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The End Of This Era: Promoting A Soul Event

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 March 2009

People used to ask us "how's it going?" There were many answers to that question. Sometimes at the core of the question was either "is it a success," or "do you think it will be a success?"

In some ways I feel it was very successful and then there are times when I doubt if it will ever be enough of a success to keep going. So what is success? How do you define it?

Is success measured financially?; Now there is a question because for some that is the real crux of the whole promotion of soul events scene. But for us, no it wasn`t ever about the money but about a great and enduring love for the music and the scene as we see it. But is that the only definition that should be placed on a soul event for it being successful? So how do you define success? Is it purely financial? Is it staying true to and accomplishing what you have set out to do? or is it much more esoteric?

I acknowledge there were challenges and the ability to communicate well and clearly what your ideals and aspirations are with each other is paramount. If that breaks down it can be hard to fix.

I have pretty strong feelings about the soul scene as can be seen from my previous blog entries. I make no secret about that and thankfully many of you who read this blog or have spoken to me about it already know this and are already on board with who I am. But we have tried not to be disgruntled and emotional. I think we need to give ourselves a break and work outside of the box (We stopped worrying about what others think of us and say about us a long, long time ago). My ethos is : If you like what you're doing...keep doing it until it doesn't work for you anymore and then do something else. It would be easy to be resentful about what should have happened at the soul night and what should have been accomplished. We are really not to blame for this, I just feel a little miffed that after 7 years it is handed over for someone else to get what they want from it. Still that's life and we are so grateful to be free of it. Clearly it's possible to achieve what we want to in terms of a soul night and ultimately that is what we will do with the people we want to be involved with.

A soul event is not a tool with which to try and gain some bizarre type of petty one-upmanship. It is far more to me than that; It is a social event; true- but again to me it is more than that. I agree with the following quotes:

It is genuine, passionate, life-affirming music which connects directly with the feet and the gut (in that order)

The culture of Northern Soul is all about spirit, loyalty, commitment - and in some cases, even obsession!

The great music and the fantastic atmosphere that should accompany a Northern Soul event has to be experienced... It's just pure joy.

We had never lost sight of the reality of what Northern soul has meant to us over the last 35+ years and continues to mean to us: We had just become side-tracked down a route which we are now able to move away from and progress in the way we want to.

Thanks for all the good wishes and interest.

Look out for what is yet to come!!


Integrity: Lack Of And How About Some Common Decency?

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 06 July 2008 ·

This was my recent comment on the `Local feuds` thread:

" I think there is a lot of people who have this idealised thought of what promoting a soul night is all about. It may be about greed but I do think its more to do with people wanting this ` 5 minutes of fame` thing in that most people are ordinary in their daily lives yet on the soul scene there is this chance to be ` a somebody` (albeit only to a very small percentage of the population) and make some sort of name for themselves. This, I think, is human nature in this celbrity type culture that pervades our society and won`t go away and some feel that, as unscrupulous as it seems to others, there is no problem with slating others, their venues, their music ethos, their integrity and won`t think twice about personally slurring others with falsehoods and what ever underhand tactics they think its OK to sink too.

Local feuds will continue while ever people who are ,in reality, very ordinary people strive to be somebody`s in what ever way they can."

This is really how I feel about how things are and have been whilst ever we have been involved in promoting. There are always people wanting to `trip you up` or waiting for you to fail. I reckon a lot of it boils down to jealousy by some who can`t bear to see someone else succeed whilst they are involved in either the mediocre or not involved at all.

Yet again I`ve noticed that there is another soul event taking place within about a 7 mile journey from my house, in Chesterfield; No details and no decency about letting any local promoters at least having a clue about whats happening but thats to be expected ; probably another one offering something different and the `its not on your night so whats it got to do with you?` viewpoint being expressed. Never mind, like I`ve said before its just a social event, not life and death and ultimately health, happiness and family are THE important things in my life not whether another soul do starts, ends, succeeds or fails. The saddest people around must be the ones who think that life really does revolve around these things and that Northern soul is really a way of life!! Please, do me a favour..............................!!


June: Amongst The Sunshine And Showers

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 28 June 2008 ·

Who knows what the weather is going to do from one day to the next? But hey! theres not much we can do about it except perhaps jet off to the sun which is what we did a few weeks ago and lovely it was as well! Off the 5 of us went to South East Spain and the sun shone (Apart from the day we arrived) and we spent the next 10 chillin` and sunnin` and eatin` and drinkin` etc etc. Got back to the foulest of foul weather early in the morning and the following day I found myself in somewhat of a daze I must say seated in front of an interview panel for promotion and........unbelievable ........I got it! So as soon as the usual clearances are through I will be one of three Specialist nurse/network leads for Derbyshire County PCT. Lots of work, loads of challenges in front but very exciting (and a bit more money to boot!) Apart from that I am busy this month and next as my pre registration nursing students have an assignment due so will be holed up marking in a few weeks just about the same time as Chris will be busy installing our new kitchen. Just had our 32nd wedding anniversary on the 26th and despite lots of plans we spent the evening in drinking Baileys and eating Maltezers! One of our lads said it wasn`t much of a celebration but it was alright for us that night as we were both completely knackered (Post holiday tiredness I reckon!)

Just watching some of Glastonbury on the TV ; Lots of whooping, hollering, singing along, jumping about and looking like they`re revelling in it and enjoying the moment watching their favourite bands (Even though there`s some debate over whether Jay-Z should actually be headlining) Loads of energy there; Be great if this energy stayed throughout our lifetimes I think. Our sons can be out until 4, 5 6 am and once they`ve slept for a bit are up and ready for it again; just like us when we were their age. The different ages of man, I suppose?

Great night at Calow last nights; excellent venue and a really good mix of music; No run of the mill stuff played here and DJ`s not afraid to play something different and as long as the paying public get a good mix and come back for more (which they have been doing) then I think the lads are doing something right.

Will need to round up in abit as our eldest lad is round soon as Chris had suggested some while ago that Andrews fiancee might like to go fishing one day as she had never been ; anyway she said that she would give it a go and they are off at 6am tomorrow to induct poor old Charlotte into the ways of the piscator! They are staying with us tonight and as Chris hasn`t been fishing for some while has had to go and get some bits and bobs (£35 worth!) of new tackle. Andrew will be full of last weekends MotoGP at Donnington which they went to (He`d love another motorbike but can`t afford one yet; as would Chris!)

A couple of weekenders on this weekend and next but can honestly say that they don`t appeal to me one bit. Had a text from a friend today saying that the venue they are at is good but music is `Run of the mill`. Whats that all about? Silly question really because we know through hard experience that the majority are happy with what they are happy with and not much else. I can`t do that any more. What brilliant music is available to us to listen and dance to and while ever I am able to I will try my damndest to frequent venues that will at least try to give some of the thousands of records which are not played for their billioneth time an airing.

I`ve been on this track before I know but just on a bit of a roll there! I really love this site and have been a member of it for longer than my time in the `Bridget` incarnation as I was called something else for a while but, as I suppose is the same with anything that you have been involved with for some time, quite a lot of the threads are re-runs of what have has been on before and sometimes I think I haven`t got the wherewithall to post up again on a thread that was on and active some time ago. Its a shame really as some threads don`t get the activity that the subject has perhaps had in the past.. nothing can be done to change that though...only so many subjects for threads eventually I suppose.

See you soon

Sharon xx

A Bank Holiday Weekend In Norfolk

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 03 May 2008 ·

Just sitting in bed looking out at the Sheringham coast line. Just in front of it theres loads of people on the golf course (chris is one!).

Just here in Sheringham until Sunday night (arrived yesterday) Its a place thats got loads of memories for us as we used to bring our boys here a lot when they were little and its not changed much over the years. Still has that old style seaside feel to it.

Brilliant apartment we`re staying in. What could be better, sitting here looking out at the sea and listening to sounds of the sixties.

Did have a scout around on various websites last night to see if there were any soul nights on tonight in a reasonable travelling distance but didn`t seem to be able to find one. Its strange really; 130 or so miles from home and a Friday and Saturday night without anything on (as far as I`m aware) in reasonable distance. I suppose we are over endowed in the North Midlands with soul nights of every shade and description but then that doesn`t always mean we have a night we want to go to every weekend. We`ve become more choosy as time as gone on and I`m not prepared any longer to listen to the same tunes over and over. This has been said before many times I know and the whole topic has become a bit boring, to me at least.

A venue now has to really grab my attention in order for me to gather the momentum to even get ready to go; A discerning customer I suppose or just someone who has been around a long time and has seen and heard it many times before? I`m not sure. But I do know that I will not live in the past to such an extent that I become a relic of a bygone age.

Odd isn`t it how I can be happy here when its full of happy memories but can`t bear to go to soul nights full of images and sounds from the past but which live me cold. I suppose the difference is that I have moved on and can see this town as it is today, whilst remembering times past of the fun we had here with the kids. However at a venue playing the same sounds it has become to me nothing more than a distorted, step back into a weird time warp and any happy memories I have I keep of the days when I was 16 and this was all new to me and I was in a crowd of like minded, similar aged people who thought they were the `in crowd` (and probably were!), who wore smart clothes and talked the same talk and undertook the same activities ( ). Now that element has gone because I am a different person with different values and outlooks. I don`t think I`m an old fuddy duddy , I will always love to my very heart the music from my youth and the music I hear today at `my type of venue`that will always evoke tangible memories for me, what I don`t want to be part of is a living graveyard .

