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There are still some weekend passes available. If you haven't already sorted yourself out, get a cheque in the post today.

Cost is £54.00 per person (make cheques payable to "6Ts weekenders")

and send it off to:

6ts Weekenders

1 Elm Drive

Market Harborough

Leicestershire LE16 9DS

Please DON'T forget to enclose your contact details ie: full name, address and contact phone number / email address to.


Rrriight - this year's live act will be THE DIPLOMATS

Message from Ady as follows:-

We are thrilled to be able to tell you that this year's act will be the Diplomats, aka the Skull Snaps, aka The Puzzles.

It's particularly good to be able to present a male 60s soul group. This is the first time we've been in a position to do it and that style of music is such a vital part of the scene. I've met up with Sam Culley and Irv Waters on two occasions now and they are great singers, musicians and blokes. They are the backbone of the group who recorded as a foursome for Arock ('Cards On The Table', 'I Really Love You', 'Here's A Heart') and as a trio for Wand ('Love Ain't What It Used To Be'), Minit ('Honest To Goodness', 'Perfect Love') and Dynamo. They then morphed into the Skull Snaps for GSF for whom they cut the Northern classics 'I'm Your Pimp' and 'My Hang Up Is You'. At Cleethorpes they will perform as a four-piece and the harmonies they are promising will go down a storm.

Further info soon at http://www.6ts.info

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