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Soul Source Sessions - Request/Demand


Note listings, details, cover ups may be a bit off as most are from 1998-2001

Soul Source Old Sessions


Just dug up some of the session listings that have been up here over the years.

Still have them stashed away somewhere, so if have a need to re-hear any of them again ....all you have to do is whistle

List of them all follows, will try and keep the listings tidy but as from a wide era, it may get messy!

(note - orignals had photos etc, so may be dead links and so on)


alan h hot

kicking off the latest sessions, as its now one year since the first dome started, showing the way forward with its fresh unique mix of one offs, rarities, and classy revivals,  have got for you a great couple of sessions from one of the co-founders and regular djs - alan h

To get things going heres the first session, with track notes by alan, then a few words on where hes coming from then straight into the second sessions, get your volume turned up and enjoy

kicking off with part 1 - know the score, hit the vinyl to stream and hear now

the allen sisters -im in with the downtown crowd-quality

issued on canadian quality and a few test presses this is a brogue burning mod

stormer of immense proportion XXXXX that floor

delores clark -im living to please - antares

thanks go out to simon bridger gor turning me on to this  45 its the year 2000 and does she know her tunes filling the dancefloors of  the uk if not the world

don and ron-im so so sorry-white cliff

this was a val palmer classic from the 80s again her sets were the buisiness. this

is  don and ron sam and daving and out stomping them in the process.

peppermint harris-wait until it happens to you-jewel

first spun in the london mod clubs mid 80s this is speed fuelled r&b for true stylists


el-corols -chick chick -rouser

not one of alans original choices, but had a prob with one, so substituted this one from his play list, why this? well just listen - wow! (mike)

betty lavette-youll never change-atlantic

well save the best for last first heard this from adey pierce about ten years ago, mid to slow tempo  doowopping out  the speakers her second 45 for atlantic and what a tune just hit that

floor  dont let the tempo out you off this is soul. 

as said great stuff, heres a few words from alan on where hes from and what hes up to:

"ive been dj-ing and running clubs since the early 80s my first dj stint being at the beat route soul a go go nite in 1980, started to collect soul as well as my first musical love reggae and ska. Dj-ed at  most london mod clubs thru that period as well as running the successful reggae and ska nites at the penny black, sols arms and dublin castle in camden.

Irish greg and i got together to put on a do where we could have a good dance and enjoy great music and the capitol soul club was born, unfortunately we lost the bar shoreditch after eight great months, we then teamed up with mr jahans our fantastic promoter to start up the cap soul at

the dome which is going from strength to strength. MY love for r&b shows in my sets but im not averse to a stomper or 2.

You can catch me dj-ing at the dome every 6 weeks and down in brighton for the soul dayer on sunday 10th december see ya there. 

best alan h.

onto part 2 -  you must know the score, hit the vinyl to stream and hear now, 



alex hassilev-young man-rca

played this at the last dome to a packed  floor, big voiced new york item.

barbara redd-ill be all alone-spqr

spagetti western soul for tumbleweed lovers this is the bollocks yee ha

eddie  roberts-immaculate love-time records

sounds very much like johnny nash on  groove nice and early

eskew reeder-undivided love-instant.

i was pipped to the post by ginger who spun this awesome new orleans percussion led

groover  at togetherness, i  got to dance to it at last this will be a monster (quality is  bit off on this one , my fault, apoligies-mike)

curtis  knight-voodoo women-gulf

mid tempo perfection this man has got  soul

phonetics-pretty girl-trudel

only ever heard this played out a few  times, wicked almost latin soul, one to make me  rush to the floor. this is one hot 45


ok thats this session over and as said a great one to my ears, building up to the capitol soul anniversary on fri 24 nov 00, expect more sounds with a csc flavour soon,


