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Very Special Guest.... Betty Wright



Cambridge 105FM

Sunday 12.00-15.00

Dates for your Diary: 1.11.09


Very Special Guest.... Betty Wright

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Play-List 1.11.09

Ruby Baker "Motion of love" (Nivel)

Rene Jones "Show me" (MiDoice)

Reggie Hines feat: Mag Elliot "I love the way"

Angie Stone "I ain't hearin "U" (Stax Promo)

Sheri Jones-Moffett "Renewed" "(EMI Gospel)

Randy Raeford " Show you tonite) (Daxwood Promo)

Harold "Joy" (DL)

Latimore "Around the world (La Stone)

Willie Clayton "Love to you" (C&C)

William Scott "If U let bad" (Anuday)

Jason Little "I got it" (Promo)

The Controllers "Still in heart" (CDS)

Willie Clayton "The years of my life" (C&C)

Jeff Patterson "Dark of the street" (Daxwood Promo)

The Montclairs "Beggin' is hard to do" (Paula) LP

Ronn Matlock "Take me to the top(of your mountain" (Cotillion)

Interview with Betty Wright

"One bad habit" 'Betty Wright LP' (Epic)

"Watch out love" (Alston 45')

"Outside woman"

"I'll love you forever" (Alston 45')

"Open the door to your heart" 'Explosion LP' (RCA)

"Brick grits" 'This time for real LP' (Alston)

Joss Stone "Lady" (Promo)

"In time your see" 'Sevens LP' (Ms B Records)

"Won't be long now" '4U2NJOY (Ms B Records)

"A sometime kind of thing" 'This time for real LP' (Alston)

Xception To The Rule" Love you is the best" (CDS)

C.J.Surge "Be my love" (Boston Heights) 12'

Rozetta Johnson "You better keep what you got" (Shotgun) 7'

Miki Honeycutt "Make up for lost lime" (Paula) 7'

Phil Kelley "My lucky day" (Duck) 7'

Rusty Jackson "Don't miss my love" (Kon-Kord)



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Listen Again

"Brick grits" 'This time for real LP' (Alston)



out of sheer coincidence this one is also on my show on rhythm and soul radio on sunday, great track. One that John Nightingale put me on to many moons ago, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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