh which set us up to enjoy the rest of the night.

So off we set for Brookfields Lifeline's venue and found it extremely busy,and thats how it stayed all night. I'm usually a avid dancer,but due to feeling really knackered from all the unpacking etc that is all part and parcel of a house move, l did'nt do much dancing, yet l really enjoyed the atmosphere,company and fantastic soul music.

Tricky Vicky was as always in fine feckle and very good company, we exchanged bollocks verbal shite during fag breaks throughout the night, l did poor Willy's head in as l do to most folk when l've got my silly head on, but l know he forgave me as he came back to my house after the allnighter had finished,as did,Johnny,jane, and two lads,who l'm sorry but l did'nt get their names(promise to ask them next time l see them), then l always tend to forget names anyhow,but l never forget a face, and they are regulars on the scene, they were stuck for transport so we offered to take them back to mine and give them cups of tea,played them some records,and l think they enjoyed their time with us load of nutters, Harpo (Paul) then kindly gave them a lift to Wednesbury bus Station,and saw them safely on their way, another visitor to the house was Smokey(3 times), we always enjoy his company,he truely is a great friend who provides a laugh every minute,and also he never ceases to amaze me with his wealth of knowlege, be it soul records,artists or even more serious topics.

So all in all l think l can say with real confidence that l had a fantastically enjoyable evening/night/day................and l still have'nt been to bed yet

No rest for the wicked, which in that case l think qualifies me as truely evil.

I would'nt have it any other way.


House Moving Is Stressful.

Posted by sandi, 26 February 2009

It's been a few weeks now since l put anything on my blog, this being due to l've been busy moving into a new house.

I'm getting to old for all this shit so l think l'll have to settle in this house...........for now anyway.

Hoping to be at the Lifeline Allnighter on sat, and might even be having a bit of a house warming before hand and carrying on afterwards, so anyone who knows me is more than welcome.

See you all soon,

Love Sandi x

Assembly Of Soul.

Posted by sandi, 01 February 2009

As l've already stated in my post on the "Events look back" section, this was a fantastic night, and you always know it's good when you check the time and find it's nearing the end, the night just fled by, l suppose that was due mainly to the friendly happy crowd letting their hair down and having a bloody good time.

This is a very classy venue, the interior being designed by Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen (very posh), Large function room with big dance floor, and a top quality sound system.

I was very pleasantly suprised by the amount of younger people who were there, god it's about time we had an influx of new blood,it's what's needed on the scene and has been for a long time.

In my opinion going on what l saw lastnight this venue can only go from strength to strength and become one of the scenes success stories, just like "Lifeline" is setting a presidence so it seems is "Assembly Of Soul". It's not easy these days to promote a venue and keep it healthy, so l take my hat off to the promoters.....Well done guy's.

Chalkie............what can l say about this guy!! he's such an entertainer, he gets up on that stage and he really goes for it, he's got so much passion,enthusiasm,and pure love for the music he believes in, he's just a STAR .

My Play List

Deon Jackson/Love makes the world go round.

Eddie Kendricks/Keep on truckin.

Four Tops/Something about you.

Jamo Thomas/I spy(for the FBI).

21st Creation/Tailgate.

Dezro Orchestra/Witchunt.

Silvetti/Spring rain.

Epitome Of Sound/You dont love me.

Bobby Hebb/ Love,love,love.

Lloyd Price/Love music.

Isaac Hayes/Disco connection.

O'Jays/I love music.

Benny Troy/I wanna give you tomorrow.

Steve Karman's Big Band ft Jimmy Ratcliffe/Breakaway.

Mike McDonald/God knows.

Frankie Valli/The night.

Harpo's Play List

Bob Relf/My little girl.

The Furys/I'm satisfied with you.

The Belles/Dont pretend.

The Younghearts/A little togetherness.

N.F.Porter/Keep on keeping on.

David And The Giants/Ten miles high.

The Isley Brothers/My love is your love.

The Detroit Spinners/I'll always love you.

Marvin Gaye/Come get to this.

Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes/The love l lost.

The Trammps/Hold back the night.

O'Jay's/Love Train.

Luther Vandross/Never too much.

Dobie Gray/The in crowd.

Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers/Sock it to em J.B.

Robert Parker/Barefootin.

Oscar Toney Jr/Ain't that true love.

Frankie Valli/The night( request ).

A Final Farewell To Dougie.

Posted by sandi, 30 January 2009 ·

We attended Dougie's funeral this morning,arriving at about 9.25 am to join the many,many friends and family to say our final goodbyes.

The attendance must of been 400 plus, apart from Harpo and myself representing his love of soul music were,Max,Kenny Onions,Pardo,Dawn and John Pugh,Micky Devey and l'm sure there were more,but these are the ones we saw and spoke to.

As funerals go,it was a lovely service, not just a mourning to a dear departed friend but a celebration to his life, and although sad it was that Dougie lost his fight for life aged just 47, the people and the memories Dougie left behind are a fitting testimony to the man himself.

His sister Hazel was invited to say a few words about her brother,she had us laughing and she had us also crying, she spoke with love and tenderness about Dougie but above all with pride.

Dougie was indeed a larger than life character,who made friends where ever he went in all the aspects of his life.

Paul(Harpo) and I very proud to have known him.

Sleep well Dougie

Sandi xx

Good Times At Bushbury

Posted by sandi, 26 January 2009

This was my very first time in the Bushbury Working Mens Club, all these years of passing it by in the car and never really giving it a sideways glance, so l was very suprised at how classy the place is,very nice.

Max had a couple of days earlier prior to the Sat night event posted me a question on the events forum, asking if l could mix 10 12" modern records in half hour, l thought he was pulling my leg,so l went to visit him the next day and ask if he was serious!!!, and apparently he was...........mind you l had been a tad cheeky earlier in the week and e-mailed him telling him how much l was looking forward to Pauls (Harpo) D.J. spot that Max had booked him for on that sat night, adding............"so when you putting me on then"

Just goes to prove if you dont ask you dont get eh!!