Time to get up and make the most of the warm weather.....

Ramblings On A Sunday Night: Click On Last Entry(problems With My Blog)

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 April 2008 ·

Because its Pilsleys 6th anniversary have been thinking about

some of the longer standing soul nights that are still around

locally and the ones which have come and gone. What is is, I wondered,

that keeps some soul do`s going on from month to month/ year to

year? I must be honest and say that there have been months when I would

have preferred to have tried some other soul night instead of our own

but obviously haven`t done and I know that if I have thought it then

some of our regular, loyal supporters will have done and probably have

some months. But what keeps me turning up is a sense of commitment and a

need to keep supporting the two `owd fellas`in what they have

stuck with through thick and thin. There have been some crap times in

the past 6 years, unbelievable childishness by some people and pathetic

responses to situations that have ocurred by some but then again thats

people and in my lifetime I have seen and heard some real corking

situations and so nothing much surprises me any more in relation to

human behaviour. I recognise that its not easy because sometimes things

can be out of a promoters hands; venues closing, or problems with venues,

people deliberately trying to close down a night (Through very underhand methods)

etc. etc. New nights coming along which `clash`But then I think that if its all kept in

perspective ie; its not life or death, its not a way of life, its a night out; A great night out,

I think, but the reality is it is a soul night...Good or bad....Life does go on.

Would do you reckon keeps a soul night being popular with the paying clientele month after month/year after year? What formula if it could be encapsulated would be the ideal soul night? I don`t really know having been involved in what could be classed as a `succesful` night which has run for 6 years: I think perhaps keeping to the `right` mix of music, well known, experienced guest DJ`s who know instintively how to keep the dancefloor happy, friendliness, no `trouble`, listening to the paying publics views, decent atmospheric venue.....Any other ideas?

Pilsley, Motogps, Football And Shopping: A Bored Sunday Evening!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 09 March 2008

Really, really really, really peeved.............Just done a really lengthy rambling blog with out saving a draft and when I tried to add the One Republic version of that Duffy `Mercy` single the whole lot was deleted!!

Massive pain in the butt or what??

Anyway the abridged version:

* How hard is it to DJ at an out and out 100mph stompers, oldies only venue?

* More determination and confidence to add not so well known stuff to the mix month in and month out whilst DJing I reckon.

* Household full of males; Barcelona vs Villareal, Terminator; the rise of the machines, Motogps; A fun night in the Cooper house, hence the blog!

* Westfield vs Meadowhall.. Derby better lay out, shops, food area: Worse for groups of Chavs that seem to be tolerated: Outcome Nottingham is better by a mile than Derby for shopping and Notttingham is marginally better that MeadowHall (Nottingham better city all round!)

* Cruft has some cute dogs.

* Prestatyn good..youngest off the Skegness with some of our friends (Once soul is in the heart, its always in the heart, is my opinion). Weekenders not my thing really but would like to see The Spinners in October (Even though I`m not a live acts fan) Loads of other stuff to do at Weekends when working full time and lecturing part time.

* Is the lower leagues getting so far in the F A Cup a good thing?

* One Republic is far superior to the Duffy version (if you like it at all that is?) See the version on YouTube

* ITS THE THIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTH THIS COMING WEEKEND; ITS PILSLEY TIME; APRIL IS OUR 6TH ANNIVERSARY; STILL HERE AND STILL GOING STRONG(Please forgive the large red writing as I think personally it always looks cheap, tacky and naff, but it got your attention didn`t it?)

* Easter is a good time to take stock and get rid of the junk that fills up so much of my time and to concentrate on what is really important; Life, love, family, health. More important than anything else

See you around


Thoughts On A Saturday Night In Feb.....

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 23 February 2008

Just returned from a brilliant 4 days in Edinburgh. It really was one of the best `short breaks` we`ve had. We go away somewhere each year to coincide with my birthday and this year as I was 50 we wanted somewhere a bit special but without loads of travelling. Well we truly did find it! The place we stayed was great, the staff there extremely friendly and helpful; the city itself and the sights were exceptional and Chris was his usual lovely self; making me laugh and just being the best friend anyone could have. The restaurants, bars and shops were very nice and I spent the whole of yesterday on Princes street shopping whilst Chris sampled a couple of the numerous golf courses.

Popped in a few charity shops to see if there was anything doing in the vinyl boxes but (as usual) nothing doing. The nearest we got to up tempo music was when we dropped into the Hard rock cafe for something to eat when we arrived and the DVDs were in full swing!! Must say though we didn`t feel we had missed out at all its just a pity we weren`t able to stay for an extra day for the all dayer at the Hibs ground.

We will definately go to this city again and try and incorporate it next time with any soul events that may be on.

A bit knackered at the moment: Chris is chilling watching the golf from Arizona. The house isn`t too bad considering two young males (18 and 23 ) have had the run of the place. Both out now one at his mates and the other gone for a mates birthday night out to Newcastle. Now then that leads me on to think; In our younger days we thought that Wigan was far enough but Newcastle? Couldn`t do that now but then again I am 50 and 2 days old not 23!!

See you at Prestatyn. Chris will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoon I think doing the Pilsley showcase. Have a good week!!


February; Pilsley,50 And Prestatyn!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 13 February 2008 ·

Loads of stamina needed this month;

Pilsley 16th Feb: - It's your night out, so it should be special - At Pilsley thats what its all about; You only get seven a week!! All the crucial ingredients are there (and have been for near on 6 years now) to make this soul night a tried and tested success. See for yourself!! Will be good to celebrate my birthday at Pilsley on Saturday (Birthdays not until Thursday though; Shared with quite a few on this site I think according to the calendar)

50th Birthday: - Looking forward to Edinburgh. Don`t reckon I`ll get Chris into one of these though.

Prestatyn: - Haven`t been for a while but looking forward to it. Pilsley is show-casing and Joel and his mate are joining us so we should have a good laugh!

It was pancake day.

Oh yes its valentines day too... Enjoy February whatever you do and where ever you go

Some 1958 Trivia: Sharing My Birthyear With Some Famous Events!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 30 January 2008 ·














Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare), Domenico Modugno


The Music From Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini (RCA)


Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, Domenico Modugno, songwriter


Catch a Falling Star, Perry Como


Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Song Book, Ella Fitzgerald


That Old Black Magic, Louis Prima and Keely Smith


Tequila, Champs


Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book, Ella Fitzgerald


Basie, Count Basie


Basie, Count Basie


Tom Dooley, Kingston Trio


Billy May's Big Fat Brass, Billy May


The Music From Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini, arranger


Cross Country Suite, Nelson Riddle, composer


The Music Man, Meredith Willson (Capitol)


Gigi, AndrÃÆ’© Previn (MGM)


GaÃÆ’®tÃÆ’© Parisienne, Felix Slatkin conducting Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra


Beethoven, Quartet 130, Hollywood String Quartet


Tchaikovsky, Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 23, Van Cliburn, pianist; Kiril Kondrashin Symphony Orchestra


Segovia Golden Jubilee, AndrÃÆ’©s Segovia


Virtuoso, Roger Wagner Chorale


Operatic Recital, Renata Tebaldi


The Chipmunk Song, David Seville


The Best of the Stan Freberg Shows, Stan Freberg


The Chipmunk Song, David Seville (Liberty)


Only the Lonely, Frank Sinatra (Capitol)

Average House Price 2,390

What Events Happened in 1958

NASA North American Space Agency is formed

14 year old Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship.

Munich air disaster - 21 dead, including 7 Manchester United Players

Toyota and Datsun Cars go on sale in The US

Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union

US passenger jet flights start with a National Airlines Boeing 707

The first Trans Atlantic passenger jetliner service begins with flights between London and New York on the new Comet Jet

The Great Chinese Famine begins in 1958 and ending in 1961 causing the death of nearly 30 million through a combination of natural disasters and poor planning.

Elvis Presley is inducted into the Army.

Brazil wins the 1958 World Cup in Sweden


The Microchip first developed in US by Intel

London Gatwick Airport opens after two years of extensive reconstruction

US Nuclear Submarine " Nautilus " passes under Ice Cap at North Pole

Popular Culture 1958

The Wham-O company introduces the Hula Hoop; over 100 million are sold. Popular Films

The Bridge on the River Kwai

South Pacific


King Creole


Popular Singers

Elvis Presley

Billie Holiday

Ricky Nelson

Frank Sinatra

The Everly Brothers

Ella Fitzgerald

Jerry Lee Lewis

Popular TV Programmes

Candid Camera

The Ed Sullivan Show

Come Dancing

The Jack Benny Show


Alfred Hitchcock Presents


Michael Jackson

Sharon Stone

Gary Numan


Alec Baldwin

Pilsley: What Was The 19 01 08 Night Like? Read On..........