 Andy Rix - Man On A Misson  

48 tracks for your enjoyment, many thanks to Andy for time and effort,

andy rix is currently going down a storm all over the place, with a amazing collection of one offs, rarities and just brilliant discs he is setting dance floors ablaze through out the country, 

like what you hear and want more, after a great set at  Kempston Rovers Club in Bedford last weekend, andy rixs  future dates are Cleethorpes Weekender of course,  Bishop Auckland on June 24th (awaiting confirmation), Cleethorpes Winter Gardens Sat 8th July

...and Dome 28th july

starting the series off with a killer session, 6 tracks that are as good as anything from  days gone past, and  this is just one djs lot from his current play list, if anyone needs proof that sounds played today on the current scene are up to and above the "standard" here you go - northern with magic......24 tracks - what a set!!

shes not the marrying kind -kenny lewis - acetate

a sound that is fast becoming legendary, this has everything going for it - classic northern

dont stop -royal five -impact sound acetate

yet another new discovery with a classic northern sound, getting great reaction

you made a man of me- scott english -associated acetate

keeping the power going with this powerhouse of a track, wow can it get any better

in one ear and out the other -cindy scott-virtue acetate

a piece of female soul that fits in well with the style popular in 70s, hear it a few times and it grabs you

shes wanted -larrys boys-virtue acetate

instrumental of the classic, but a storming track in its own right, and proved it by blowing the lid of the dome on its first nite

still remember the feeling -rose marie mcoy -acetate

audition version of the famous track - only a piano backing, but tell you what works for me - great stuff

what a starter, want more, can you handle more?  hit the 45 if youre up to it ....

you left me-  admirations - peaches

and so it continues - recent floor filler at 100 and dome

dont let the door hit your back -cashmeres -edgewood acetate

time for an alternative take and yeah i know it was on last lot but so what, who needs a excuse

love is all right -harthorn band-virtue acetate

heres the instrumental of a recent monster and what a pounder it is, check

out articles page for full story of these tracks

im bringing it home - tony mason - april and blackwood acetate

more top quality storming stuff, wheres it all coming from

small things (make a big difference) - keli osborne-new bag

changing the style a bit , but still another winner

like a love i never had-enchanters - frankford wayne acetate

finishing this session on a high! classic northern style sound to close and yet another future classic


half way through and does the soul let up ....? no theres still more coming your way - hit that image

the thrill of loving  you - jimmy radcliffe - jaysina acetate

what a way to start the 3rd session - incredible reach out and grab you soul

one more day- kenny smith - flo roe

ensuring no slip up, more quality soul from mr smith

nothings too good for my baby-springers-unreleased alt take

another look at this classic with a alt version

drowning in your love-lyn roman - A&R acetate

time for a female stormer and straight from the start this is most definitely that

i should cry - ronnie walker -virtue acetate

one thats currently going down big style in todays northern venues

faye and hillettes - just the way i feel - audiodisc acetate

finishing this 6 pac on a girl group thing, and what a way to finish

back to andy rixs record box as said last 24 set went down so well, so heres a few more top spins from todays scene, dont forget hes at next dome on 28 jul 00

my love-tommy knight-abtone

what, i said what ! a way to start , a awesome atmospheric soul stormer, can it get any better

love is allright - jesse james-virtue acetate

time for the vocal version, a few years later this track evolved into one of best selling US instrumentals ever, this early version, became one of the northern classic of the late 1990s - out now on uk vinyl

ive gotta get away-tommy good-jobette acetate

more from the motown dungeon, with a unreased trad motown sound

i cant turn my back on you-vince appolo- imperial sound acetate

diffrent spin on a well known stromer

gonna get even-ray williams-space

gritty raw sound of the type thats currently finding favour, hardcore soul

mister misery-robbie lawson- acetate

padded cell classic alt take

another grab of top sounds from andys box, hit the vinyl - you know the score

world of happiness - cindy scott -virtue acetate

a recent biggie, classic northern

keep on searching-brenda jackson-sunshine sound

more in the same vein, uptempo time

whos that kissing you tonight-herman lewis-bell sound acetate

do i have to say ought-sheer magic

speak on up-joe king -prix

always wanted to meet this guy and say to him "you must be joe king" - great sound though

baby-young brothers-soul power

great midtempo mover with cracking vocals

tell me you love me-accoustics- acetate

finishing on a high with yet another soulful sound, great group style awesome stuff

and still they keep coming...you  know what to do ...hit that record

i gotta find a way (to get you back) - tammi terrell - jobete acetate

a great version of the temps spin that has been hidden too long

with my love -jean wells band -select sound acetate

a incredible thumper of another instrumental too good to be called a backing track

sock it to me -commotions- rca custom acetate

title says it all - more uptempo stuff - phew!

