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Travels and weekend Going Ons 21 Sep


Bit of travelling last nite,

hit read more for quick look back at Pavillions - Runcorn

And a long journey and a short visit of Wilton All Niter

Plus some odd bits of other news, gossip, etc mixed in

After a week of car and washing machine trouble, weekend was well anticipated.

As always North Wales confusion crept in as thought was going to south Manchester event, but turned out was off to Pavilions at Runcorn, which for some reason thought had already been on this month.

Steve T (Holyhead) was main guest and had a space so off we went with a shady north Wales crew Dick John, (if anyone wants to catch dmsc soul nite video online, when see him tell him "sort that video"), Chris and Dave F being rest of bunch.

Pavilions was still where it was last time, and still as smart inside. Venue well plush, and good layout and feel. A enjoyable venue.Those who dont know event its run by Bernie OBrien and Steve Fletcher, helping out was someone who had a fair bit of chinwag but didnt catch name, know youre online mate so apologies. Way have had event described to me in past, is this is a selfish thing for promoters, they do run another event where emphasis is on popular play what crowd want, which is mainly an oldies event. But this one is the balancer, the fun thing, a "let the djs do their own thing" and no policy. Dont like that "across the board" term as been misused a lot. Feel of nite to me was a classy mix of all era soul.

Bernie on decks at first then followed by Cogs (not that sure on name, may be wrong and guy on door was cogs??)

Heard some nice stuff , crowd was a bit down on last time was there, though werent that many early on, gotta say the early dancers were well impressive, rare nowadays to say that but well smart and stylish. Was a strong 70s+ feel overall, highlights included likes of the great jerry butler - dont step on my dreams and more similar style grooves, had mentally noted a lot more but gone west at moment. With the odd classic thrown in , Soul Self Satisfaction was dedicated to the late Martin Ellis.

Steve T was on next at 11 as the main guest, asked my advice earlier as I have guested here before, I told him the crowd was all into early R&B the earlier and the more down tempo the better. Of course he wisely ignored my advice and continued the set trend with a smart mix of 60s current plays, few classics and 70s+. Not a representive mix but some examples being - Pretty Little Girl Next Door - Bobby Day , Holland Dozier - New Breed Kinda Woman, Gayle Adams- Baby I need your loving. sure Steve will add when recover as didnt catch all.

Bernie finished of nite with bit more of a good mix of all era soul


Alan B wouldnt give out details of that other version of Vooddo Working apart from a few clues as it was actual legal issue not dub. Did say other stuff but gone west. Mentioned next weeks main guest at Viaduct is Ginger.

Overall, numbers down, but still an enjoyable nite, some great sounds on the 70-2k trip, some could have done with out, but "something for everyone and all that

Orig plan was just the one event but come 1am most of us had a strong desire to crack on, though Steve t had work in morning, such was our thirst we sweet talked steve t into just making a flying visit to wilton, suppose steve is more than likely cursing us right now at work. Yeah and we deserve it


Enough is enough, someone tell me what is it about yorkshire, every time in last couple of months been there, have had a right bundle of laughs. This time no different, as was planned just to nip across for a few hours time was tight. So as wanted to get most was in a rush, first thing we found out that exit number we were given was wrong!! Which made the mobile phone directions we were trying to follow a bit hard. Cut the crap - think one hour 50 odd miles, another motorway exit, 3 security guards, a 24 hour garage, and 30 mins of Pete Coulson mobile phone credit, later we found the place :)

If someone wants to tell why does it seem that all events in yshire seem to be located in the middle of industrial estates feel free

Off topic: just worked out why Yorkshire Rider crew had probs finding DMSC, wasnt my tip top directions, it was fact that there was no industrial estate within 10 miles of it." That might be it " said our young soul fan "...nay lad dont be daft. Has thou seen all that green stuff around here, and wheres all security gates and wire fences, nay lad thou is wrong, keep thy foot down, now weres my snap box" - advance apoligies :)

By time got there, worked out what time had to leave as Steve T was at work in morning, mmmm we had one hour

A quick haggle on price with door staff :), in, catch up with a fair few not often seen, not sure who was on when in but played some nice stuff, was told numbers were down, 2 cups of tea, Chris Sheppard then was on and Let It Be Real- George Hobson hit the spot, (seen this had spins at wigan 78, how did it go) Steve T pointing at his watch, a quick attempt to flyer every one in 2 mins, and that was it, a 2-3 hour journey ahead, and to make matters worse found out that a bloody security guard had given us long way directions, and when driving around were just 50m away from venue

Back home at 7

Final thing on wilton is was it worth it?

My own view yep, even though spent more time industrial estate touring than in actual event (check out the argos distribution depot for a superb example of the latest version of the highly rated secur-r-us gate barriers)

Event been trying to get to for a fair while but usually either clashes, or plans failing means no go. As said was told numbers were down, and dance floor reaction was a bit on/off , but even short time event there , place had that "feel" you associate with a good quality event . And as recently some events happenings have left me wondering "am I on different planet" well that hour cleared it all up .

Definitely be going again, a hour not really long enough for fair view suppose, but what saw, felt and all the rest despite numbers down, will undoubtely result in yet more battles with those bloody Yorkshire industrial estates.


Reports that Bury was bit quiet, though was early like, Stockport been told was a packer and a stormer, featuring those masters of rare soul destruction Andy Rix and Rob Thomas

Broughton and Keele tonite

Buzz about Keele tonite with it seems a fair few doing it.


Anti-hype checker report :

As on Saturday, September 21, 2002 11:42 AM

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