The night turned out to be great fun,everyone in attendance just really let their hair down and enjoyed themselves, so many smiling faces at one venue, well , maybe it could become a regular sight at venues all over the country, soulies actually enjoying every minute, laughing,joking ,dancing (even to , god dare l say it!!!! some modern music ) and SMILING, l aint saying everyones like that, on the whole most are pleasant enough, but l think there will be one's reading this blog who will know exactly what l'm on about, please dont shoot me, l'm just expressing a generalised opinion .

Max and Gary have chosen a lovely venue that deserves a visit, so come on what you waiting for ?,especially the local soul crowds, give it a try , you got nothing to lose and everything to gain......and if you dont like it then you dont have to come again, but l'd love to see some of my old mates who l dont see very often at any venue any where any more, and l'm sure their are other people who attend this and other venues ,will feel the same.

Open Invite

Posted by sandi, 18 January 2009

Anyone out there reading this who wants to hear some great soulful music from now until whenever we decide to call it a day is very welcome to come and join us, we have'nt planned a party but we have'nt been out in weeks due to lack of funds (xmas blues).

We have already started, and are well and truely up for it, so come on what you waiting for ?????

"Please make up your mind" and "accept our invitation" dont be "shy Guy's" we will be "Dancing in the street" "bare footin" with our "happy feet" this could be your "Salvation", it's a "one night affair" yes "this l swear" it's a "one nighter", so "come on down" and we will play"your song" or "the next best thing".

Sandi and Harpo

P.M us or Phone if you have either of our numbers, alternatively if you know where Harpo lives just turn up.

Demons Itv

Posted by sandi, 14 January 2009 ·

Soul on TV

Occasionally during the week when one is relaxing and just watching the T.V. trying not to think too much about anything soulful,because most of us store that energy up for fun packed weekends and then ....................woosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tonight while watching the re-run of Demons on ITV 2 they go and play a classic soul track/ Billy Butler-The Right Track(vocal)" Okeh Okeh Okeh "!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else got a story to tell ??

Oakley Cancelled.

Posted by sandi, 14 January 2009

Unfortunately The Oakley has been cancelled until further notice.

Can't go into the reasons why, l'm sure if anyone want's to know they can ask Swoz, or refer to the thread in events talk.

At this difficult time our best wishes are with him and Rona.

Sandi and Paul (Harpo)

D.j. Dates For Jan 009

Posted by sandi, 11 January 2009 ·

Where to find us when weI DJ

Two dates are now in our diary for Jan where we are to be D.J,ing.

1, 24th/Jan....The Oakley Country Club,Brewood,South Staffs.

2, 31st/Jan....The Assembly Rooms,Leamington Spa.

Hope to see you there.

Sandi and Harpo.

Another Year Older.

Posted by sandi, 01 January 2009 ·

2009 is here....Happy new year to you all, with best regards,

Sandi and Harpo

Good Times @ Brookfields Wolverhampton

Posted by sandi, 28 December 2008

Harpos Play Listings

Deon Jackson/Thats what you do to me.

Darrow Fletcher/What good am l without you.

Sidra/Sidra's theme.

Robert Thomas/Salvation.


Bobby Bland/Yumyum tree.

Marvin Smith/Who will do your running now.

Belles/Dont pretend.

Bobby Gerret/My little girl.

Fury's/l'm satisfied with you.

James Fountain/Seven day lover.

Lou Edwards and Today's People/Talkin'bout poor folks

Chris Jackson/l'll never forget you.

Incredibles/There's nothing else to say.

Oscar Toney Jr/Aint that true love.

Tony Middleton/To the ends of the earth.

Taj Mahal/A lot of love.

Lou Courtney/Trying to find my woman.

Darrell Banks/l'm the one who loves you.

Backstabbers...and I Aint Talking The O'jays

Posted by sandi, 28 December 2008

lm very well aware that there are some people on the soul scene who can't find anything better to do than slag off fellow soul lover and in most cases without due cause or even sound foundation.

l am pleased to announce that it is my time to shine as the twat of the soul scene, l have been informed by a very close and dear friend this weekend that some weeks ago my name was mentioned at a allnighter and some person (female) made a negative comment about me and made it known her feelings, l dont know the identity of this female, but l assume she's a tittle tattling backstabber with self worth and jealousy issues, thats her problem.....good luck love.

Apparently she seemed to know the exact number of the people who came through the doors at the last Oakley.....15 in total she confirmed to my friend, which l can now put the record straight is untrue, there were more than that in attendance.

Anyway it does'nt matter if there was just 1 or 1001, it was none of her business to pass any comment on something which is obvious she knew sweet F all about,as by her inaccurate comment,clearly proved she was'nt 1 of the people who did actually turn up,how can anyone possibly make stupid remarks and put themselves forward for a response from someone who was there.....derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh yeah she also stated with complete confidence that l and Harpo are the promoters of the Oakley venue,again this is untrue, some people should stop with the guessing games and get a life, if they did maybe they could interact with like minded people like me,who's sole purpose is to go out on the weekend after working hard all week just to unwind,dance to the music that we love and have association with friends and aquaintences, nothing more and nothing less, and what if l do D.J. at some venues, whats the big problem with that ??, all l can assume is it's bourne out of pure jealousy, simple as that.

She remarked that l was a "silly cow".......the way l have chosen to deal with this unsavory individual is by breaking the insulting comment down into 2 parts and turn it into something possitive.

Pt 1.........Silly, yeah maybe l'm a bit silly at times at venues because there are too many serious soulies,and l believe life is what we make of it, the soul scene is all about enjoying what we have.........or have l got it wrong all these years???.....Oh silly me, of course it's all about the politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT. However if she is meaning silly in a stupid sense, then please indentify yourself by P.M.ing me and l can forward you solicitors papers, because l'm very sorry to inform this female that stupid l'm not and l can prove it, hope she has the proof ready to discredit me. Or is it a case of yellow back fever ???

Pt 2..........Cow, No l look nowt like a cow, a cow is a four legged animal,and at my last count l have only 2 legs and l look very much like a female of the homo sapien species, so sorry untrue yet again.

Yet to turn it right round on it's head, the way l look at it is in India cows are worshipped and revered, they are seen as being holy and sacred, so whoever you are my fine feckle friend thanks for holding me in such high esteem , but honestly lm just a mere mortal!!!!