thats the same thing - masquaders - soultown

another one thats earned the classic status

switch around-wallie hawkins and rose marie mccoy- beltone acetate

another highly popular sound of today

right direction -herman lewis and gerri jackson A&R acetate

finishing off with a good un


and so it continues 6 more added 22 sep 00

a welcome return to soul source by mr andy rix, with a set of 12 superb rare soul tracks to satisfy that thirst.

For been here before people, you know what to expect, for the first timer here, well lets just say andy rix at moment has one if not the strongest sets going, after listening to these 6 check out the other 24/36 tracks featured on previous soul source editions below. another session coming your way in a couple of days

more soul - hit the image for 6  more great rare soul tracks from andys 45 collection, yet again awesome stuff from one of todays top djs


Dreamlovers - Getting together - Virtue

..demo version of Brothers Guiding Light..

Daisy Burris - Four strong winds - Deesu

..verging on the R&B..sparse but effective

Passions - If you see my baby - Elvitrue & Satelite

..brilliant femme soul from North Carolina...a real favourite over the last couple of years

Royal Five - Nobody else - Impact Sound

..flip of Dont stop that has yet to see any turntable action due to lack of time..great midtempo male harmony

Appointments - I saw you there- De-Lite

..late Wigan spin covered as Ed Crook...perfect example of group harmony

Dorothy Moore & Dolletts - Believe it or not - ABC

...alias the Poppies..another midtempo grower





away you go, hit the decks for 6 more glorious rare soul tracks, thanks go out to andy for the tracks and also the notes below  {

}Faye & Hillettes - Where did they go - Audiodisc

...from LA ...another from Eddie Singleton..incredible uptempo stormer

Anthony & Delsonics - Every time - Emerge

..stompy group

Luther Randolph - I just gotta have you - Virtue

..the infamous Harthon keyboard player on his demo for Nella Dodds..

Linda & Pretenders - Believe me - Assault

...massive at Stafford covered as Frankie & Classicals...beautiful New York

soul meets doo wop

Charles Mintz - Running back - Up Look

...Delegates of Soul done funky style..still a stormer though

Admirations - I want to be free - Peaches

..flip of You left me which is often neglegted...still a great

pre-pubescent dancer

 Loose Cannon - No one dj just a bunch of mixed sessions

still feeding the soul into you, knock that deck, with a bit more of a modern  influence on some, more music from todays scene

i got the feeling-king moses

turn volume up with this current soul sam play- thumper

try to understand-little hank-ss7

back a few years to a great soulful pleader

what people say-morris miller

moving uptempo and a great  good sound

he wont stay - cover up

back to basics with a great storming 60s female soul performance, wonderful stuff

if i had a chance to love you -jive five -decca

great sam play from mid 90s and picking up spins again, if got this check flip out as also had plays in past

What goes around - sammy lee

gosh another old wigan spin, from 77, thought he was still playing for liverpool round about then, what was the song they used to sing bout him?

great uptempo feel good sound to finish this selection of sam type monsters


long hot summer.... in your dreams

starting off this update with a back to basics set of some great uptempo 60s soul to keep you warm during a british summer

pat and the neurotics - I like the way you do your thing

almost perfect uptempo female soul - what a way to start

gary sole-holding on

still keeping it fast still keeping it going

delorise berry - no other girl

no let up, with the torch being handed back to the ladies to tell you how good their man is

fortune seekers - all night worker - cover up

changing the style but not the tempo, one for those with a eye on commercial crossover possibilities

marion stewart - i must be losing you

just slowing it down with a bit of dramatic female soul -

lenore king - the love I need- acetate

finishing with a good un


moving on up by a few years , right to present day in one case, heres a 6-pac off the highest quality ...