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 20 January 2008 ·

On this particular evening in cool, rainy Pilsley, an amalgamation of people gathered together in a dark room eager to hear some good songs, and ready to dance.

For the past 5 years and 8 months Chris and Barry have managed to stick to the same basic aesthetic.: Keep the good music flowing and keep the people dancing.

The night kicked off with Chris playing some outstanding tunes and from the very first people were on the floor: dancing their hearts out!

Clearly one of this soul nights biggest attributes is the residents ability to instantly bond with the crowd, a quality so many DJ`s strive for. These are not DJ`s filling a spot by playing a few records, It is more of an ongoing conversation between a man and his like minded friends who appreciate the same music and have a passion for each record played. Very often full of memories and heart felt nostalgia

The result is one of the most enthusiastic crowds you could ever wish to see at a soul night

Sam Evans and Andy (Guests for the evening) were as reliable as ever. Some of the songs we all know and love mixed with some not so well known but all equally as soulful and dance worthy! Last night could easily be called a soul music extravaganza with these two guys showing how much they appreciate the opportunity to show the crowd what soul sounds inspires them.

Overall the night was one of great atmosphere with the crowd (who ranged from more local to as far afield as Rochdale and Nuneaton area etc.) dancing and boogalooing to the special blend of soul music played. It truly didn't take long before the vast majority of the 130 + crowd was feeling the atmosphere and letting loose!!. I am not talking about `hype` here but true enjoyment.

The night was nonstop, the music never failing to please and it was high energy soul with lots of sweat. (Not all of the 100 mph stomper variety however I might add!) At Pilsley it seems to be the interaction between DJ`s and the crowd that makes a memorable night. It's soul nights like this that lets you know soul is alive.

Pilsley: A Friendly Night For Serious Music

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 28 December 2007

Pilsley: A Friendly night for serious music.

This soul night is a bit out of the way, but its reputation alone, however, keeps people flocking to it. It may be tricky to find, but it screams for attention, and those who are in the know are advised to get there early with regular guests Alan and Andy getting the dance floor filling up fast.

Pilsley-goers are greeted by unyielding, classic beats. The main room is usually filled to the hilt with a hard-to-stereo-type clientele dancing it up to the eclectic mix that has kept Pilsley at the top of the tree for 5 years.

For those who find themselves in the need of a break from the main room the bar/lounge offers a place to chill, drink and talk.

In our very biased opinion Pilsley is by far one the best clubs around! The variation of music is wicked and the bar staff are always friendly!

A good relaxed atmosphere and a good sized dance floor makes this a club for those seeking a good night, without hassle.

Thinking Allowed:bbc Radio 4

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 11 November 2007 ·

Just been listening to an past edition of thinking allowed (Radio 4 29/3/06) That looked briefly at the cultural influence of Northern soul with Dr Andy Wilson, Lecturer in Criminology, Centre for Criminological research, Sheffield University (Northern Soul: Drug use, crime and social identity in the 1970s northern soul scene published in Sept/Oct 2006 by Willan Publishing) amd Stuart Cosgrove,( Head of programmes at Channel 4's Nations and Regions department, an author and former media editor of NME). They called the scene a '70`s musical phenomenon` and a `major cultural event`. It actually covered the usual format of most interviews of this type on mainstream media outlets ie; The drug scene, the allnighters (Wigan, Torch etc.) but they also,very briefly, touched on the most inportant aspect of it all, to me, which is the current psychosocial effects the scene continues to have on some. This section discussed how people were `stuck there` or stuck in the past and the reasons why, they suggested, this was: that this was the `biggest high` these people ever had and that for them it is difficult to untangle their memories.

I would whole heartedly agree with that. Only this weekend Chris and I were discussing something similar to this. Firstly we asked: Why do people who have had no knowledge or interest in Northern Soul previously become so attached to it; Some to the extent of dressing for the part, which they never actually did when they were young? Obvious answer was that: Where else to middle aged people go to socialise, dance and drink without looking out of place (as in the clubs that their kids /grand kids might be attending) and for a relatively cheap entrance fee?

Secondly we asked: Why do the people who were into the scene `first time around` still continue to act/dress/behave as they did when they were teenagers? Answer to us was, as addressed in the broadcast: That period of their lives was the most exciting, fulfilling that they had ever experienced and perhaps have never experienced anything that matches up to it since.

Now, despite many comments to the contrary, looking at photos on this site and from my own experience of attending soul nights, there is a definate decline in those attending. Perhaps the same numbers overall but now spread more thinly, who knows? The agument will go on and on until the sad demise of a once vibrant teen culture, that really was just that. This current manifestation of it is a pale shadow of its former self, cynical viewpoint I know, but the more I stand in venues with drunken women with high heels, jiving and staggering or wathcing overweight men in wide trousers and vests trying to jump and spin as they possibly did (or not) 30 years ago or again stand in small rooms with people who would prefer to listen than dance; then I see the even widening diversity of this scene. This is NOT the scene of old; If it was the women in the stilettos and evening gowns AND the males in vests and wide trousers (who actually to me seem like a parody) would not be there as they would feel totally out of place.

Back From Portugal And A Question: Is My Interest Waning? (oh Yes And Allez Les Blancs!)

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 13 October 2007 ·

Been back from Portugal for a week now and a great time in the sun (and a bit of a deluge) we had.

I`ve been keeping up to date as usual with the goings on this site and one or two others (Must agree with the thread which makes this site number one though) and I don't know if its just the time that I've been looking at these sites or whether its just me 'moving on' but there doesn't seem to be anything that really takes my interest any more. Some of the threads obviously will be repetitive over time, thats natural, with different people posting and new members coming on stream but wheres the in depth debates about stuff? Most of the heated ones seem to be localised `me versus him type`and although they make interesting reading and also give you a good laugh at how ridiculous some people are you can`t really join in with your own thoughts and opinions (Apart from `how about growing up?` or `This really isn`t a matter of life or death`) I point the finger at myself here as well because I suppose my interest has waned in `The Scene` as a whole enough for me to think `I can`t be bothered` to even post up any more apart from drivelling out some stuff on this blog.

I love the music and always will since my first induction at Christ Church hall , Cinderhill, Nottm at the age of 14 (1972) and then obviously the wider scene as I got older and the memories of what it all meant to me in my teens and early twenties and the friends, laughs and bother we got into (Some to a greater extent than others ) and I will always want to listen to the sounds of my youth and also to the stuff from the golden era that is newer to me and dance and attend the venues that I like to go to but the thought of going to some of these `100% stompers; For dancers only;100%oldies (Sounds of yesteryear!) type places really leaves me cold as does the phrase `Northern soul;its a way of life`.

I think I`ve moved on and the realisation that life really is too short not to do what pleases me and not to waste time in petty squabbles: `I`m better than you, oneupmanship` was for many years ago.

This is me just dribbling out my thoughts for what they are worth.


ALLEZ LES BLANCS (and lets hope the rich playboys in the football match do ok too)


The Scene; Times Don't Really Change All That Much

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 05 September 2007 ·

This is a post on a teen web site. The only bits I've changed on the words I have put in 'bold' type. Things don't really change that much do they?

The word "scene" coves a large spectrum throughout recent history, but its most modern definition is used to describe certain subcultures and movements.

People on the 'scene' are usually very loyal to their genre and some dress to exemplify this. It is hard to pin down a style for a scene male or female, considering the trends amongst them vary. However, Scenesters take a lot of pride in their overall image. Soul nights are not just for those who are music savvy, but is often a means of socialization for those on the scene. Those people who partake in scene lifestyle often choose to socialize only with those like them, which can cause bitterness or rejection to outsiders.

Many scenesters have strong beliefs about their style and consider those who do not to be `Divs` They feel that their scene style is not only a fashion statement, but an all-encompassing lifestyle (Hence; `IT'S A WAY OF LIFE`)

The internet has provided a means for the ideas of scene culture to be spread, for scenesters to find new friends and places to socialise. Scenesters like to draw attention to themselves and tend to mix only with others like them, and many people have joined up with the scene `fad` due to internet advertising.

The downside of many scene atmospheres is that some scenesters tend to develop a superior mentality. Some who are especially popular and affluent can make it harder for the yet-aspiring scenesters to join in with the subculture. This is not always the case, however. Different areas breed different demographics of scenesters. Perhaps part of their attitude comes from the problem that scenesters have begun to feel threatened about their culture being jeopardized because of a sort of trickle down effect. The internet is permitting easy access for anyone who would want to don scene-esque style and jump right in to a culture that scenesters feel they have built from the ground up and developed into a complex lifestyle. However, this lends many to get caught up in popularity contests in local areas as well as on the world wide web. Unfortunately, this can also lead to rifts in scenes. Groups of hardcore scenesters start "crews.

The scene is dividing amongst itself, due to purists who feel the scene is about music only, and those who have taken the scene fashion to be almost, if not equally, as important as the music itself. Some of the scenesters stick to their musical roots, but often due to the aforementioned trickle-down effect, there are people joining the scene who are not interested in the music, but are only in it for the attention.