It is evident that you don't know one thing about me so should not be so loose with your tongue, my advice to you is stop to think before you make nasty comments that can come back to bite you hard on the arse............... Because what ever you think about me l can put you right, now, l'm far worse than that....trust me,and l should know, so carry on, l was gonna put a negative comment about this female, then l thought why bother !!! she is'nt worth it because as far as l'm concerned she is a non consequential, of no substance or importance, and just to round it off nicely can l just make my comment: for every 1 person on the scene who dose'nt like me, there are 100 who do.


Hey take note: l really don't give a fook, just wish that if you can't help but backstab then at least please get your information correct for gods sake, or it's always gonna be a case of egg on your face .


comments posted at time of orig post

very well said sandi !


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Dec 28 2008 09:26 PM

Good For you there's a lot of it about, "Simple Minds" that listen too the "O'jays" and become Back Stabbers and come up with being "The Young Halt Trio"Wack Wack all over there face. What they need is a bit of James Fountian77 day lover and be William BellHAPPY not be a Al WilsonSnake in the grass. I know of two simmilar back stabbings goings on that could end in Lee Roye Tears(Nothing but tears) and a possible third on the horizon.

Your Dean Parish Determination is a credit to you, and from reading your blog you have passion for the music we and others love "O'jays"I Love the Music It is a shame this happens,it is not rare soul music thing it happens in work, boxing, off road cycling, you organise events and people would rather do another clubs event in stead of the one you spent time Junior Walker Money doing for them, and then you find out they have been bad mouthing me, it must be a crap event ect if no one is entering it and you had got the entry forms out before the other events on the same weekend. In the end I had to cancel the event due to lack of intrest and they had asked the event organise to arange it, my position as membership secretary and event organiser I eventually gave up, and the club folded shortly after.

Guy Darrel I've been hurt by Judy Street Whathappened but don't trust people,I was going to a bash for 50th a Soul night for the Parkinson's charity, but I have not got the Gil Scot Heron The Bottle to do it.

What I have done is to get people to think when reading this by thinking of song titles by the artits then you edit by getting rid of the title or if you think it is not suitable just get rid,

The Lovelites Get it off my Conscience




Tape swappers fav

Posted:Jan 02 2009 06:59 AM

Thankyou for your comments of support, l would normally of ignored such a comment and treated it with the contempt it deserves, but unfortunately 2 lies where told and l needed to nip it in the bud before it got out of hand.......Chinese whispers can cause so much damage and l can do without that.

Backstabbing remarks were still filtering through on new years eve when l and my partner Harpo were at the Oakley getting ready to d.j. at the allnighter, apparently it was a waste of time anybody turning up to the venue because according to certain ones (they know who they are) said we would only get 12 people turn up.......what l really want to know is that including the d.j.s !!!!!!!

OOOOpppps, like l said these one's have been left well and truely with egg on their faces, Over 250 turned up from all over the country and we had a fantastic night, some of those who came along to celebrate new year with us were, Chris Waterman,Marcelle,Vicky,Mick,Dave and Marg Rimmer, Dave and Sarah Evison, Katrina,Rick and weasle from nuneaton, paul had'nt seen him for years so it was nice for them to catch up.

Sorry if we have dissappointed our backstabbing friends, but inadvertantly your negative remarks cemented at least half a dozen more people deciding to come to the Oakley ( do you think it had something to do with them wanting fun and not be subjected to politics ??).

Friendship and loyalty forged over many years still proves to be as stong as ever, think before you speak, can you really be sure of the person your speaking to !!!!!!!!!!!!


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Jan 02 2009 07:54 AM

Hi, its Harpo here, thought i would tell you my thoughts on what Sandi has heard

Well guess what, i don't give a toss, i have been in the frame for all sorts of things in the past, some of 'em ain't even been true, thats the price you pay for having been a zealous participant in the "scene" over many years, in many ways!!

I'm sure there are quite a lot of people out there who can't stand me, and thats what anyone who choses to put themselves in the public domain(with dj'ing and other acts of enjoyment and high spirits) must accept, you must expect both good and bad reaction, But then it must be seen as a worthwhile action, if it is capable of such responses.

However to then use this to try to scupper a persons choice of where to go is for want of a better word" twatish!" Especially when the venue is nothing to do with us, other than as just two of the line up of 15 dj's in two rooms on the night.

It is i'm glad to say a growing trend amongst the hard core to refuse to listen to all the bleating and sniping that has been a blight on the scene, you pay your money, you makes your choice.

So to those who i and my lady have ro upset, or maybe left with feelings of jealousy or anger, let me reassure you 2009 will be "service as normal", as i'm sure our 100's of good friends would expect.

Resolution for the year...to carry on living the scene to the max, with lots of excess even more fun, and enjoyment, and playing what we see as great soul music.

Just use yur feelings in a more responsible way, or better still live with it, we aint going away wev'e put in 70+ years of work to get this far

Happy new year....Harpo

Seasons Greetings

Posted by sandi, 25 December 2008

A very merry Christmas to all our readers, friends old and new, and also to all the friends we are yet to meet.

With best wishes and regards,

Sandi and Harpo xxx

Out Of The Ash'es Maybe A Phoenix Rises !

Posted by sandi, 11 December 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me

As Shute closes the doors on Stafford,it appears that Mr John Fisher is set to open the doors once again from Jan in the new year.

I wish him good luck.

Where To Hear The Records You Love- @ Home!

Posted by sandi, 07 December 2008 ·

Behind the decks at home

While Paul was in the forums wreaking havoc, l was playing with the decks, l decided to start this category to share some things both me and paul play at home,which many either get over looked or are just dissmissed for whatever reason.......but not all.

This is'nt in any particular order as l'm just trying to remember in the main what l played and not in the order of play.

Something new to do/ Bobby Sheen.

You keep coming back/100% Poison.

How can l go on without you/ Corey Blake.

Everything man/Main Ingredient.....For my old mucker Shute.

Trippin on your love/ A Way Of Life.

The whole damn world is going crazy/ John Gary Williams.

A song for the children/ Lonnie Liston Smith.

l belong to you/Milton Wright.

Thats loving you/ Percy Wiggins.