chuck cockerham - have I the right

a massive current sound - as said soul of quality - can it get any better

timeless legend -I was born to love you

keeping the popular ones coming at you with a great uptempo one

luther vandross- dont want to be a fool

yep mr vandross himself with a great mover

albert jones- you and your love

what another great track, quality stuff

little samson - dont take your love

wonderfull stuff this, more feel good soul of a high quality

r kelly - up and outta here

who ? yeah its him with a talked about bang up todate track from the shaft 2000 soundtrack, check it out, the best he has done by a long shot, has a 70s ring to it


nudge the turntable to kick off with some of the best across the board soul youll hear anywhere

let it be real -george hobson - soul city

starting off with a killer, great sound for today and also a wigan spin back in 78, great stuff

theres a girl somewhere - bobby rich

still awesome stuff, a butch discovery of recent years

Id like to get near you-richard caiton- uptight

intro sounds a bit familiar, and then onto a great 60s style soulful sound, recently featured on modern millionaire cd,

little love affair- patrinell staten

reportedly only 2 copies of this, one in soul sams hands the other in Butchs and going down well on floors cross country

in the name of loneliness -little Rueben-nr

this is one of the best soul sounds that have heard recently, takes a few plays to grab you but when it does.......wow.... current monster

your love is fading-lou pride-suemi

from the im coming home man, a great one to finish the first part, think this was a keb darge find, and one of only a few releases on suemi, also can be found on flip of instrumental version of coming home



}finishing this update off heres a selection of six sounds giving me a rush right at this moment, click stream to hear/stream the following sounds

birth of a playboy - chosen few-canyon

outrageous hardcore soul, play this and sing the lyrics with a snarl

evil love - thee midniters - cattahochee

from the us garage band, picked this up recently blind and cheap as saw it listed as a stafford spin, on first play thought yeah span straight out of window

but after few plays and volume up, grew and grew, got something going for it, seen at 70 and 15 recently but check out garage lists for it even cheaper under flip title

aint no telling - houston outlaws - westbound

recently span by andy lee, and what a great sound, one you should be hearing more often

slave girl - johnny burdock-broadway

first hear for me recently and wow tremendous stuff, a well good sound and a great story all about a gladiator fighting to get his slave girl, but dont trust that emperor mate, .... bit of vinyl triv from mr flynn, who rates the flip, was a 10 - 30 record until belgian demand pushed it up to over the ton mark, seen recently at a 150 

happy to be - jimmy ellis- century city

f-ing out of this world, this is one of best things going to my ears - truly awesome stuff, not sure on history but played by ion round 98...

your love is driving me crazy - don gardener -mr g

well after that one, can anything follow it, yeah reckon this can, regonise the voice here comes old mucker don with a great bit of soul to finish this lot

thats it for this lot, scroll down for more quality stuff.........



seaside six-pac of soul, first up of a holiday special 6 x cracking sounds, hit the image to hear a outrageous selection of soul..


clarence townsend - i found a love

sheer magic this......smile on your face music

audrey winters-thank you baby

time for the ladies to show how to give uptempo soul a go

little otis and shades- love is what we need

bit of a cover up for you

mbs- another day

still they keep coming, one that lives up to its 3 fig price

diplomats of soul - where is she

moving a few years down line with another current cover up

big dee irwin - you satisfy my needs 

finishing on a high, dramatic soul rears it head with this perfect piece of soul


part 2 of the holiday 6 pac , with a bit of a 70s session, some of the grooves that prove soul  is soul no matter when it was done hit the stream to hear


jackie wilson - call my name

the master with a lp track that grows and grows on you

sheryl swope - lets get the show on road

really into this one

unique blend- yes Im in love

causing a bit of controversy, love it or hate it, this has got to be one of the most catchy 70s sounds going

sammy relford- hey love

high quality soul, feel the emotion

brothers by choice - she puts the ease back into easy

finishing with a classy bit of 70s soul

sorry but one of the 6-pac appears to have dropped out at the car park so just the five for now


six pack of soul dome coming up so to get in the mood  hit the image to hear a stormin 6 slabs of 60s soul..