Thus, the scene will continue to divide. Whether they will admit it or not,people interested in this lifestyle of excitement, soul nights and fashion, will continually be labelled as "scenesters." They chose an alternative path because they wanted to find acceptance elsewhere. Now, they face a community just like any other: one of all different types of people, who have different opinions and standards. It has its pros and cons, ups and downs, just like any lifestyle does.

Chris Setting Up And I'm Listening To Cream And Nirvana!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 18 August 2007

Hello to all who read my blog...Not been up to writing much lately what with work and now my second job coming on stream! I`m going to be lecturing for the OU which I`m looking forward to, a bit of a challenge and all that. Anyway, Chris was working this morning so I nipped off to McG`s to have a rummage through the discount shops! Sometimes I have been known to pick up a genuine bargain other times I can`t be bothered to wade through the rows of clothes racks loaded up with out of season rags!! The plan was that I`d go to Tesco after but, again, looking at the crowds down at McG I couldn`t face it so I came home (Chris had gone off to set up for tonights PILSLEY:Colours and capitals seems to be the way to get yourself noticed! ) any how, on the way back I put Gold (945MW) on the radio, Mike Sweeney`s rock show was on and I found myself saying (to myself!) `This is cracking music` stuff like old Cream from 1967 and Nirvanas`Smells like teen spirit` Now I must come out here and confess to being a closet Nirvana fan. Our eldest lad was a big fan of theres some years back and you can`t help but find yourself bopping and singing along (or `grunging`) along to a lot of it when you`ve heard it blasted out of the lads bedroom speakers for hours on end. A change is good for you sometimes I reckon.

Chris has brought Vito and the Salutations and was like a big kid when I rang him and told him it had come through the post this morning. So all ready for tonight.

Perhaps see you...If not enjoy yourself whatever you decide to do.



Just Felt 'moved' To Post This Up. Does This Woman Just Ooze Soul Or What?

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 04 August 2007

Download Video

Youtube Link


Juste RetournÃÆ’© De France. EspÃÆ’©rez Vous Voir Chez Pilsley Le Samedi Le 21ÃÆ’¨me July

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 20 July 2007 · 5 views

Once again the third Saturday of the month wends its way around. Seems like ages since we were at a soul night..Must be last Pilsley I reckon.

Brittany was great but glad to be home as one of our lads has just left to live in Sheffield with his fiancee and both have just started new jobs after graduating so we are glad to be around to see them settled and what not!

Just a quick mention this one as I'm making tea and the British Open is on so I'm multi tasking at the moment.

Be great to see you at Pilsley tomorrow if you can make it..If you can; you will enjoy it..Thats a promise


An Early Reminder: Pilsley Soul 21st July*****

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 05 July 2007

As we are not around for the next couple of weeks I thought I would just give you an early `heads up`on Pilsley soul; Saturday 21st July. Check out the website or read about us on various threads etc. on this site.

John Poole joining Chris and Barry ... Come along and ENJOY................

The Passing Of A Personal Era....

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 June 2007 ·

26th June 1976; The day Chris and I married...31 years...It seems like forever when you think of all the things that have happened in that time, both personally and globally but then again the time just seems to have flown by. On special occasions like this I always feel a tinge of sadness about what has gone by, never to return but then again I look at what I`ve got which makes me happy.

26th June was also the day my mum was cremated in 1987 and the day in 2007 that our cat, Kiwi, died. He was 16 years old and named by our sons after the New Zealand rugby team due to the rugby world cup being on when he was born. He had been ill but we hoped he would survive in time for our son (who we had brought him for when the lad was 7) to say goodbye (He was in Milan Sunday-Wednesday) but unfortunately Kiwi didn`t make it. It was quite a surprise to see how sad the 3 lads were but then, those of you who have animals know how attached you can become to them, especially after such a long time. To me it was like another milestone, the passing of an era; The cat had been around most of the boys formative years (especially our youngest) and it just seemed to me to be an event that marked the end of that.

Still much sadder events have happened with the floods and all its important to keep things in persepective.

We went to Bestwood last Saturday..It was a good night, even though we arrived a bit late, good music, good atmosphere and good company..Not much else needed really in my opinion.

Out with 'non-soul' friends on Friday night and probably won't be out Saturday..Might be..not sure whats on worth travelling will have to have a look.

Off to France for two weeks next week so will only be back the night before Pilsley on 21st July 07. Chris and John Poole will be spinning the vinyl as Barry is indisposed....

Saturday 16th June 2007..singing In The Rain.....

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 15 June 2007 ·

What vile weather... 2 hours and 15 minutes to get the 8 miles into work this morning because the Hasland by pass was shut due to three feet of water...Just shows how easily the whole transportation structure of the country can be brought to a standstill...Needless to say my journey to Barnsley this morning was cancelled and so I was able to spend a very fruitful day in the office...

Was going to go out tonight but `so many places to choose from` and `so many places where we could go to promote our own gig` so what did we choose to do? Stay in! I reckon theres really not a great deal to be gained by trolling around to places where you`re not really bothered about going in the hope that some of the people there will come to your gig.. People choose where they want to go irrespective of having seen you at a soul do the night or weekend before. Loyality is a misused word in the Northern Soul vocabulary.. DJ`s are on at places where they`ve never (or very rarely) darkened the doorstep, local people travel far and wide when theres a soul do on in the locality, flyers are piled up on tables mostly just mopping up the spilt ale, people snub other people because of what others may have told them (truth or doesn`t really matter), cliques of people think they are `it` because of what they wear or what the listen to (or pretend they know from the `good old days`)

I thought I was a bit fed up last week but in reality I think disillusioned would be the best word and also awake to the mentality of some that I don`t think I can be bothered with...Too much to do and who knows how much time to do it? Perhaps too little time to spend it cooped up in a darkened room, stinking of somebody elses fag smoke (Thankfully only until 1st July), slithering in somebody elses spilt ale and listening (quite often) to music that if it was on the radio I`d switch it off quite frankly..Perhaps the approach of 50 (Next February) is making me take stock of whats important and whats truly enjoyable to me.

A friend of mine said to me recently ` I`m too old now to pretend...I`m going to do what I want, talk to who I want, spend time with who I want and not waste my time trying to please others` I'll second that.

Perhaps see you tomorrow??!!

Don`t Want To Bore You With The Obvious But It Is Pilsley Soul On Saturday 16th

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 11 June 2007 ·

There is always the tendancy to drone on and on about your own soul night. A bit like some go on about their holidays, kids, grandkids etc. like no one else has ever had a holiday or kids etc. (You get my drift I`m sure) so without stating the obvious : Pilsley Soul is on again this Saturday, as the case has been for the last 5 years, so what else is there to say? Come over if you want or enjoy yourself where ever you go if you don`t.

No, we are not the best soul night in the whole wide universe (and even if you print it big in many colours it still doesn`t make it so!) and also you can't ever be that because the paying public have wide and varied tastes so what is the bees knees for one is a dung heap for the next person. Neither are our residents the most excellent DJ`s or promoters and they don`t own the most expensive collection of vinyl in the western hemisphere but then again, they entertain, are friendly, try and put on a worthwhile gig and spend what they can on the sounds they like and hope others will enjoy and dance too. The venue isn`t the plushest, with a sprung dancefloor that bounces you like a trampoline, but the place is presentable, dancefloor is fine for dancing, drinks are cheap, bar staff are down to earth and the place is quite easy to find (Well I think so coz I only live less than half a mile a way!)

Anyway, just tried to be honest and not bore the reader too much.

Hope to see you Saturday...Glynn Sissons always does play an ace spot. (And that is no exaggeration)

A Non Soul Weekend...perhaps!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 01 June 2007

No soul do's this weekend. Both of us out with friends: eating and drinking! At a wedding tomorrow, so tonights shindigs are with the parents of the bridegroom: Chris out with him, mates and lads dad and I'm out with his mum and friends. Looking forward to it.

Probably the usual fare of Motown tomorrow at the reception, its good to have a change now and again I reckon. Sorry we will miss out on tomorow nights soul offerings, spoilt for choice around here.

Spent a great day yesterday at a Spa and had this Turkish mud treatment, which leaves you feeling refreshed and silky smooth!!

Off out now for wedding attire.

Have a good weekend wherever you go! and if you don't go anywhere, have a good weekend anyway


This Weekend And Thoughts On Promoting.

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 20 May 2007 ·

This has been a good weekend `soul-wise`!

After 5 years of running a soul night, to be honest, some months are better than others and some aren`t as good. Thats the brutal honesty of it all. I`m not going to say "OUR soul night is the best in the world" because as every Forest fan knows (And on that subject; I really believe that a TRUE fan is one that supports their team through thick and thin and usually puts their money into the team by the season ticket route...but then thats another story: oh yes, and it helps if they've ever lived within 50 miles of the team they `support`!!) Past glories can work both ways. Some will use it to say how brill the glory days were and they should be still like that OR will use the past to ridicule the present.

My point is, in everything and every activity of life there are the good, the not so good and the downright shocking times. Thats the way with soul nights and as every one who has promoted one for more than 5 minutes will tell you..thats the reality of it.

