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Mark Res

Four Below Zero / Florence Miller / Gloria Taylor / Rodge Martin / Carolyn Crawford Etc Etc

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Resolution Records 7"-only Set Sale List Wednesday December 1st, 2010:

Just a quick 50 45s to fill in the gap before my big Xmas list a week from today!

Ordering / Shipping / Payment info at end the of the list.

SOUNDFILES – PLEASE NOTE!! My own 'unique' soundfiles are all taken from the actual copy/s of the record offered for sale but 99% of MP3s don't always sound so good – this is unavoidable. MP3s are so highly compressed that the quality drops whilst also highlight even the tiniest flaws and minor defects in the records but these are NOT scratches/clicks so please do NOT take this as a sign that the records are in bad condition because they are not. Even M- and unplayed stuff doesn't sound great because of the compression – my written gradings are a more reliable condition guide being 100% honest and as accurate as I can make them so please read them carefully.

If you feel I'm too expensive on anything, just make me a 'fair' offer – you never know…DEALERS WELCOME!!

Sleeves graded first where applicable

Any YouTube links I was able to find are in red beneath each item - just hover your mouse over the link and when it turns blue, click on it and it will take you directly to YouTube.

Here we go...

The Icemen 'Loogaboo (The Choice Is Yours)' (ABC / USA / 1960s / VG+) £20

( New one on me? Superb George Kerr / Richard Tee project outta NJ from the late-60s at a guess? Topside is a chunky, brassy Funk pounder (even the title is an anagram of 'Boogaloo' and the flip 'How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You' is just brilliant, brilliant Deep Soul – few light storage scuffs here and there – beautiful copy…


The Prime Mates 'Hot Tamales Pts 1 & 2' (Action / UK / 1969 / VG+) £20

( Beautiful, beautiful Action UK 'swirl' copy of this sleazy funky-soul instrumental – just builds and builds…few marks here and there – nothing bad at all – plays like a dream – I've had a few USA copies of this but never had / seen a UK one before? Must be rare…?


Sharon Tandy 'Border Town' / 'You Gotta Believe It' (Atlantic / UK / 1968 / Ex+) £20

( Cracking Mod / Northern Soul / Popcorn double-sider from the Fleur-De-Lys leading lady – topside more uptempo and flip more midpaced – wax is absolutely lovely – barely played – bit of scribble on label but otherwise a great, great copy….


Soul Brothers Six 'I'll Be Loving You' / 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' (Atlantic / USA / 1967 / VG) £20

( Complete and TOTAL Northern classic – this copy is a bit beat-up but plays like a dream – both sides are just so, so good…visually a strong VG but plays more like a VG+



E.J's LTD 'Rockin In The Same Old Boat' / 'Black Bull' (Back Beat / USA / 1960s / M- £20

( Nice to see this one come in again…incredible, harp-led version of the old Bobby 'Blue' Bland track – big, phlanged beats and muted brass, floating vibes with sleazy undercurrents – superb – flip is also well good and more uptempo, excellent funky R&B with darting strings and parping brass – a goodie – but the topside here gets my vote with it's 'ethereal' feel…


James Brown 'The Drunk' (Bethlehem / USA / 1960s / M-) £20

( Seemingly unplayed copy of this outstanding JB-produced early Funk inst – all of the trademarks are present – JB knew how to rock a tune…


Dion 'Born To Be With You' (Big Tree Spector / USA / 1976 / Ex+) £20

( Unplayed Stereo / Mono copy of this superb 45 – so, so rare…both his and Phil Spector's last (great) recordings…


The Funkees 'Ole' / Abraka' (Black Magic / UK / 1975 / M-) £40

( Absolutely OUTSTANDING Afro-Funk double-sider – very, very Fela-esque – not sure if these guys were actually British or African but they make a joyful noise and this copy is 100% unplayed – still has the pressing plant static on it – a total joy…my first-ever copy…


Rodge Martin 'Lovin' Machine' (Bragg / USA / 1960s / Ex) £20

( Few marks / scuffs on this so graded / priced low – absolutely cracking Mod / Club spin – high-octane dancefloor filler that rarely fails to satisfy…rarer Demo copy too but with some scribble on the label – will come off easily…


Nancy Wilson 'The End Of Our Love' / 'Face It Girl, It's Over' (Capitol / USA / 1968 / Ex) £25

( Good copy of one of THE all-time Northern oldies….few marks to wax but graded / priced nice and low – TUNE…