lonnie lester - you cant go

hold on to your hat for this one .. as it blow your head off

little dooley - if i needed you

keeping it flowing -the ahhhhh ahhh ohhh song

cookie jackson-find me a lover

showing the ladies can deliver it as well

tim rose - I got a loneliness

check out why its picking up plays

chubby and turnpikes - i didnt try

another picking up a bit, changing to a bit of classic style 60s group soul known later as tavares

linda queen - i feel the pain -

telling you all bout how she feels it, dramatic soul to finish

Flynns Flyers

david flynn currently doing great things down at the capitol soul club kicks us off with a flying set, hitting the back of the net with 3 uptempo volleys, then keeping the crowd going delivers 3 top net busters, now if these six dont get you out of your seat, check your pulse,

dont forget mr flynn is also taking to the field on 24 september brighton dayer and at a ktf event on 17 sep 00 , dome sep 29 and togetherness weekender in october


thanks also to mr flynn  for supplying the in match commentary......never guess football seasons just started

click the image to hear/stream the following sounds 

You Can Say - Gary Dean - Young

It sweeps along on a tinkling piano with added beefy brass chords, but still

manages to cram in an instrumental break and crucial key change within its

one minute fifty five seconds.

Your Future - Robert "Redtop" Young - Soulsations

This Washington disc fair crunches along, on its heavy bass line and ever

present brass stabs. It did get a few spins by Keb and Gary Spencer many

moons ago, and is worthy of more me thinks

My Proposal - Soul inc - Coconut Groove

The best record Ive heard in the last decade or so without a doubt. It

features Cecil Washington (who also penned it) and the label shares the same

address details as Prophonics! An uptempo mover with several breaks and a

key change, but the vocals really steal the show - pure magic. Yes, its

bloody rare - thats life!?

This Ones For You My Love - Benny Spellman - Alon

This is my favourite spin at present, and very reminiscent of the early 80s

over played but much loved "Fortune Teller". This track rattles along and

features many fine piano breaks from New Orleans hero Allen Toussaint. It

took me many years to track down a copy (actually bought it for the other

side, which is also great Northern!), but I have no doubt that more copies

will eventually surface. When this happens the record could become a monster

tune across the land.

Just Cant Let It Ride - Dexter Manley - cover up

Ady Croasdell gave this one six months of 100 Club turntable action a few

years back, before it "disappeared" into my collection! Its the same song

as John DAndrea on MGM, but "Dexters" version is more menacing, with its

good strong brass work and organ breathing away. I must start playing this

at the Dome....remind me someone!

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Billy Arnell - cover up

A real grower that may take a couple of plays before it grabs you, put give

it a chance! Some have said that its the best thing theyve heard in years,

with its nagging beat, "tree chopping" guitar and swirling organ. Never

seen another copy apart from my one.


6 Throbbing tracks courtesy of the hitman

heres a full strength brew from the hitman with a selection of classy

movers, just hit the stream to hear

theres a new thing-dean and damons cover

getting things off to a flying start - uptempo time

get off my back - marvin l sims -revue

from a flyer to a gritty mover, with a plea from the porch

black is beautifull - trinikas

keeping the pace, the trinikas with a great piece of uptempo anthem

i need a man - precious three

time for a change nah.. more in the same vein, as the precious three tell us what they want

little john-just wait and see-gogate

once covered as jimmy raye at stafford, more grit in a stop start fly style

use it before you lose it- bobby valentin fania

another stafford sound with a soul meets latin thumper to end the show

Irish Greg from Dec 99

dont let it down-duke baxter- cover up

another of irish gregs current floor fillers - tremendous throbbing sound, one to die for


baby yes i do - temptones- unissued arctic

really big for irish greg and david flynn - rather hear overplayed oldies again and again or stuff like this

cracking first rate uptempo soul side ?