Superstar Lady/ C.B. Overton.

Mother of shame/ Loletta Holloway.

Only the strong survive/ Jerry Butler.

Like taking candy from a baby/ J.T.Brown.

Dont you care/ Jodi Mathis.

Loving you is all l wanna do/ Dee Edwards.

Love takes a long time growing/ Deon Jackson.

All on a sunny day/ Deon Jackson.

Cracking up over you/ Roy Hamilton.

It'll never be over for me/ Baby Washington.

l'll always love you/ Dean Courtney.

Love dont come no stronger/ Jeff Perry.

It takes heart/ Gregg Perry.

Man without a woman/ Michael and Raymond.

Show and tell/ Al Wilson.

l can't help loving you/ Paul Anka.

Sweet Sherry/ J.J.Barnes.

The moment of truth/ Dunn and Bruce Street.

God Knows/Mike McDonald.

March/ Shirelles.

Last minute miracle/ Shirelles.

If l had my way/ Walter Jackson.

Touching in the dark/ Walter Jackson.

l dig everything about you/ The Mob.

All over the world/ Chuck Jackson.

Walk away from love/ David Ruffin.

Dont let love slip away/ Freddie Jackson.

Final Night For Stafford Rangers

Posted by sandi, 07 December 2008

After five years Shute & Gary lastlight decided to call it a day and close the doors on Stafford Rangers, and l fully understand and support that decision,after all how long can anyone be expected to "cast their pearls before swine"!!!!! thats not an insult on anyone,just a quote from the bible, if the support aint there ,it aint there ,simple as that.

I'm a dedicated follow of soul,yet as the years slip by sadly it also seems so do the masses, what was once a thriving scene is now a pitiful sight espescially in the west mids, is it just a west midlands thing or is it nation wide, please do tell.

I'm really at a loss these days to even try and understand "what's going on", soul music to me is a passion,and perhaps thats why l get so upset,not just for me but also for the promoters that put so much time and effort...not to mention money into trying to make a venue succeed,only for it to fold because of the lack of support.

Can somebody,anybody, please explain it all to me !

Or is it just me!!!!!

The Strange World Of "northern Soul"

Posted by sandi, 30 November 2008 ·

Aint it funny what some folks say

Over the years l have met a wide range of people on this elitist scene of ours,and it never fails to amaze me what comes out of some peoples mouths..................most of which l'm glad to say has had me in fits of laughter, the most recent came from my own daughter Sian, she and her friend Paige came along with us on friday night 28th Nov to the J2 Oldbury/Mike Terry tribute, anyway during the evening Paige asked me why everyone calls me Sandi as my name is Alexandra !, l told her it was a long story from my young and wild days at Wigan Casino, encountering the scottish lot, it was they that started calling me Sandi.........anyway to cut a long story short, l said that was from way back then when l was just "knee high to a whipper snapper"..........my daughter then pipes up "what! you used to pull your skirt up to your thigh,and you was a wigan slapper", l said l didnt say that,yet she was convinced that l had, after repeating what l had said, she laughed and said, "OOOOpppps sorry mom".

Anyone who wants to share their funny experiences with me please feel free to leave a post, l look forward to hearing them.

Mike Terry Tribute : J2 Oldbury

Posted by sandi, 29 November 2008 ·

We had a choice of two events to go to tonight,Ilkeston and Oldbury.We chose Oldbury because it was a special tribute night organised by Hitsville Chalky for a great guy sadly no longer with us who brought so much pleasure to the soul scene, not only was he a fantastic saxaphone player,he arranged and produced some of the best soul music ever to come out of Detroit,amongst some of the artists he worked with were Darryll Banks, Mary Wells,Moses Smith, JJ Barnes,Donnie burdick,The Precisions,Luther Ingram,Dena Barnes,Stanley Mitchell,Jimmy Mack,Appreciations,Fred Hughs,Fantastic Four,Lorraine Chandler,Edwin Starr,Deon Jackson........The list is endless.

Yet although the night musically was absolutely outstanding ,the attendance was pretty shit......to tell the truth, and l can because it's my blog l was really disgusted that just a handful turned up to pay respect to this incredible MAN who gave so much for our benefit and was repayed in such a pathetic way...........he recieved as little in respect as he did in payment when he was alive..........yet without his contributions,can we honestly say we did'nt gain a great deal of musical wealth,just by looking at the few artists listed he worked with that gave us & continue to give us classics such as Moses Smith/Girl Across The Street,Jack Montgomery/Dearly Beloved, Deon Jackson/Ooh Baby,Dena Barnes/If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life.

To me Chalky did a excellent job of putting this night together, it is the best oldies night l have attendended for god knows how many years,so refreshing to hear good classic soul music that is'nt over played,and also credit to all D.J.'s for their part in making it a fantastic night, dont worry that the "Soulies" were'nt there , the 25 or so that were enjoyed it, NOW THATS WHAT I CALL KEEPING THE FAITH.........It's us few against the rest.

Can l just also mention that this night was about raising money for Mike Terry's daughter to help her out finacially with cost's towards funeral expenses etc, like l said Mike gave so much freely,it seemed only fitting that we gave something in return..............lastnight we managed to raise £140, l only wish it could of been more. 25/30 people lastnight were of the same opinion...............sometimes l really feel that l'm banging my head up against a brick wall

There's a saying is'nt there that goes " you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink"......Come on guy's something has to give here, or is it a case that most have just given up, if so why!!!! tell us what it is that will motivate you to KTF.

Sandi signing off........but not for long xxx

Time To Party With Sandi And Harpo

Posted by sandi, 12 November 2008

Where to find us when weI DJ

Due to all the controversy that blights our elite scene, l have now decided that l shall post all forthcoming venues and dates that myself and Paul will be asked to D.J. at on this blog.

This Sat 15th Nov we are both playing in the modern room @ The Oakley Country Club , Brewood , Nr Wolverhampton. For more info contact Swoz.

This venue is being run by the Owers of the club Maria and Ray who have no dealings with any other promoters on the soul scene, their motivation is purely to provide a venue which will bring beneifits to their business only.