White Coffee 'Save Me' (CBS / France / 1973 / Ex+/M-) £50

( Again – lovely to have this in again….Euro-only Funky / Jazz / Soul mash-up with heavy wah-wah action, floating keys and delicious vocals…exemplary condition on both sleeve and vinyl…


Gloria Taylor 'World That's Not Real' / 'Deep Inside You' (Columbia / USA / 1973 / Ex+) £25

( This lady's voice is such a joy – controlled, versatile but oh-so powerful – 2 brilliant midpaced soul sides here – one more midtempo and the other a little faster but equally good – the only thing stopping me form giving this an M- grade is that there's a little bit of ringwear to the 'Deep Inside You' label – nothing to worry about…


Christine Adams 'Loneliness Is Always Around' / 'Mr Soul Brother' (Cyclone / USA / 1970s / M-) £20

( Superb, superb 'quirky' Crossover tune – will have it's day soon enough…


Bobby Stone 'Hoodoo Man Pts 1 & 2' (Dream / USA / 1960s / Ex) £30

( Rare One…stunningly sleazy Funky R&B version of the Junior Wells tune with added keyboards, some tuff gee-tar picking and some deep vocalising from BS – few marks to wax – light crackle here and there and some ringwear to label – but - you try finding this one clean………


Hokis Pokis 'Keep On Rollin' (voc/inst) (Galiko / USA / 1970s / Ex+/M-) £40

( Definitely the same group that also did 'Nowhere' , 'Swing' and 'Get-Cha Girl' – you just cannot mistake the lead singers voice and this tune has that same hammering backbeat that features in all of their tunes – again – it's Disco all the way with some great keys, high-pitched brass and one of the craziest Moog solos ever near the end…definitely their rarest release and mastered @ 33 for added uniqueness – solid centre disc in a hand-drawn pic sleeve too…Recommended…amazing condition…



The Firebolts 'Everybody Party (Get Down)' / 'Hum Along Song' (Greenback / USA / 1970s / M-) £50

( Outstanding Disco / Funk / Soul double-sider with the baddest b-line on the whole list..stunning copy here – seems pretty much unplayed…flip is also dangerous…has hit £125 this year...


Baba Brooks 'Duck Soup' (Island / UK / 1965 / Ex+) £200

( Simply one of THE tuffest / rarest / most-wanted Ska 45s on the whole circuit – beautifully clean on a heavy-pressed white Island issue too – flip is also gilt-edged, 'Renegade' by The Zodiacs – what can ya say…!?



Sammy Spear 'Evil Ways' (Juggernaut / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £20

( Love, love, LOVE this version – it's completely off-the-clock – cosmic interpretation with the most insane fuzz guitar solo and banging percussion I've heard in a while – I recall having this a few years ago and selling it waaaaay too cheap – seriously – say what ya want, this is HARD to find…few marks here and there to wax but that's par for the course – produced by your friend and mine, 'Juggy' Murray Jones…


Myra Barnes 'Super Good Pts 1 & 2' (King / USA / 1960s / M-) £20

( Tuff, tuff release on Vicki Anderson (actually the singer here – Myra Barnes was just a made up name) and a tiugh, tough tune here – both parts are baaad…


Cynthia Sheeler and Brothers Inc 'Ease On Down To The Disco' / 'I Never Felt Like This Before' (Laverne / USA / 1970s / M-) £20

( As ya know, we LURVE a bit of cheesy Disco over here at Resolution Records HQ and the topside here is about as cheesy as it gets – queasy rhythms and wobbly keys – just how we like em – flip is also very, very worthy – know what it reminds me of? 'Tropical Love' by Angla Bofill – little flashes of Brazilian instrumentation in there – pure Sunshine Soundz…



Brenda Lee Eager 'When I'm With You' (Mercury / USA / 1974 / M-) £40

( I've had my eye out for one of these for a long time now – never been able to find one that I could afford to buy then sell!! Price appears to be rocketing….well – what can I say? One of THE most unusual / interesting 45s I've heard in ages – all cleverly spaced FX, phlanged flutes, astral vibes and shuffling backing with wailing keys, ethereal backing vocals and production from the one and only Larry Mizell…just realised what it reminds me of…JD Hall 'I Wanna Get Into You' – a total, total stunner….an absolutely gorgeous promo copy here too…



Carolyn Crawford 'My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down)' / 'I'll Come Running' (Motown / USA / 1964 / VG) £40

( Sadly not a minter – has had many, many spins but still plays very, very well – my VG grade is visual one – it plays like a VG+, believe me – one of THE ultimate Motown / Northern Soul rarities – definitely my first-ever copy and just a joy to pop it on my turntable and play it before it sells later today (as it inevitably will) If this was even one grade better, I'd confidently slap £75 on this…TUNE…both sides are killer…



