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Sonny Til, Johnny Nash "what Kind Of Love Is This", Lulu Reed" Little Willie John "don't Play With Love" & More


Just listed a new bunch of new breed r&b & early soul 45's on ebay, all with soundclips taken from the offered 45's. The 45's listed are:

LIttle WIllie John "Don't play with love" KING

Junior Lewis "Hear what I say" COLUMBIA with PS

Johnny Nash "What kind of love is this". GROOVE

Lulu Reed & Freddy King "You can't hide" FEDERAL

Sonny Til "Hey Little Woman" CP PARKER

Ebonettes "Wild man walk"

You can see and hear them here:contender64

Or search by seller: contender64

If you like this kind of stuff look at my auctions as more 45's will be added on the next days.

Best wishes


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