Anyway l ain't getting into all the in's and out's of it , l'll just give a brief description of the place, as the name suggests it's setting is in the country a short drive away from the village's of Brewood and Coven, the building itself is very quaint wood panalling on the walls etc, olde worlde type interior, it has the two main dance rooms plus other little rooms with comfortable furnishings for chilling out,chatting to mates etc. Outside the gardens are fantastic,with loads of patios and undercover area's for the smokers among us,it also has the added feature of it's own lake with island accessible by a bridge ( very Pretty)................thats enough, if you want to know more you'll have to come along and see it for yourselves .

The night kicks off at 8.30pm and finishes at 5.00 am.

D.J. Line up............

Main Oldies Room.

8.30......Jamie Carr.

9.40......Ron Garrett.

10.50....Keith Minshull.


1.10......Hitsville Chalky.

2.20......Paul Gould.


Modern Room.

9.00......Tim Fletcher(Toad).

10.10....Micky J.

11.20....Kev John.


1.40......DJ Graham(Greyman).



We look forward to seeing you there.

Sandi xx


15th Nov 2008.

Sandi's Play List.

Wahoo/Dont Take It Personal.

Ron Carroll/Im In Love.

Terry Hunter ft Terisa Griffin/Wonderful.

Dionne Warwick & Detroit Spinners/I Dont Need Another Love.

Drizabone Remix,Lulu/There Has Got To Be A Way.

Jazmina/Let The Rain Come Down.

Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie/Tears (Full Intention Remix)

Groove Junkies ft TC Moses/So Damn Crazy.

Dennis Ferrer/Church Lady.

Marquito ft Duane Harden/Face It Now.

Panevino/Freeze The Frame.

M.A.S. Collective ft Su Su Bobien/Joy.

Harpo's Play List.

Wilton Felder/Inherit The Wind.

Al Hudson & Soul Partners/Spread Love.

Michael Wycoff/Looking Up To You.

Oliver Cheetham/Something About You.

Shazz ft Ken Norris/Innerside.

Kenny Bobien/Justifiable.

Mark Grant ft Russoul/Guessing Again.


Sunburst Band/Everyday.

E-Smoove/Deja Vu.

Tow A Tei ft Joi Cardwell/Luv Connection.

Luther Vandross/Can I Take U.

Dennis Taylor/Enough Is Enough.

Johnnie Taylor/What About My Love.

Request played for Pardo,

Prince Phillip Mitchell/One On One.

The Oakley New Years Eve Party.

My playlist for the modern room.

A Way Of Life/ Trippin' on your love.

Main Ingredient/ Everything Man.

John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy.

Silvetti/ Spring rain.

Loleatta Holloway/ Mother of shame.

Lonnie Liston Smith/ A song for the children.

Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band/ I'll be around.

Double Exposure/ Everyman.

Fire Island ft Loleatta Holloway/ Shout to the top.

Mousse T/ Brother on the run.

Cerrone ft Jocelyn Brown/ Hooked on you.

Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz/ The way you love me.

Deep Swing ft Xavior/ Shelter.

M.A.S. Collective/ Joy.

Panevino/ Freeze the frame.

Groove Junkies ft tc Moses/So damn crazy.

Dennis Ferrer/ Church lady.

Lenny Fontana presents Byron Stingily/Light my fire.

Loleatta Holloway/ Dreaming(Satoshi shell shock reconstruction mix)

Shazz/Fallin' in love. mixed with Splinterpella(Accapella).

Heather Headley/I wish l was'nt.

Terry Hunter ft Terisa Griffin/Wonderful.

Jazmina/Let the rain come down.

Lulu(Drizabone remix)/There has got to be a way.

Crue-L Grand Orchestra ft Philip Ramirez/Spend the day without you.

Harpo's playlist


joi Caldwell/Let him go.


Kenny Bobien/Justifiable.

Marc Evans/Reachout.

UBP ft Michael Proctor/Love don't live.

Tears/Frankie Knuckles.

Sunshine Band/Everyday.


UBP ft Bobby Pruitt/We are one.

Johnnie Taylor/What about my love.

Bobby Womack/Daylight.

Michael Wycoff/Looking up to you.

Joe Anderson/You & l.

Al Wilson/You did it for me.

Mixed Feeling/Sha la la

Martha Hicks/Looking over my shoulder.

Dells/Your song.

Webster Lewis/Let me be the one.

Truth/Coming home.

Walter Jackson/Touching in the dark.

Zingara/Haunted house.

Lenny Williams/Chosing you.

Brainstorm/Wake up and be somebody.

Jean Carn/If you wanna go back.

Oscar Perry/l got what you need.

Benny Troy/l wanna give you tomorrow.

Jeff Perry/Love don't come no stronger.

Eloise Laws/Love Factory.

Leroy Hudson/Ella weez.

Keni Burke/Let somebody love you.

Patrice Rushen/Have'nt you heard.

Jackie Moore/This time baby.

Timmy Toads Playlist.

William Bell/Trying to love two.

Pioneers/My friend James.

Marc Sadane/One minute.

Fourth Day/You turn me on.

Bliss/Move it.

Patrick Henry/Lovin you.

Billy Cole/Extra careful.

A.J.Brown/Making love.

Su Hightower/I wonder why.

Emanuel Laskey/Put your name in the hall of fame.

Dee Dee Warwick/Funny how we changed places.

Midnight/Keep on walking by.

Bileo/You can win.

Roy Dawson/Over the top.

Ambelique/Talk like that.

Teddy Pendegrass/Do me.


OLDIES ROOM. Deon Jackson/You gotta love.

Darrow Fletcher/What good am l without you.

O'Jay's/Hold on.

Robert Thomas/Solvation.

Bobby Bland/Yum yum tree.

Tempests/l just don't want to lose you.

Jimmy Soul Clark/Tell her.

Magnificent 7/Never will l make my baby cry.

Kenneth and Delroy/Let me hold you close (pt 1).

Deon Jackson/Thats what you do to me.

Baby Washington/l've got to breakaway.

Prince Philip Mitchell/One on one.

Marvin Smith/Who will do your running now.

Natural Four/Your love is wonderful.

Darrell Banks/l'm the one who loves you.

Double Decking Play Lists... Me And Him.

Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008

Play list from Co-Op Club, Nuneaton

H.Overture/The Miracles.

S.You're My Main Squeeze/Crystal Motion.

H.Dont Be Affraid/Creative Source.

S.Keep On Running Away/Bit's & Piece's.

H.Hung Up On Your Love/The Montclairs.

S.Life & Death In G&A/Love Child Afro Cuban Blues Band.

H.Tailgate/21st Creation.

S.When You Drop Your Guard(love knocks you down)/ The Nights.

H.I Got What You Need/Oscar Perry.

S.Making My Daydream Real/We The People.

H.Seven Day Lover/James Fountain.

S.Dont Depend On Me/The Fantastic Johnny C.

H.Lend A Hand/Bobby Hutton.

S.Love Factory/Eloise Laws.

H.House For Sale/Millie Jackson.

S.Turn The Beat Around/Vicki Sue Robinson.

H.If You And I Had Never Met/Magic Night.

S.Spring Rain/Silvetti.

H.Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)/Brass Construction.

S.Mother Of Shame/Loleatta Holloway.

H.It Really Hurts Me Girl/The Carstairs.

S.Everything Man/Main Ingredient.

Stafford Rangers 1st Nov 2008

Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008 ·

Harpos Play Listings

Martha Hicks/Looking Over My Shoulder.

Johnny Bristol/Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me.

Truth/Im Coming Home.

Darryl Fletcher/What Good Am I Without You.

Prince Phillip Mitchell/One On One.

The Promatics/Sugar Pie Honey.


Magnificent 7/Never Will I Make My Baby Cry.

Kenneth & Delroy/Let Me Hold You Close Pt1.

Deon Jackson/Love Takes A Long Time Growing.

Marvin Smith/Who Will Do Your Running Now.

Oscar Perry/I Got What You Need.

Bit's & Pieces/Keep On Running Away.

Crystal Motion/You're My Main Squeeze.

Benny Troy/I Wanna Give You Tomorrow.

Jean Carn/If You Wanna Go Back.

Dutch Robinson/Cant Get Along Without You.

Urban Blues Project feat Bobby Pruitt/We Are One.

Wahoo/Dont Take It Personal.

Shazz/ Innerside.

Bobby Hutton/Lend A Hand.

The Carstairs/It Really Hurts Me Girl.

Update On The Past Few Weeks......by Popular Request. Lol

Posted by sandi, 02 November 2008

While out and about tonight a few people approached me and asked why l had'nt put a blog on about my poor little car breaking down outside The Kings Hall !!, Ok rub it in why dont ya . It was funny though,after getting soaked every time l went for a ciggie it did'nt seem that bad..........after trying to coax my male friends to come and help out by pushing the car to get it kick started failed with very feeble excuses, l said l'd name them and shame them,but they were many and time is precious and so are my fingers !!! ANYWAY THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, just wait till they need assistance.

However we did get some help off some true gents, Johnny Metcalfe, Telford Dave, Dave from Anglesey,Johnny Fingers, Andy who came to the rescue with jump leads, and Tim from Leicester.

This was no flat battery, so about 2 hours later Colin The lovely AA man came to the rescue.

Needless to say all this took it's toll on my health not to mention bank balance , anyway all's well that ends well, both myself and Henrietta are doing fine now.

Stoke was yet again a fantastic night, esp in the Modern room, the dance floor being a vast improvement on the time before, this time it did'nt make a mad dash for the exit. The music was outstanding, Barry Maleady,Bob Hinsley and Colin Curtis were fantastic, but then l knew they would be.Sorry we missed Soul Sam but that was only because we were elsewhere, Paul always says we dont have to be there to know Sam will be Good if not better than good.

Previous to Stoke, Paul (Harpo) and myself had D.J.ed at Mark Freemans Venue the Co-Op club in Nuneaton, and what a great venue this is. 1st time for us there but wont be the last, really enjoyed our time behind the decks (playlist to follow later).

Bang up to date now, we started off lastnight at Stafford Rangers, always support Shute and Gary at their venue,and it's a great little venue only wish more people would come along and support it.

I will be posting Harpos playlist later.

We then headed off to Bishops Wood allnighter, we really enjoyed it for me it was more social then anything else, l dont mean that in a disrespectful way just that it was nice to see all our old mates at one venue and lovely to meet new people all having a great laugh and just really having a good time,nowt serious on the agenda like that rude P word (politics). Anyway Col ,Larry,Gaye and Elaine deserve a good pat on the back for perseverance because it looks like its paying off, Well done to all.

It's All Fun And Games !

Posted by sandi, 04 October 2008

I've been having a look around the forum esp on events talk and catching up on the latest news and gossip, bloody hell l have a few days out due to suffering from this nasty virus thats going round and god all mighty world war three's broken out !!!


Oh well all l can say is , it was'nt me l did'nt start it ....this time

I'm for all my sins one of the DJ's thats been booked for The Oakley Club next sat 11th Oct, and l need to say l'm really looking forward to it, mainly because it's my birthday the day before ( 10th ), and cant think of a nicer present than to play the records l love in a public setting, the Oakley is a lovely venue, l'm being realistic and expect to be playing to a empty room...( or should that be pessimistic ), whichever l'm used to it, however it will be great if people prove me wrong and actually turn up and dance . Forget about the politics and remember the music, is'nt that whats important !!!!!!!!

Just to mention the other tue's when l was invited along to Stoke and played a set at The Foxley in Milton, what a great night that was, no politics anywhere raising it's ugly head, just good soulful music, nowt like the over played stuff most of us get P'ed off with hearing , just great records one after the other, perhaps thats why there was a good turn out, and apparently so l was informed that was a quiet night due to Stoke playing at home uuummm, if that was a quiet night l'd love to be asked to play on a normal one.

See like minded soulies tonight at Stafford Rangers.

Calamity Jane Is My Middle Name

Posted by sandi, 21 September 2008 ·

After paying out for car repairs on both cars this month has left us a little strapped for cash, so yesterday when we had a phone call off our dear friend John Metcalf who we had'nt seen in months asking us if we were going to The Oakley we had to tell him no. He was'nt having any of that and told us to be ready by 8 and he would treat us to the night out, we were really grateful for his kind offer but had to refuse, John bless him insisted we join him for the night, and so we humbly accepted.