The Masqueraders 'Love, Peace and Understanding' / 'Tell Me You Love Me' (Now! / UK / 1970 / Ex+) £20

( New one on me…!!?? Guess this MUST be the same group that recoded other NS biggies for labels like La Beat, Bell etc etc? Lead vocalist certainly sounds the same? Anyways – this MUST be rare on UK? I showed it to a well-known UK collector recently and he said he's heard about this but never actually seen it before? 2 great sides here – topside is a lovely, groovy Soul/Funk tune with a great backing while flip is definitely more soulful and right in that 'rolling' dancer bag – great, great shape too for a 40 year old 7" – grabbit….



Link Wray and the Wraymen 'Rumble Mambo' (Okeh / USA / 1960s / Ex) £20

( My first-ever Link Wray record…! It's a goodie too – now I understand why Quentin Tarantino and sundry other 'cool' filmmakers use this guy's gee-tar licks in their movies so much…the epitome of cool – flip is knockout also – this is one of those 'shared' records 'Hambone' by Red Saunders & His Orch. – also a great 'cool' tune – shame this ain't a bit cleaner as it appears pretty hard to source – especially on this white demo copy I'm offering here…



Miss Elsie Smith 'Watermelon Man' / 'Hi-Love' (Open / USa / 1960s / M-) £20

( Cracklingly good, female sax-led instrumental version of the Herb' Hancock standard….my last copy – I bought 10 about 5 years ago and am now down to my very last one here – unplayed deadstock that came from a USA warehouse


Ricky Hodges 'Save Me Pts 1 & 2' (Palos / USA / 1960s / M-) £40

( Unplayed copy of this KILLER male vox'd version of the 'Retha track – love the guy's lyrics on this – he's made the song his own…completely powerhouse Hammond / Mod version…


Florence Miller 'I Believe In Love' (P&P / USA / 1970s / M-) £30

( Wonderful Xover tune from Patrick Adams and Peter Brown…seems unplayed?


James Brown and the JB's 'People Wake Up And Live' (Polydor / USA / 1977 / Ex+) £20

( Ever-indemand… Still getting plays on the Northern / Modern Soul scene - marvellous Midtempo / Xover Soul from JB and Fred…few scuffs here and there – still a lovely, lovely copy…


Z.Z. Hill 'Have Mercy Someone' / 'Someone To Love Me' (R&B / UK / 1965 / Ex+) £20

( Rare UK copy of this excellent soulful R&B tune from ZZ – still gets spun on the NS scen now – flip is also very, very good – labels are a tiny bit scruffy and the wax is a tad crunchy too but still a very, very good copy…


Four Below Zero 'My Baby's Got E.S.P Pts 1 & 2' (Roulette / USA / 1976 / Ex+) £50

( Simply one of THE best 70s records ever spun on the Northern Soul scene – period…lovely copy here and my first one in years and years – getting close-to-impossible to find clean now…the intro STILL sends chills down my spine – Patrick Adams – Genius...still sells @ £100 on some Lists I get sent..


Harry Batchelor and the Mighty Crowns 'Soul Soul Feeling' / 'Just A Few More Minutes' (Roulette / France / 1960s / Ex+/Ex+) £25

( New ones to me? Both sides (but particularly 'Soul Soul Feeling') are really strong 6Ts Mod / Beat sides which could really GO if pushed...outstanding condition…great 6Ts pic bag too…sounds like The Mohawks but with vocals...


Chuck Wallace 'I Need Your Love (To Help Me Out' / 'Inst' (Ruby / 1960s / USA / VG+) £25

( Few marks on this – non-sounding – so graded/priced accordingly – storming, sax-led tune/s which have found favour at more 'discerning' Northern nights 'round the country recently – also becoming popular with the Funk boys too for the steaming instrumental side…


Smiling Hard 'Fire To The Galleon' (Survival / UK / 1970s / M-) £30

( Extremely good UK-only little Funky Disco 45 which WILL rise in price once the word spreads - on the same label as Ester Byrde and produced by the same guy who did Rita Wright 'Touch Me, Take Me'...rocking little choon actually with a great (conga) Disco Break three-quarters of the way in - recommended!! Seen on a coupla Want Lists lately too...has always been very popular with Japanese collectors...and dealers, of course!!!


