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Yet More Affordable 60's Detroit

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Hi folks, more things detroity here, PM me if interested, deals to be done if you want a few etc.

Cheers, Mark.

Four Sonics Where are you Triple B 40

Eddie Parker Crying clown Triple B 25

Reg Milner She's alright Ron's 40

Cornell Blakey You aint gonna find (RED) Carrie 20

Gino Washington Rat race Washpan 15

Edward Hamilton Thank your mother Mary Jane 10

Jimmy Soul Clark Tell her Moira 15

Theresa Lindsey Gotta find a way / wonderful one Correc-tone (yellow, felt mark) 20

Johnnie Mae Matthews Love hides all faults Audrey 20

Gloria Taylor You might need me another day (Steve Mancha penned)/Poor unfortunate me (same as JJ Barnes) King Soul 20

Gloria Taylor Born a woman / Do your duty King Soul 10

Emmanual Laskey Lucky to be loved Wild Deuce Fair cond. only 15

Four Sonics Tell me your mine Sepia (some felt pen mark) Ex 35

Robert Ward I will fear no evil Groove City vg 10

Steve Mancha Hate yourself in the morning / Love like yours Groove City Ex 20

The Fabulous Apollos It aint no use/inst #102 £15 Valtone vg visually, plays much better

Vickie Royal That don't make you the boss/Norma's blues #106 £20 great R&B again, very similar to Joe-L

The Fabulous Apollos Whats so good to you/inst. #107 £30 vg+ manufacture dint in the vinyl may skip with a light needle, but plays OK with adjustment on my decks. Try it and money back if not happy.

Superlatives Do what you want to do / Forget about tomorrow Dynamics 20

Eldees Don't be afraid to love / You broke my happy heart Dynamics 20

Parliaments Heart Trouble UK Goldmine Sevens 10

Parliaments I wanna testify Revilot 10

Darrell Banks No one blinder Volt Promo 15

Stanley Mitchell Get it baby Reissue Dynamo 10

Andre Williams Soul groove Sport 10

Chantones I remember you Sidra Demo 10

Emmanuel Laskey I need somebody NPC 15 vg

Don Hart & James Shorter Its all in my mind Cool school 20

Billy Hambric She said goodbye / I found a love UK Grapevine vg 10

Richard Popcorn Wylie Rosemary what happened UK Grapevine 15

Betty Lavette Only your love can save me / I feel good all over vg+ Calla 40

Lee Rogers Jack the playboy Premium Stuff 15

JJ Barnes Poor unfortunate me Ring 15

Cornell Blakely You broke my heart / Dont do it Rich WD vg+ 15

JJ Barnes Chains of love Grooovesville 20

JJ Barnes Forgive me Groovesville 20Capitols The kick / Dog and cat 15

And some Karen stuff...

Capitols Cool Jerk / Hello stranger (felt pen mark on Hello) 15

Capitols We got a thing that's in the groove / Tired running from you 15 (got this on Acto too, same price)

Capitols Take a chance on me baby (Nice white demo) 20 (got a blue 'painted' label issue too for 15)

Soul Twins Its not what you do.../ Just one look 15

Jimmy Delphs Almost (multicolour label) / Dont sign the paper 15 (got a vg blue label 10)

Capitols Aint that terrible / Soul brother-soul sister 10

Jimmy Soul Clark Do it right now (Inst to Stonebroke by Sam Ward!) / If I only knew then (multicolour label) 15

Betty Lavette Hey love (better than Stevie IMHO) white demo vg+ 15

Edited by mark w.
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