Right all that sorted out off we headed to the Oakley only to find it empty of anyone looking vaguely like a soulie, l made a quick inspection and found it to be like a ghost ship, no staff to be found anywhere, but did find a hand full of diners.... so then we made our way over to Rugeley only to find it had been on the weekend before................mock if you like, we can take it, as you will find out shortly as this sorry little tale unfolds.

Remembering our little janey had mentioned that the Butter Market was on we decided to head northish, in the mean time l texted our little Scotty to ask if anything else was on, after he replyed with a couple of alternatives we all agreed the Butter Market it would be.

So from Lincoln ( thats where John Lives ), to Wednesfield, then to Brewood near wolverhampton, onto Rugeley Cannock, then all the way back again to the motorway to Shrewsbury.......and this historic town being so quaint, we could'nt just pass through it, so we did a site seeing tour, twice l think .

Ok so now we are safely at the venue, it was my 1st visit to the Butter Market and l liked it straight away, it's atmosphere, class soul music,fantastic friends, dance floors everywhere ( good ones at that ) and something we dont see very often these days : people actually dancing, my kinda place to be so will deffinately be going there again.

Everyone enjoying themselves.........then at approx 4.30 am, my lovely husband to be Mr Paul Harpo Harpin came outside to the smokers area and said to me " This guy thinks l gay", l look at him and think oh he's having a para again!, so l said " What guy?, and what did you say!!", after repeating his statement he nods towards this young man stood behind him, " him he thinks l'm gay and that John is my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!! " trying to make light of it l say " do you mean he thinks you look happy " . Paul is clearly offended, so l ask the guy to tell me if he had said that to Paul, he admitted that he had..............Well that got my f**kin back up, so l told him that Paul was'nt gay and that he was my husband and l could verifiy from 1st hand experience that he was very much a man in every sense of the word ......The cheeky prat and thats putting it mildly.

This gezza then said to me " He is gay aint he!! he looks gay anyway" telling him for the last time that Paul was my husband and NO he aint GAY, god talk about thick as a brick..........going back inside to have a dance, the guy follows us and starts dancing next to Paul, Paul comes over to me and l can tell by just looking at him, he did'nt have to say anything his eyes did the pleading(help me Sandi) , l made a joke about it and said"Paul get your coat you've pulled", but really l was fuming to the point of decking the prat. l'm not sure if he sensed it,but he suddenly focused his attention on two female dancers....one of them being Sue a very good friend of ours..........l was on watch alert by now , l thought to myself, the barstool comes grabbing me while l'm dancing and he's hitting the ground...fortunately someone complained to the door staff about his behaviour, and then he was gone, thank god.

He did say other stuff to us,but it's too offensive to put on this post, he also grabbed me in front of Paul and tried to snog me, forward for a boy just out of nappies eh. Friends of ours if you want to know the full details we will be happy to fill you in.....oh err mrs! please pardon the pun.. .

Harpo's Hit's Lists

Posted by sandi, 07 September 2008

Harpos Play Listings

After experiencing twice now on the trot while booked to D.J. at two seperate venues a reduction in his spots by half hour each, we are now pleased to announce that Harpo has been given a new name, so from to-day he will officially be known as Half Hour Harpo

He's asked me to start a category so that he can post when and as he gets bookings , at this rate he will qualify as a resident at Double Deckers:

I've been a dutiful little woman and done as he asked and just like a typical bloke,he's mislaid the bloody list he wanted me to put on here, maybe we should call him Hopeless Harpin Harpo........................he's still looking so he can come on here later and post it himself,while l play the records for a change.

Stafford Rangers

Posted by sandi, 07 September 2008 ·

Life in the fast lane for a busy soulgirl takes it's toll you know, just when you think it's safe to raise your head above water someone comes along to push you under again, both mine and Pauls cars are in the sick bay awaiting attention, would'nt of been a problem on any other weekend but it had to be this one.....sods law, l swear if l fell into a bucket full of rose petals l'd come out smelling of shite, so there we were no car and Paul D.J.ing at Stafford , after loads of fone calls we got a lift assured by Mr Phil Jordan, really greatful to the big man. The night was going great as usual at Stafford,cus we get to catch up with some fantastic friends, Kev (Shute), Mr and Mrs Foster, Gaz, Jane and Ade who very kindly came to give Harpo their support, Tracey and Johnny, Marie ,steven(Planky),Jackie,Swoz ,Eddie and Mr and Mrs Little Scotty, thanks to all for their support..........Got to mention it was Lyns birthday yesterday and l dont think she will mind me telling you it was her 50th, So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYN, so here we are enjoying the night and it's half hour before Pauls due to go and do his spot when................Shit happens all over again, due to a mix up with D.J. times Paul is asked if he will do just Half Hour instead of the full hour, talk about feeling like a deflated balloon, l was really upset for him because l knew how much he was looking forward to this night.

Ok a minor hurdle, and like the true professional he his,he accomplished in half hour to captivate the dance floor with which can only be described as a set of excellent soulful dance music, maybe l'm biased because he's my man and l love him to bits....those of you who were there feel free to make your comments on this matter please.

Paul(Harpo's) play list

Marvin Smith/ Who will do your running now.

Natural Four/ Love is so wonderful.

Prince Phillip Mitchell/ One on one.

Oscar Perry/ I got what you need.

Webster Lewis/ Let me be the one.

Truth/ Im coming home.

Jimmy Soul Clarke/ Tell her.

Bobby Bland/ Yum yum tree.

Darrell Banks/ I'm the one who loves you.

Shazz feat Ken Norris/ Innerside.

