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Guest LeoLyxxx

Well, slow day at work and i've already posted about this in other forums so i might aswell do the same here...

It was the last Soulastatic for the season in Gothenburg (Sweden) , really nice atmosphere and great fun meeting all the people!

Thanx 2 everyone involved, here's a few playlists:

Christian B (Norway)

Rokk "Patience" (TOLLIE)

Clay Brown "Walk with a groove" (FLORENTINE)

Percy Stone & The Explosions "Chained" (RAM)

Natural Sounds "I need love" (MASTERFONICS ACETATE)

Milton Parker "Women like it harder" (CLOSET)

The Themes "Bent out of shape" (MINIT)

Norma Jean "I've taken over" (HEP'ME)

Ed Simpson "Pinch hitter" (GOLD FUTURE)

Little Reuben "In the name of the loneliness" (NR)

2001: Black Essence "Change in my life" (JWJ)

Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield "Since I found my baby" (AUGUSTA)

Don & Debbie "I can be happy" (AMOS)

Hamilton Movement "She's gone" (LOOK-OUT)

Benny Latimore "I'm a believer" (DADE)

Ralph Soul Jackson "Set me free" (BLACK KAT)

Matt Brown "Everyday" (JAR-VAL)

Eddie Cambell "Contagious love" (AUDIORECORDERS ACETATE)

Philip James "Keep on loving" (LONGWOOD)

Loveman Ronnie Stokes "Touch you again" (PHILLY CITY 12")

The Mist "Life walked out" (TWINIGHT)

Richard Caiton "I like to get near you" (UP TIGHT)

Emmitt Long "Call me" (DONOYIA)


Set 1

Bobby Bland "i ain't myself anymore" (Duke)

Janice "i need you like a baby" (Roulette)

Cheques "deeper" (Heatwave)

Maxine Brown "let me give you my lovin'" (Wand)

Soul Bros inc "pyramid" (Golden Eye)

Joe Graves "debbie" (Parkway)

Freddie Empire "let me give my love to you" (Coconut)

Falcons "love you like you never been loved" (Big Wheel)

Ron & Embracers "you came into my heart" (Spectrum)

Set 2:

Rappers Unlimited "nighttime plaything" (RAP)

Joe Bataan "cycles" (Vampi soul)

Windy City "we party heavy up in heah" (Innovation II)

TJ Williams & 2 shades of soul "baby i need you" (Josie)

Guitar Ray "you're gonna wreck my life" (Shagg)

Stratoliners "what do you want with my love" (Federal)

Brenda Jones "big mistake" (Mercury)

Troy Dodds "try my love" (El Camino)

Sheppards "stubborn heart" (Mirwood)

Bonnie Blanchard "you're the only one" (CRS)

Dylan C (UK)

Little Nicky Soul I wanted to tell you / you said Shee

Rooservelt Matthews You got me diggin you King

Matadors Say yes baby Chavis

Four Arts Who do you think you are Shee

Sebastian Williams Too much Sound Of Soul

Willie Mason & Kingsmen Why Ka - la - ma

Ruby Deceived Gold Token

Bobby Womack Nothing you can do HIM

Baby Dave Greenlee 'Bout my babys love Steel City

Billy Kent Take it all this time Expo

Little Johnny Hamilton Oh how I love you Dore

Marvelle & blue mats Mellow man Dynamic Sound

Karen Striblin Were not to young (to fall in love) Jaber

Vanguards & the lady All the woman I've wanted Shirley

Steelers Just beginning to love you Crash

Talmadge Armstrong Give it up Spindletop

Intentions I'm losin your love Uptight

Monticellos I can't wait until I see my babys face Blue Cat

Tom Emanual and Ron Experience Why (the knower) Golden Three

James Knight Baby please pretty please Cat

Commands Hey its love Backbeat

Ed Hamilton Just let me know Mary Jane

Don't have any real list by Punky or Max but both played great with sounds like Constellations, Sideshow on Trey, Celeste Hardie, Jimmy Ellis "happy to be", Ripple Blast singers, Sheppards "little girl lost" e.tc. e.tc.

A blast!!!



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