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Deep soul radio tonight. Lullabies for Dreamers

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Hi guys, just to let you know, that me and Anna will be doing the MoveOnUP radio show tonight on www.lsrfm.com from 10-12pm. If you're close to Leeds, you can pick it up on 106.6FM. Alternatively, you can get it streamed online at the website.

The first hour is gonna be classic & northern soul and r'n'b. The magic is gonna be in the second half tho, when we slow things down to a standstill and embrace the beautiful deep soul of Black America. Expect some gems, some soulful flips, all to help you sleep that little more sweetly, including a three in a row (and probably some more!) from Jerry Butler.. Some stuff you've heard, and hopefully something you haven't.

What else is there to do on a Tuesday night?!

Turn on, tune in, Drop off.



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