So to say `We are better than them`, `Ours is the best night you will ever experience in the whole world and you have never tasted anything like it and never will again` Smacks of arrogance and childish, lack of inteligence and foresight, in my opinion.

In all honesty, I have tried that tack in the early days of Pilsley (Perhaps not to such an extent..I was just trying to make a point) but really, through experience, that when the night is a good one, so be it, when its not so good, then also so be it. Lifes like that and thats a fact!

I don`t think we`ve truly ever had a bad night at Pilsley - last night was good, plenty in, good music, full dancefloor, you know, all the usual cliches, but thats just how it was. Sometimes how you feel personally can influence your perceptions of the night also. For instance, every one I spoke to said what an excellent night our anniversary last month was, but for me, in sorting out the raffle, CD`s etc. etc. it was very wearing. See what I mean?

Anyway, Chris was on at Bentinck Friday...Good night - Good spot from him and good spot from other DJ`s. Enough said..

Pilsley last night...Good turn out, good spots from DJ`s, friendly people, good atmosphere. Again - Enough said. Sometimes you just run out of things to say - And thats all I have to say about that!!

A Rainy Day In Derbyshire And Pilsley Soul Next Weekend

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 13 May 2007 ·

What a vile day: Not just in regard to the weather but also listening to Sky Sports coverage of Man U receiving the championship trophy!!

I could switch it off but its on in the other room and my son has had the football on all afternoon and has nipped out of the room for a minute. I`m sure he`ll turn it off when he returns!!

Forest won but didn`t play too inspiringly and Derby won which is a tremendous shame, and Sheffield U are down so thats ok....... Hold on just playing "We did it" (Sly Johnson)!!

Was in Derby yesterday. Not been actually into the place for about 30 years (apart from driving straight to soul do`s over the years) to attend my degree ceremony. Must say that I don`t reckon we will be going back in a hurry!

We were shattered after nearly the whole day at the Assembly rooms for the occasion so unfortunately didn`t make Annesley. Glad to see Steve B`s pictures on the site..Seems the usual decent size crowd. Degree ceremonies can be very long and drawn out but I find them very stirring actually as the whole theatrical nature of the entrance of the `head honcho`s` and the atmosphere of the day makes it very special for me. Its 10 years since my first one in Sheffield and I don`t think I appreciated it as much as yesterdays. The only draw back I think was that I didn`t get to wear a mortar board this time, only a robe to wear. I liked the mortar board and robe last time..felt part of the Harry Potter experience!!

Chris on at Bentinck on Friday and then of course, once again, its the third Saturday of the month...Pilsley...I am really going to enjoy this one as last months proved to be a bit stressful (those of you who promote and have had anniversary`s will know what I`m talking about)

No new records to report on this time (Well he`s not let on yet so who knows??)

I think that recently the site has been a bit quiet. No threads that I have felt could potentially be very controversial which I like..Something to get your teeth into. I`ll have to think about that and start something up!!

Thoughts On A Bank Holiday Monday

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 07 May 2007

Friday at Rolls Royce and (Unexpectedly) Chris DJ`ed at BarrowHill. Enjoyed both events in their own way. Rolls Royce generally is a good `social` night (if you get my drift) while BarrowHill musically was more to my liking (Chris` hour obviously was)

Very pleased that the Attic lads had a good night. We would more than likely have popped over to Mansfield had events been different.

Annesley only I think next Saturday. Always enjoy the night.

What a week, `newswise`:

Sad events in Portugal ; I have read the thread on the site. I can only say that we never left our kids out of our sight or without a responsible adult caring for them, more especially in a holiday resort. As `Child friendly` as these places purport themselves to be; this event just proves that no where is 100% safe: Thoughts are with the parents but I do think they were too trusting and too relaxed in the vigilance required when dealing with small children such as these. The little girl was only a baby and the twin siblings were even younger. How terrifying for them to wake up and be aware that mummy and daddy were no where around- (Not even within earshot if they called out or needed them)

Sad event in France (Dependent on your political leanings: I`ll just say that if I was French it wouldn`t be a sad event for me!!)

Sad event in Manchester (Lets just say I would have liked Chelsea to have won yesterday!)

Shrewsbury -Another Policeman shot

All the stuff going off in Iraq (which sometimes is so expected that it is just a short mention on the news).

Off to buy some DIY stuff now(Poor Chris!!)

A Quiet Weekend

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 29 April 2007 ·

Didn't seem to be anything on locally which took our fancy this weekend so Friday saw us down at The Dakota for a meal with one of our sons and his girlfriend. Saturday: we were at some friends for a barbecue. Its been a nice change to be honest to have a break from what can become a routine of doing the same thing every Friday and Saturday. We were talking yesterday about this and we reckon that there are one or two places we go to simply to meet up with friends (as they like those particular venues) but if it wasn't for that we probably wouldn't go due to the music policy but we generally have a good time because of the company. We have narrowed it down locally to only a few places where we go out of choice of music played and also because the promoters are damned nice fella's

I reckon life is too short to be going out to please others...Times come to please ourselves and as paying punters to go where we want to and not to stand around like lemons thinking 'What am I doing here?' ......

Comments On Pilsleys 5th Anniversary

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 20 April 2007 ·

One more zzzzzzz!! only (Thats without counting any naps in between) and then our big event of the year..The 5th anniversary (As if you didn't know and if you didn't where have you been??)

Stuff ready for the raffle, balloons and posters sorted courteousy of the NSPCC. CD left in Barrys capable hands. Chris` socks washed, darned, ironed and ready to put on his precious little dancing feet

Equipment ready and raring to be set up(!) records in their usual place waiting for the short journey up the hill to the Welfare and a great night to be spent at Bentinck and then a short kip and its all systems go!

Really really really looking forward to this one...Sure its going to be exceptional and our two guests will be extremely well received.

More to say later.............



Well lived up to the best we could have expected. One or two glitches and stress heads but the night was Steamin'... Some new faces, some not so new, some who regularly attend and some who come now and then...All in all the DJ's were well received as was their choice of tunes, dancefloor moving all night; Plenty of beverages partaken and a lot of laughs - a great atmosphere from beginning to end.

Money raised for NSPCC (£117.00) meant that we were able to not only enjoy ourselves but also we could play a small part in helping unfortunate kids. Those that won the great prizes raffled were happy:

Thanks to you all for a tremendous 5 years...Heres to year 6

A Sad Heart In The Spring Sunshine

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 14 April 2007

Yesterday, I experienced a most moving event: It was the funeral service of one of my sons best friends. I have already posted up details of the circumstances so I won't go into that again but arriving at the Crematorium and standing with about 150 people speaking about the loss of friend, son, work-mate was particularly touching. To see all those young people, crying, thoughtful,talking, silent,lost in their own memories was heartbreaking. To hear his mum say how proud she was of her son and some friends say how much this young mans laughter, genuineness and free spririt had touched their lives brought home the tragic loss such a young life as this is. On arrival to see all these young men and women dressed beautifully to celebrate the life of one so like them reminded me of all the weddings I'd been too with so many young people mingling and chatting and yet this event was tinged with so much sadness. I'm not one for melodrama; in my profession you have a tendency to try and remain slightly removed from the sadness around you as to carry such heart ache day by day would be too much for any one but yesterday I shared with my sons friends and family in this totally pointless waste... Donations were for drugs awareness..Do we take this subject as seriously as we ought? I wonder............?

Tonight looks like being a hot one at Annesley...It is at the best of times but with the outside temperature being what it is looks like being a real sticky one! Some different stuff played tonight I would guess with Messrs Seaman and Jackson doing their thing...Can't wait

Lookback At The Easter Weekend And Forward To Pilsley Anniversary

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 10 April 2007

Just did the 2 events that Chris DJ'd at : Friday at EKMW and Saturday at Barrowhill. Didn't make it to Half time Orange on Saturday as we spent some of the day visiting Chris' dad (It was his birthday) But we are determined to give this place a try as soon as we are able.

It was nioce to catch up with Cath, Stu and Keith again; Genuine people and made us very welcome at Barrowhill. As I've said elsewhere, this is a great venue and with the mix of sounds and DJ's they invite then each month I'm sure has something to offer the 'discerning punter'

Chris played a different mix at BarrowHill to the one played at EKMW; Two different crowds with generally different tastes it appeared; but both appealing to their own 'fan base' Personally I enjoyed both nights in a different way; Good company at both; Barrowhill promoters are however better known to us and that always give you a sense of being welcome wherever you are.

Next weekend is Annesley weekend, which we always try our very best to get to. Guest DJ's Ian Seaman and Andy Jackson will prove to be a refreshing night of music I'm sure. it was nice to see Andy at Pilsley last month. Haven't seen Mr Seaman there for a bit though...Have to have a word when we see him on Saturday!

Less than two weeks for the 5th Pilsley anniversary; Put it in your diary; Gonna be a big one ; With two of the biggest and best names guesting for us.

More to be posted on the articles section of the site over the next week or two. So look out for it.