Other D.J.s offered up some really fantastic bits, Doody Spot on as per usual he did a great set, Shute played a couple of requests for me, Black Nasty/ Cut your motor off, and Whaoo/ Dont take it personal, thanks Kev. Mart and Helen Did a good set also, with the exception of

just one, that was'nt to my prefered taste, but l would'nt knock anyones taste, obviously Helen and Mart like it so stood by their belief in it and gave it a airing, fair play to them they did what some D.J.'s fear doing and thats to take a chance, l commend them for that, although after saying that l know there were peeps there that made positive comments about the track, so there you have it play it they may just like it, and just to add the old saying, "you cant please all the people all of the time" and it would be a boring world would it not if we all liked the same thing.Paul was on after Martin and Helen, and when Mart was informed by Paul that his time had been cut to half hour he said he wished he'd of know earlier because he would of let Paul gone on for the last 20 mins of their spot. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Martin for making such a kind offer, and bless them they did finish a few minutes early when they heard the news to give Paul a bit more time.Paul was very touched by this considerate gesture on Martins part.Paul was also humbled by the many nice comments he recieved after his spot.

Johnny Fingers and Tony ( are you talking or dancing) Foster,finished the night off with some really nice stuff, some l had never heard and some l had'nt heard in a very long time.

Johnny Fingers what a great guy he is, very eager to listen and learn about every aspect of soulful music, l for one value his opinion and like wise, l have the greatest respect for this man,because he's constantly searching for and taking in knowlege, and thats how is should be, we all should be willing to learn and progress,it's no good becoming stagnant. He is our kinda guy.

Tony Foster is also a guy l respect and learn from,and he does from both Harpo and myself.......l still aint giving him my secret source details tho .

All in all Stafford is a great little venue, with a massive dance floor l'd like to see packed with people who are on our wave length dancing to great soul music across the board, and not have "Soulie tunnel Minded Biggots" standing around the dance floor slagging everything off that they consider crap...why! because it is'nt overplayed oldies! or they dont know it so it must be crap! or "l need to say it's crap(even if l like it secretly)because my other dinosoulielivalotinthepastusandboreus mates dont like it", Sad sack soulies ,if only they would listen,and yet most comments lve had thrown my way " Modern Krapp", when asked if they have ever been into the modern rooms the typical answer is , "no way, you would'nt get me in there if l were dead, they play disco crap,...............well Derrrrr so do'es the oldies room, check your american soul history, were'nt most of what we adopted as -to coin a fraze-"Northern Soul" popular black american disco beats??and were'nt these oldies newies once?? of course they were,all records started life in the same way did'nt they! no matter what your genre and if your chosen genre for instance was say (swear word coming up now ) Rock music, does that mean if you live in the south it's called Southern Rock and in the north Northern Rock, silly me Northern Rock was a bank that folded and Southern Rock you buy in stick form when you visit Southport, l know,l know l'm extracting the urine,but it's only because l see Soul music as simply that Soul music,if l like it then l like it,l dont care what year it was released,l just thank god it was released for my benefit to enjoy listening to , l'm glad there is soul music in the world because it can pull on all of your emotions,and in that way it reminds me l'm human,warts and all,

Enough said,and l started so well, there l go again whooosh off on a tangent.

Soulful Sandi signing off,l look forward to any comments good or bad...if it's gonna be bad can you please be kind ,,,,,Thankyou.

Help For The Frustrated

Posted by harpo1, 31 August 2008 ·

Harpo here as a designated contributer to Sandi's blog, i thought i might offer some help to members, my idea is to offer to act as an independant mediator for those constant fall outs and cat fights arising on Soul Source......thought i'd call it....

Harpo fixing in the blog !!!!

Lifeline Niter

Posted by sandi, 31 August 2008 ·

Yet another great night put on by the promoters, lifeline is exactly that,it offers such a different approach to giving the scene a wake up call thats what it has needed for a long time. So l suppose the title is apt, all is left to do on our part is to grab that line, if like me you are concerned about whats going to happen to the scene then grab onto that line, because it is a start on the right track back to healthy venues. Lifeline is setting a presidence with it's music policy being totally across the board, yet with the D.J.'s putting forethought into what should be played.........

in a nut shell they did'nt play overplayed records,many soulies are fed up of hearing now, nothing played at lifeline is predictable, now in my opinion that is a refreshing change, something l've been hoping for for years now.

When we stop to think about it,there are thousands,if not millions of records available to us that never get aired, and l dont mean particularally rear expensive records, but good soulful records that deserve to be heard.

Lifeline in a way went out on a limb to bring new life into what is/was a declining sickly looking soul scene, l think the promoters have actually found the key to turning it all around and making venues come to life again. Maybe the promoters have listened to what we have to say about what we want from a venue, l know what l want, and lifeline have provided just that. I hope others follow suit, l'm not slating any promoters ,quite the opposite,l admire anyone who takes on the job, l know it's not easy yet it could be made a bit easier if they listened to what the paying punters want and keep an open mind which would allow for flexability, and not be swayed by sentiment or proverbial backscrathing, in other words taking to task putting on a successful venue is only as good as the tools you use and how you use them to maximise potential.....1st rule of thumb in any business is " there is no room for sentiment", if you are'nt prepared to be ruthless no matter how much you try and make it work,it will most definately fail sooner or later, this is just an intelligent point of view and mere observation based on a 38year apprentiship on the soul scene..................Please let me know your thoughts on this.

All thats left for me to say is a great big thankyou to everyone who made lastnight for both me and Harpo (Paul) so enjoyable......Promoters,D.J.'s, but most of all and most importantly the paying punters,cus lets face it,if it was'nt for you there would be no venue.

Introduction: L Welcome Comments Regarding Your Thoughts And Opinions On How You Feel About The Soul Scene On A Whole, With It's Many Facets

Posted by sandi, 30 August 2008 ·

l thought it was about time l actually started my own blog, to express how l feel about the soul scene as it is today.

l'm a bit fed up with trawling the forum and finding that people just go round in cirles, and lots of the threads that are started (if the topic is interesting enough) actually after god knows how many entries and pages finish up lost altogether, and what started off as a thread obviously that had meaning to the topic starter (in some genuine cases)

mostly finish up with comments off a few members using the forum to personally contact buddies to discuss what they are gonna cook hubby for tea( l say hubbie because women are mainly responsible for this)

l tried my hardest on many occassions to work out what curry and chips actually had to do with soul music.......unless that is what these people think soulsource means............... .

There you go thats it for now, l'm off to get ready for Lifeline allnighter @ Brookfields riding stables......should be good if the last one is anything to go by, if not you will be in for a treat when l share my antics with you.


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