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The Curtis Liggins Indications What It Is? On Kaycee Soul - Offers

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Deadstock copy of the rather rare Curtis Liggins Indications on KAYCEE-SOUL 102 "Funky Monkey Right On" b/w "What It Is?" "What It Is?" is the cut, amazing northern soul that also works with the funk crowd. This copy is deadstock, NM with a very slight edge warp that does not affect play. I'm happy to send a sound clip if you'd like to hear it. I'm taking offers on this one because I'm really not sure what it's going for. PM or email to Thanks for looking.

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research the seller before sending any money. type Josh Powers into the search box on forums here or on Fryers, or Waxidermy forums and

probably any other soul forums. there are plenty of threads been going about how he does business.

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While I appreciate the sentiment from "Rosie's Dad," (forum/community interest, looking out for people getting ripped off), I'd like to point out that if I was on here to "rip people off," I'd just change my name.

I've had a few issues on here (I've never even visited "waxidermy" so I don't know what that is), mostly involving people who refused to pay for shipping or insurance ($4 for a $600 record shipped internationally ain't really going to work), to my knowledge every one of them got worked out to everyone's satisfaction in the end. If that's not the case, all one would need to do ("Rosie's Dad?") would be to email me.

That said, I have this Curtis Liggins record. It is accurately described. I only use paypal for transactions, for the very fact that it offers protections both to seller and buyer. I'm more than happy to use the company's escrow function so that I don't get paid until the buyer acknowledges that they're happy/satisfied. If you're interested in the record, I'll send pics and an Mp3 or .wav. If not, thanks for looking.

But just FYI - I've lost records/cash on these forums and others, and I've never seen the need to be posting peoples names and engaging in character assassination. If you have an issue with me, email me, call me, whatever, OK?

Best to all.

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you've already made a reputation for yourself, i didnt make it for you.

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