The Wings 'Single Boy' / 'Gone With The Sun' (Suzumi / Nigeria / 1970s / M-) £20

( Stone Mint copy of this excellent Afrobeat / Afrofunk double-sider…


Kay Carter 'Disco Sickness' / 'I Wish You Were Here' (Talk Of The Town / USA / 1970s / M-) £20

( Only my second-ever copy of this hopelessly obscure / rare indie/disco joint - definitely a tough one - not sure if it ever had a 12" release? I think not….mad swirling keyboards….!!


Hortense Ellis 'Woman In The Ghetto' (Tropical / UK / 1970s / M-) £40

( Stone, stone mint copy…!! Just THE best version ever to the Marlena Shaw original with a wonderful dub on the flip…



Hidden Strength 'I Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger' (UA /USA / 1976 / Ex) £25

( All-time 2 Step classic – sadly not M- with a few scuffs / marks so graded / priced accordingly – as originally done by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson – I prefer this version – with that lovely 'lilting' feel as beloved by 2 Step fans since day dot…nice Stereo / Mono copy here too…


20th Century Steel Band 'Feeling Free' (UA / UK / 1975 / Ex+/M-) £20

( Rare, rare UK-only 7" press for this HEAVY Steel Pan Funk track from their mighty LP…sleeve hasa few creases but vinyl is close to M-…


Janet Lawson 'Dindi' (UA / USA / 1970s / Ex+) £15

( Ace Jazz Dancer - was SO big right back in the day...!! Few marks / scuffs so graded / priced accordingly... )


Sari & The Shalimars 'You Walked Out On Me Before' / 'It's So Lonely (Being Together)' (Veep / USA / 1960s / Ex+) £20

( 2 lovely, lovely girlie NS sides on this ace old label – lovely white promo copy here too – labels are a but grubby and the vinyl has a few marks too but overall not too bad at all…


Larry Williams 'Shake Your Body, Girl' (Venture / USA / 1960s / M-) £30

( Personally, I believe this is one of LW's VERY best 45s - pure 'black' music with a strong Club feel throughout – brilliant funky / soul dancer and here on a gleaming white demo copy too – what more can ya ask for?


Petula Clark 'Snap Your Fingers + 3' (Vogue / EP / France / 1960s / Ex+) £20

( Lovely, lovely version from Pet of the Barbara Lewis original – housed in a stunning French 6Ts pic bag too…lovely, lovely item for collectors of this kinda stuff…


Nella Dodds 'Come See About Me' / 'You Don't Love Me Anymore' (Wand / USA / 1960s / M-) £20

( 2 great sides here – topside is more of an 'established' oldie but the flip is my personal fave – nice black / white demo copy too…


Terms / conditions:

Reservation terms: Orders are held for 3 days ONLY. If you reserve a record I'll definitely respond within 24 hours and I then expect you to reply accordingly - I'll only remind people once. If I don't hear back from you at all within the next 48 hours, I'll assume you don't actually want the records after all and offer them to the next in line. People are reserving expensive records and not getting back to me so I'm having to do introduce this strict rule.

Ordering: ONLY email orders will be accepted – no text / mobile / voicemail / Facebook / MSN / Twitter blah blah blah orders please.

Returns: I'm happy to accept genuine returns but you must let me know within 7 days of receipt or I may be unable to accept stuff back.

Shipping: I absolutely insist that all parcels are sent minimum 'Signed For' from now on. Too many parcels have gone "missing" over the past few months and it's just not worth the stress if stuff is delayed / lost / stolen / smashed etc. If you are not prepared to pay for *minimum* Signed For post (and this applies to parcels shipped all over the world) then PLEASE don't order from me. "Signed For" post covers you for loss/damage up to £42 anywhere in the world. If you want to take out higher insurance, just let me know when you place your order. ***PLEASE try and let me know which insured shipping service you require and how you want to pay when you email your order to me – it will save us both a LOT of time***

Payment: Paypal is my preferred method of payment but I'm also very happy to accept Bank / Wire Transfers too. Cheques are also okay but I cannot accept credit / debit cards anymore – sorry. If you wish to pay by any other method, please let me know and I'm sure we can sort something out. Unfortunately, Paypal costs me to use, so, if you are able to send your Paypal payment as a 'Gift' or as 'Personal Payment Owed' whereby I don't lose anything in charges then PLEASE let me know when you make your order – okay. If you are unable to send it as a gift, then we must split the extra charges 50/50. I get charged 5% by Paypal as I have a Premier Account so I'll be asking you to add 2.5% to the total and I myself will add this to the Invoice once your order is finalised. Sorry folks but I just cannot swallow the 5% loss anymore – especially as I'm trying hard to keep my prices down anyway.


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