Thanks for the kind comments in relation to the sad news about our lads friend. Will post up a little blog after the funeral. Thanks again.

A Full Weekend!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 04 April 2007 ·

* Sad to say that Christophers friend passed away on 31st March. Really a sad time for his family and his close friends. 23 years old. What a waste.

This Friday sees us at EKMW Notts: Chris is guest DJ. Not been to this venue for quite a few years.

Saturday Chris is guesting at BarrowHill for their anniversary. Two genuine fella's Keith and Stu and Stu's lovely lady Cath (Always friendly and nice to talk to). Looking forward to it. Sunday, we might nip down to The Half Time Orange ~ Never yet made it to this event as it has clashed with Pilsley in the past, so will be worth the visit I reckon.

Monday sees us down in Leicestershire with our eldest sons fiancees parents so no soul events that day;

Tuesday chill out and Wednesday; back to work.

Close to Pilsleys anniversary now (21st April) Have got the charity sorted (NSPCC) and also most of the raffle prizes. Free CD being sorted, guest DJ's ready for tick off the dates and join us for what will be a tremendous night.

Drugs,drink And The Invincability Of Youth......

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 31 March 2007 ·

Yesterday morning my middle son phoned me at work in a very upset state..'Mum' he says 'J****'s in intensive care and they don't think he'll live'

J**** is one of his closest friends and a really 'good lad' who enjoyed his life and is 23 years old. Decent job, only child, girlfriend, vaccinations on Thursday for his trip to Thailand on Wednesday next, planning a night out in Sheffield with the lads tonight to celebrate one of the groups birthday and then...In intensive care, no responses, no life...

He could have been out with the lads watching '300' at the pictures on Thursday night but instead went out with some other lads. He'd done coke before apparently but this night a cocktail of drink and drugs stopped his heart, stopped the O2 to his brain, 20 minutes by paramedics to get his heart going again..In intensive care...distraught mates, mum...You know the rest...

At 11.30 this morning the medics will do their last tests to see if they will take this young life off life support and then..again you know the rest...funeral and memories of a good mate, lovely son..Gone.

Whats the point of all this..the invincibility of youth as my son says..You never think it will be you or anyone you are close to. Not just youth in my experience...

This lad wasn't an 'addict' just a young man trying to push things to the extreme..His mate that night threw up which probably saved his life..J**** didn't which probably ended his..

A sombre mood today in the Bridget household.

England Football Or Cricket?+travelling To Hear What I Want To Hear

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 29 March 2007 ·

Apparently the England football team is worth £200million and Andorra are a bunch of part-timers with only 32 registered players in the whole country. Our team could only manage a pathetic 3-0 win. I reckon that any other manager in industry would be, not so politely told, to get his coat in presiding over the show that we have had to witness lately..

I can't understand how the teams preparation can bring them to produce the lack of performance we have to endure.

Of course people will still support England but now its about rectifying mistakes that should never have happened.

I don't know if firing or accepting the resignation of Mclaren is the right way forward (tactics after all don't seem to be his strong point) but surely in the whole world of football he was never the best man for the job in the first place.

Anyway..I'm turning my attention to the least we see more self belief, commitment and passion than the footballers and their management team have shown this past week (and before).

AND ~ Valentino won of course!!

Changing the subject...There seems to be a good contingent from this neck of the woods going over to the East coast (Costa Del Skeg!) this weekend. Not sure what we will be doing.... may be travelling further a field to hear what we would like to hear..

Nothing arrived in the post apart from a Dean Parrish Promo thing.........

o Try...but Managing To Watch Motogp

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 24 March 2007

Ever felt just so tired at the end of the week that you couldn't motivate yourself to get up and go out anywhere?

We went out last night for a meal with friends, visited our eldest at Uni today and had lunch with him and then came home and just crashed out...Hope everyone had a good weekend..We did, just chilling. I think we need that sometimes in order to appreciate the good soul do's we go to when we still come home feeling shot but in different way..if you know what I mean.

I reckon we both need a good dose of sunshine..cue for a holiday........

Got to have a good think about next weekend too..

Chris has just received Michael Procter ;Love don't live...Pretty damn good I reckon

Off to bed as we're losing that hour...Oh my! I sound ancient...Must get myself together

Up this morning after the loss of 1 hours kip but feeling ok and am now settled for the Jerez round of MOTOGP! Come on (again) Valentino! (Its at this time of the year that Chris starts thinking of buying himself another motorbike!)

Pilsley..a Bit Thin On The Ground? But Loadsa Room To Dance!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 14 March 2007 ·

We are expecting it to be a bit short on numbers this month at Pilsley but I'm looking forward to it still. We clashed with Skeggy one year and although numbers were down it was a good night..Plenty of space to shake your thang!!

Anyway, Al Taylor will be guesting along with the 'dynamic duo' and not everyone will be off to deepest, darkest Wales...

There has been some interesting threads on the site this week..Particularly the one about places playing the same top/pop tunes.. Its a difficult one this though, as we became sick and tired of the same sounds week in week out and thats why I stopped going to some places and tried others. The point is that although everyone would like DJ's to play exactly what they want the fact is the DJ's determine what we hear at any given place on any given night and if that is not to your liking then the best thing to do is go where they play 'Your sort of stuff'.

I've had to cover some miles of Derbyshire roads this week at work and this YouTube clip just about summed up my feelings the other day (Although its not always cows in the way, more likely; tractors, lorries, caravans and 'Sunday drivers' and always when I'm running late!!)

"the Timeline Of The Scene Is Finite?"

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 10 March 2007 ·

I completed my Bsc health and social care in December and all in all have been studying on and off for the past 15 years. SO....saddo that I am, after saying that this was the end of my studies, I find myself at a bit of a loose end and thought, to wean myself off research, assignment writing and exams I would do a bit of personal research into sub cultures within the UK since World War II which would inevitably throw up some mention of Northern Soul. This article I find quite interesting:

Based in the Northern regions of England, Northern Soul was the first underground club scene using DJs who presented the rarest records for highest reputation. The sounds were soul stompers, discovered for not built around, the crowd's demand to dance. This of course made the timeline of the scene finite, but fiercely tribal in the devotion to the clubs and DJs. Since the majority of this scene was ignored by commerical music forces, it gave the factory working youth of industrial England something completely their own. Amphetamines gave them the ability release and party at all-nighters, drugs being a direct connection to the Mods influence.

Two of the major clubs for this scene were The Wigan Casino and The Mecca. The Wigan Casino had a larger dancefloor and their DJs Kev Roberts and Richard Searling pumped body-soul music to keep the punters hopping. The Mecca, presided over by DJ Ian Levine was a bit more cerebral and focused more on the rarest or tightest grooves.

Northern Soul developed its own fashion such as the first baggy pants, dancing styles, and popularized the DJ obsession for covering up their best tracks label (Steaming them off, or even renaming them!).

Some of the biggest hits of the scene included R. Dean Taylor's 'There's a Ghost in My House' and The Four Tops 'I Can't Help Myself', (The rarest being Frankie Wilson's 'Do I Love You'). Northern Souls DJ's would often travel to America in search of the most obscure music, and like, Ian Levine, required/had the financial ability & time to hunt.

Northern Soul Gave way to Disco, Nu-NRG, and influenced club culture ever after, even if often forgotten or its influence left unknown.

I found it particularly interesting that it is written with the view that it has ended and has moved on influencing other genres but is in fact no more in existence.

Makes you think that we are actually not a large group in the grand scheme of things and despite the views of others I do agree with some who think that the scene as it is today will change radically with the passing of time and the inevitable loss of more of us. It would be nice to think that we will leave an unchanging legacy but I personally cannot see this being the case. The scene has changed since my first involvement in 1973 and will continue to do so. I see it to date as evolving in some areas and standing still in others. Ultimately though I can't see it remaining in the future as it appears today.

Off shopping now........

The Attic Mansfield Last Night (3/3/07)

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 04 March 2007

This is a report by M.D of Peterborough about his thoughts on his first night at The Attic, Mansfield

"What a belting night .... if you are one of those peole who judges the success of a night by the amount of condensation that runs down the walls, or the numbers of times the dance floor is empty ... then this probably isn't the place for you

However.......on the other hand

if you are one of those people who judges the succes of a night on the number of times you say " this is nice - never heard this before" about a record ... then this is probably right up your street.

I guess we must have got to the Black Bull Inn on Woodhouse road Mansfield quite early... we were first in and we appeared to take the promoters by suprise somewhat.... but none the less they continued to do their thing and we sat down and made ourselves comfortable.

It was a bit slow to get going people wise ... but the music was my cup-o'-tea right from the off and me being such a miserable anti - social bastard I had no problem at all with that

Within the first twenty minutes I'd heard The Chalfontes - He loves me, Jimmy Norman - family tree, Mary love - Oh what heartaches, Billy Preston - the girls got it and a couple of things I'd never heard before... and this seemed to be the theme for the night, quality 60's northern you rarely seem to hear these days, mixed in with a pinch of R&B and a smidgeon of seventies stuff .... which was nice

Despite sitting on our own for a while it wasn't long before bodies started drifting through the door and the place bagan to fill out a bit ... it didn't get packed by any stretch of the imagination but developed into a relaxed family atmosphere and the promoters and jocks were a real friendly bunch of guys who, to a man, came over to welcome us including the forums very own Sharon, nice to meet ya mate.