baby i love you - tyn times-music box

massive sound for carl fortnum and irish greg, lead singer of this group is another who can be found online


nobody but me-other brothers-modern- unissued

another powerhouse track


heartbreaking truth-carol anderson-cover up

incredible irish gregs newest spin enjoyed above ? check out next cap soul event


Pete C Soul session  



Pete Coulson DJ and mag editor from up there in the northwest  is this issues featured player, hitting us with a session featuring 6 of hottest r+b tracks around, plus notes and a brief bio on where hes coming from and wheres he going. Also responsible for fanzine "northern essence". All I say is

 What a way to start the new year!


Hit {here} to stream the first session, 

1) joe tex - i wanna be free - dial got this courtesy of steve thomson, blew me away first time of hearing, i played it for shifty at lowton and he tells me he has now got one, typical joe tex with plenty of breaks and changes, i am always getting asked for this, a great dancer.

2) contract on love - stevie wonder - tamla i have been after a copy of this for about two years but nobody would sell me one, i eventually settled for the album which i bought of bob hinsley, about a month later i was found a copy by simon, so if anyone wants stevie wonders greatest hits i have one for sale.

3) lois blain - here i am - open-g-records this great dancer chugs along with the breaks coming via the catch in loiss voice, out of new york just wonderful soul music.

4) richard berry - have love will travel - flip i am getting lots of requests for this top dancer, out of California i suppose it could be classed as doo wop if you wanted to pigeon hole it, got this of carl willingham when he acquired the demo, he wont have an issue in the house if he can get the demo, and the bugger has most things on demo, mostly white of course.

5) carol fran - knock knock - excello i first heard this about six months ago on a tape and had to have one, trouble was nobody had heard of it. i mentioned it to ian cunliffe and lo and behold he turned on up within a couple of months, we are not worthy ian, brilliant r&b with a distinctive start.

6) barbara lynn - second fiddle girl - jamie this was an unknown barbara lynn track to me, my good mate hoss played this to me at my house after a niter and it blew me away. always one of my favourite artists due to the diversity of her music. i had the privilege of meeting her and interviewing her for my magazine northern essence (plug) at last years cala gran and the lady is just that, one of the nicest most unassuming people i have ever met.

about me i started on the northern soul scene about 1968 when i first went to the twisted wheel in manchester, i was a regular there until it finished and then went to the blackpool mecca until i was married and then all things have to change. i was off the scene then until about seven years ago, now with my second wife viv we found that the scene was thriving more than when i left it. after our fist soul night we were hooked and have not looked back since, i think we have made up for those lost years a hundred times over since we started back, in fact it has virtualy taken over our lives. i have been involved in most aspects of the scene, as a promoter, dj and editor of my own fanzine northern essence, the mag has been great for me, i have met so many of the artists i have admired over the years, , to name a few, barbara lynn, eddie holman, jerry williams, terry callier and dean courtney and they have all been such nice people,just like most people on the scene. the great thing about the scene IS the people, we have made so many real friends from all over the country and making new ones every week, yes the music is important but if you are progressive thinking and you go out every weekend then you are going to have a lot of dissapointing nights if you do not put the company you are with first, then if you get a good night s music as well its a bonus. if you like the tunes mike has put on his site you can hear them and more like them every month at lowton civic hall where i am resident in the r&b room along with regulars carl willingham, roger banks and malc worsley plus guests. the next one is friday 8th december, by the way i will also be djing in the main room that night, my next few dates this month are at the savoy hotel in blackpool on saturday december 22nd, bolton anglers club on boxing night, the white hart in farnworth december 27th and again at lowton on new years eve.



ok thats that, know cynics will say recycling but as always reply is **** em,  just looking at dates and the notes and of course the sounds, and what Isee  make it worthwhile to me, so if wanna hear any of them again just let us know which and will dig deep.



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