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Five & Ten Pound Tunes


thumbsup.gif hiya soulies got some cheap tunes for sale five & ten quid ,pm me if you want any p=p -£1-50

these a fiver each

how long= jj barnes= c/c

let me give you my lovin / one in a million = pye d/d

the big hurt =susann farrar= mercury

walking up a one way street=willie tee= atlantic o/s

these a tenner each

wait till i get to know you = admirations= one-derful

the spoiler= eddie purrell=volt

show me= joe tex= dial

candy= astors=atlantic

i dont have a mind of my own= bj thomas =scepter

how can i forget= joey dee= caneil

more today than yesterday= spiral starecase =columbia =s/p

find my way =cameo= chocolate city

do what you feel= rimshots =stang

you tore apart my broken heart= tammi lavette= s/w/of /n/soul

thank for lookin ktf ricticrolleyes.gif

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  1. Five Pound Special
    Record Sales by funkyfeet on Fri 12 Jun 2009
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    • funkyfeet on 12 Jun 2009
    Record Sales by RUDZY on Fri 27 Jan 2017
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    • RUDZY on 27 Jan 2017
  3. How low can you go (fake Five pound note) Warning
    Freebasing by Twoshoes on Sat 31 Mar 2018
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    • Twoshoes on 31 Mar 2018
  4. Ten Pound Tunes
    Record Sales by RICTIC on Wed 13 Jun 2007
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    • RICTIC on 13 Jun 2007
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    Look At Your Box by Guest on Sat 17 Feb 2007
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    • Guest on 17 Feb 2007
  6. Like Eating Beans By The Pound
    All About the SOUL by Guest vinylvixen on Fri 03 Mar 2006
    • 61 / 1809
    • vinylvixen on 04 Mar 2006

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