A few technical diffculties which left Chris (Cooper?) doing a Norman Collier impersonation and for a perid working of one deck, but

to sum it up a small venue where the music policy is pretty damn good, very few if any of the played out wigan oldies got a look in and those involved are a genuinely nice bunch of guys.

It is highly likely we will be going back, but this time with a few more. Keep up the good work guys.

.....and there is a big car park, and a wooden dance floor and pub beer prices .... for those who are into that sort of thing

p.s. If any of you guys behind the night are reading this .. would love to do a stint behind the decks for you one night ;

drop us a line"

My thoughts are; Great company, nice wine (!) top notch music, good atmosphere. All in all a good experience and well worth a try!!

While Theres Lots On: The Attic Is Still Worth A Try!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 28 February 2007 ·

Even though there seems to be loads on this Saturday, I would say that The Attic, Mansfield is definately worth a try. Now there will be some cynics out there who may think that she's just saying that coz her old man is on. Well, there is that, but the truth of the matter is that on the occasions when we have been to The Attic we have been given a very warm welcome, totally enjoyed the music played and have come out of the place feeling that we have been to what we call 'A proper northern soul night' Having listened to the sounds that we knew, thought we knew, remembered that we knew them part way through and realised that some we didn't know at all but were stonkin' good sounds anyway!

That to me is what a good northern night is about (oh yeah...and dancing to the majority of them)

So is you feel like a change, haven't decided what to do or if you are a regular at The Attic then its assured that the welcome will be big and if you are anything like us will not be disappointed..

(Bill in the post lads......)

Back To Work And A Stinking Cold

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 25 February 2007

I have a week off work and on the weekend before I'm due back I get the most stinking cold. I reckon its the same family of bugs that Chris had...

Ended up by going no where at all this weekend but had a marathon American Idol on Friday night (That is sad I know but what was I to do to keep me from feeling sorry for myself.. well feel sorry for some of the acts on there!!)

Seems to be some interesting threads on going on this site, currently, with many differing points of view which makes for interesting and lively debate (to say the least).

Listening to The Soul Shack at the moment...Always, Always worth a listen

Might stay up and watch the Oscars later.. See how the wine I'm currently drinking effects me before I decide (Or should I say before the wine decides)

Hopefully the cold think will be well and truly cleared up for next week end as Chris is on at The Attic...Should be a good night...try it if you haven't been.. a smallish venue with a very friendly floor big enough for the clientele group... and some top notch music... stuff you don't here on a week in week out basis

Catch you later.........xx

Bridgets Thanks For The Birthday Good Wishes

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 23 February 2007 ·

Just want to say thanks to those who sent birthday good wishes for last Wednesday. Chris and I have been discussing the 50 celebrations for next year! Where does time go?? I suppose if anyone has got the answer for that they would be a very rich person.

Despite some sneering from some one of my sons brought me the Ultimate collection CD: Take That: so I'm sat here singing along with 'Everything changes but you'!! (It makes a change )

We went to Durham for a few days this week...a really nice little city and went up to Hadrians wall (Love history: Thats probably why one of my lads is doing it at Uni)) it was a bit breezy but worth it: Best preserved Roman fort in north Europe up there. Also found out where Piercebridge is en route back and also the whereabouts of Lucys B & B which we just noticed out of the blue

Barry (B I L) is on at Peterborough tonight. Might make it depending what Chris feels like when he comes home from work (Its the last day of my weeks holiday so I'm raring to go!)

May be at Polish club, Sheffield tomorrow; not decided yet. Could actually stay over at another sons uni accomodation as he only lives across the road and he will be here at home after going to Lincoln to see a Kings of Leon gig! On second thoughts it might be a bit freaky for his house mates bumping into us on the landing in the middle of the night (Poor kids)

Thanks for taking the time to read my brief ramblings..........

Chris Cooper; Martyr To The Cause!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 18 February 2007

He turned out, coughing and spluttering (So spreading his germs far and wide) but did a top notch spot as did John, Barry and Kev Smedley who really did keep the dance floor happy with a great mix of sounds.

It was good to see dancers who don't normally (dance that is) and also those who were very close to it but didn't quite make it (Perhaps the anniversary in April might tempt. We'll wait and see )

Anyway, an early start for me this morning trundling around Derbyshire taking and fetching sons from and to various places. So, thought I'd try and keep the blog going whilst I have the chance.

Chris is feeling not so bad today, Well enough to go golfing anyway.

Will try and tie him to providing his play list in a bit.

It was really nice to see some new faces again at Pilsley as well as the ones we see on a monthly basis. Some couldn't make it for various resaons and some try other places, which in a way is healthy for the scene in general as there are so many venues to choose from (especiallyin Notts/ Derbys/S Yorkshire area) that we really are spoilt for choice.

Catch up later...................


Pilsley 17th Feb..what A Night To Get A Chest Infection!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 16 February 2007

* We're on for Bentinck tonight...a good night in store in aid of a great cause..One that is very dear to my heart as I work with cancer patients and families. So good company, good music and a drink or two whilst feeling that our bits of money are going to help the greater good makes for a night to look forward too.

And then>>>>>>> Pilsley tomorrow with our good friend Kev Smedley: I'm sure this will be another good night..........Watch this space for more details and feedback.


Todays the day.. Third Saturday of the month again, already - tempus fugit and all that...anyway: poor owd fella has come down with a dose of consumption! Not quite but he does have a bad chest.. Has made it to set up at the welfare however and said how great The Delrays sounds when played on the system... He's had a sleep and,trooper that he is, says he will make it tonight.

Bentinck raised about £700 for cancer research which is an excellent and very worthwhile amount given by some great people. (Didn't win anything in the raffle AGAIN! Only thing I have ever won in a raffle was a box of matchmakers at one of our lads sports days about 18 years ago!)

Kev Smedley will do us proud tonight I'm sure as he always plays a great spot at Rolls Royce and any other venues we've had the pleasure to hear him DJ at. Top fella and his wife is a lovely lady so I will be in some company tonight.

Catch you later....................

Loads Going Off Around Here!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 10 February 2007

Went over to Leabrooks last night for the first time..Bad weather probably affected turn out at this and many other events I would guess. Nice to see Bazza enjoying himself and had a laugh with the two Mr Annesleys.

Really looking forward to tonight at Annesley..I reckon its gonna be a cracker!! with Soul Sam guesting should be a good turn out.

Chris has eventually got his copy of 'Destination unknown' (Delrays Inc.) Its about time So this will get loads of plays here at home before its official airing at Pilsley next Saturday (17th).

Got Bentincks anniversary before that though which also will be a stormin' night I'm sure.

March has Chris over with the Attic Boys in Mansfield which again will be a good night.

Lots going off currently around here: And not long before the highlight of Pilsleys year...The anniversary on 21st April with both Mark Bicknell AND Nige Brown.. This is gonna be one excellent night.. Just sorting out anniversary stuff so that will be posted up nearer the time.

Oh yeah..Almost forget its my birhday somewhere in all that lot too

New Night For Us

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 05 February 2007 ·

Went to the Federation in Nottm on Saturday Chris did a DJ spot. Not been there before: Its a relatively new night. Quite a good number in. Graham Weaver was also on. Decent night.

Seems to be a lot of new venues cropping up in the Nottm area. Best city in the UK in my own humble opinion but then its my blog so I can say what I want!!

Can tell I'm rambling on a bit...really tired and got a cold coming on...Aaaaaaaah!! feel sorry for me??

Will definately be at Annesleys anniversary on Saturday though...Looking forward to that.

Nffc ~ A Bad Day At The Office!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 28 January 2007 ·

Thought I'd post this up as a reminder of better days for Chris and the lads to look at when they get back from Stamford Bridge!!

Some Good Nights And A Birthday Coming Up

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 January 2007 ·

Been a busy week at work this week (as ever) so haven't been able to spend time on the blog. Great news that Mark Bicknell AND Nige Brown will be able to do spots for us at the anniversary in April. More details on this to follow........

Went to the first night at Bugmans Bar in Lenton Nottm last night...Good night ...Good music, decent crowd. Barry and Pete Taylor did good spots.

Probably in tonight (Or may pop over to the Sheffield Polish Club) as Chris has an early start tomorrow with 2 of our lads down to Stamford Bridge to watch Forest v Chelsea.

Next Saturday is our first visit to The Federation in Nottm as Chris has a DJ spot down there.

Chris has bought 3 records this week:

*Its growing ~ Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers on Gordy

*Trieste ~ I can see him loving you on Chains

*The Delfonics ~ I told you so on Philly groove

Three cheapies!

Good sounds these ~ Listen out for them at next Pilsley, those who are going (17th February: Kev Smedley from Derby Rolls Royce on as guest : Looks to be another good night and will be my birthday week so looking out to enjoy it even more.. Not quite 50 yet )

Looking Forward To Tonights Do!!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 20 January 2007

Chris not able to go up this afternoon to set up as he usually does as Barry not bringing the equipment over until later: so he will be chafing at the bit by the time Barry gets here to play some tunes.

