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Great List

Frank Beverly "if that's what you wanted" Gamble ex 250 euro

Vibrations "Cause you're mine" epic issue mint condition 100 euro

Lost Family "Blow my mind" international records 40 euro mint condition

Steelers "Can't take this pain" epic demo 30 euro ex condition

Valentinos "i can't understand it" Clean 30 euro mint condition

Frankie Gee "Date with the Rain" Claridge Records 20euro mint condition

Dirrect Current "Everybody here must party" tec records 15 euro mint condition

Betty Wright "Circle of Heartbreakers" Alston mint condition 30 euro

McKinnley Mitchell "Gipsy" Sandman mint condition 40 euro

Pretenders "it's everything about you" carnival 85 euro ex

Big Dave "She gives me what i want" Glitter funk 100 euro mint

FunkHouse Express "Chase your blues away" 30 euro mint

Powerhouse "you turn me on" daystar mint 150 euro

Dynamos " you can do it be yourself" dynamo mint 25euro

Esperanto "night of the wolf" freestyle 5 euro

pm me with confidence offers or trade can be considered :lol:

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