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Seller: MUSIC4U Unplayed SOUL 45's on Ebay


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MUSIC4U Unplayed 45 Auction on Ebay


My name is Joe (music4u), I have been selling Records on ebay now since 1998 and have been doing collector shows since 1992. I will be listing 150+ Unplayed 45's on Ebay tonight (around 9:30 PM EST) and about 75% of them are SOUL. The Auctions will run for 7 days and all bids start at $4.00, with no reserve price and I ship around the world. I just wanted to post this message here since I found this Board the other day and get the word out on my Auctions, for someone might find something of interest. I have a high feedback rating and do honest business. Thanks for reading! Click on the link it will take you to my Auction page.

MUSIC4U Unplayed 45 Auction on Ebay

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