Still a bit breezy here so ladies I wouldn't bother spending a lot of time on the hair do's if you're coming over here tonight as it tends to be a bit blowy up at the 'Welly'!! Doesn't stop the sounds being great and the atmosphere buzzing though.

Chris went over to Bentinck last night and said the backroom was full..

I stayed at home as had a really busy week last week at work.. Completely cream crackered by last night. One nurse covering North Derbyshire doing what I do is a bit of a handful.. Any way things to get better at some point with new recruits and an increase in team size on the cards..So will feel a bit more human in the coming months I hope and feel more inclined to venture out Friday and Saturdays.

So.. I am really looking forward to a good night tonight- Confident that our resi's and guest John Poole won't disappoint.

If you get over would be glad to have your feedback. If not I'll post up my opinions at some point early this week

Rainy Night In Pilsley!!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 18 January 2007

Hope the storms calm down for Saturday night..Its a tad breezy at top o'th'ill!!

Really sweet of Mark Bicknell to wish us bloke I reckon

This Saturday..pilsley..its That Time Again!!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 17 January 2007

Pilsley ...Is it really nearly the third saturday of the month again....?? Yes it is..... John Poole going to be playing his indomitable discs again...He can really do an excellent spot.

Chris and Barry to surprise us with their usual mix if who knows what? depends how the mood is on the night but always can be relied on to do a good 'un.

Keep you posted if I get any sneak previews. Chris starts getting the records out and playing a few (Limbering up for the night perhaps??) round about now. I also get to see whats he's bought since last time he DJ'd (Funny that he always seems to have had them 'ages' or that they never cost more than a tenner)

Pilsley - 5 Years And Still Going Strong!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 14 January 2007

Its incredible to think thats its 5 years ago this April since we started the soul night at Pilsley. its gone through many changes and had some excellent guest DJ's grace the decks with what must be, over the time, the best sounds around. Unfortunately along with the good times there have been some down times too, hence the posting about 'backstabbers' which I have noticed tonight is a new thread on another forum. Sad state of affairs all around I think. It also opens up some pathetic comments such as the ones I have had on this blog but as the soul night has weathered the storms of changes of personnel and a greater emphasis on across the board sounds then on a personal level then so have we.

My job keeps me grounded I think as to the really important issues in life and as much as some feel that northern soul is a 'way of life' to me it is not as important as that. Its not about life and death after all: Excellent music and meeting some great people along the road over the last 34 years for me (Even longer for Chris) means I wouldn't want to change the northern soul experience for the world though.

If you can get over to Pilsley on the 20th Jan then you will be very welcome and I'm sure you will enjoy the experience as lots have done over the last (nearly) 5 years.

Check Out The Two Best Soul Voices Ever!!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 09 January 2007

Look at 'Into 2007 with the two best soul voices ever'


Posted by Sharon Cooper, 06 January 2007

Something thats got really stupid around my neck of the woods just lately is the backbiting and backstabbing that is going off. I`m not naive enough to think that the soul scene should be perfect.. its made up of human beings after all and we all know what the history of the human race has thrown up so far: its this idiotic stuff like telling people that someone elses gig is cancelled or slagging off another venue or putting it around that a certain genre of soul is played at a gig to try and put people off attending or the usual: putting on a night deliberately to try and affect attendances at another one (while actually telling people that `This new one will be better than theirs'): Also the 'I'm not talking to you because my friend doesn't like you' or 'I won't come to a gig that you're involved with because something you may have done has upset my friend'. The immaturity and pettiness can be really pathetic and is really the mentality of the playground. I suppose to really put the crown jewels on the whole thing is actually fighting in a soul night because people have been so wound up by the actions of others. I wouldn`t want to tell my adult children half of what goes off in this scene I'm into because it would be too embarrasing and too childlike.

I don't know what the answer is.. Don't think there is one really - I just think its a sad reflection on a group of mature (in years) people that they don`t seem to have matured enough to no longer behave the way I presume they did as kids.

The only positive from it is that I do believe that this kind of thinking and behaviour is only by an extremely small minority of people and that the majority do really behave the way adults should and have respect for others and their ideas and tastes even if they differ from their own.

I am aware that saying things like this is very likely to open up another can of worms: but thats what blogs are about aren't they? to air my views and opinions and I think to say it as I see it. Each to their own!!

Into 2007 With Two Of The Best Voices Ever!!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 01 January 2007

Can't be many better soul voices than this!!

Happy new year

Barrowby Soul 30/12

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 30 December 2006 ·

Off to Barrowby tonight: Probably won't be there in time for all of Bish's spot which is a shame but hope to catch most of it: Ian and Barry can always be relied upon to play a good mix and really looking forward to Mick H: so all in all looks like we're in for a crackin night. Quite a few have said they are travelling over from our neck of the woods and with the regulars and some others that have said they're going from Barrowby way seems like there will be a good number in.

Arrived at Barrowby after Bish's spot and Ian was up front playing a good crowd pleasing mix followed by Barry in similar vein: Was a good number in when we arrived at about 9ish (Barry said 65 at that point) but more came in later which made it about the fullest we'd seen it. A great atmosphere with a mix of regular attendees and some from further afield: Mick H played for about 1 1/2 hours and was excellent. Dancefloor full and the atmosphere maintained. Barry and Ian were on as we left and still the dancefloor was moving.

A real party feel to last night which left you with a sense of having had a good time.

A Happy New Year From The Bridgets

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 28 December 2006 ·

Now the Christmas festivities have started to fade and I have to go into work tomorrow: thoughts are turning towards the new year; We're at a Ball on NYE which has a disco, so no northern for us but looking forward to it as a chance to dress up and meet with 'other' friends!

May try and get out to something before then, possibly Barrowby on Saturday with Barry, Ian and Mick H sounding like a good night with some lesser known sounds played which is just about up my street.

Might also venture forth this evening, perhaps Willington, haven't quite decided yet. Chris has been to the last couple of Christmas do's and thoroughly enjoyed them so it looks like a likely bet!

Just posted up a comment on The Attic event in support of Mark Bicknells show. This is worth going to without the added incentive of being able to help keep Marks excellent show on the road and what a great bloke he is too so makes it worthwhile all round.

Back soon......


Mr Bridget At Hinckley 4th Anniversary!!~

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 23 December 2006 ·

Looking forward to the trip down to Hinckley for tonights 4th anniversary shindig. Has always been a good night down there~Sometimes numbers have been lower than when we first used to visit but the atmosphere is generally spot on- so I'm sure this should be a good night.

Chris will be playing a variety of stuff to keep the dance floor happy- Its dependent on what the feel of the night is he says!which is about right.

Setting off in a bit after I've fed the hungry mouths returning home from all over (kids that is)

Pilsley~thanks For Kind Comments

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 19 December 2006 ·

Following Saturdays excellent night at Pilsley; it was really good to read some of the positive comments from those who attended and also to know that even more gave positive feedback on the night to one of us. Its not always easy to know that what being done is the right way to do things but from the feedback it seems we must be doing something right.

Mark Bicknell is ace! He is one of those people that you can just hit it off with straight away and he really did us proud wih the set he played. Likewise the Attic lads~ Brilliant bunch!

Its really heating up now with Christmas fast approaching. Chris' birthday today and Joels on Thursday we have plenty of celebrating to do. Won't be out souling on Friday due to 'none soul' friends committment but looking forward to Hinckleys anniversary bash on Saturday. Chris DJing at that one: I'm sure it will be a good night. Just a bit sad we can't be at Annesley; Really do enjoy it there.

To anyone reading this: Have a great Christmas and fun and frolics at new year wherever you are! If you can try and join us on the third Saturday in January where Chris and Barry will be joined by John Poole ~ Another brilliant night in store!!

Pilsley~yes< It Was A Goodun!

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 17 December 2006 ·

Just getting my act together. Chris is out golfing trying to clear his head and I'm off shopping so will try and be a lot more detailed later!!

Surfice to say for now it was a special night last night..Lots of new faces and the 1 1/2 hours that Mark Bicknell played kept the dance floor full. The bar is now on until 12.30 and the dance floor full until the new closing time at 1.30 am and it was a brilliant party atmosphere.

Be back later...Shops are calling!!

Pilsley this Saturday ~ Gonna be a goodun

Posted by Sharon Cooper, 15 December 2006 ·

After a lot of talk and many posts (mainly from Mr B and the Attic crew): the day is nearly here. Saturday 16th ~ Another soul night at Pilsley: Sometimes there is a special vibe attached to up and coming events and this Saturday has just that. Mr B arriving in Chesterfield about 5pm and then I'm sure Chris will do his best to get him on the decks as soon as he can. Looks like we might be in for a long session coz Dean from the Attic is putting Mark up and (Not sure about this) there might be an invite back to his to keep the party rolling. Perhaps might even still be there for one of Steve's tremendous looking brekkies!

~ Probably more like us!!

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