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We Got Soul

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WE GOT SOUL! IS STILL ON THIS MONTH FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER despite the fire and ice club closing down!

Everyone will agree that the night was growing and going from strength to strength and I'd like to say thankyou for all the support so far!

Theres no way we could just give up now especially as Gentie has just bought a new record! (lol)

After much running around trying to find another venue(which is very hard,licence hours,size,dancefloor etc),We managed to get a venue for this months We Got Soul. It will take place at the british legion club, high street in wellingborough northants.Theres a public car park only a few yards away.It' s a better venue than prehaps people may envisage.Our pal Len Dopson even commented that He prefered the venue to fire and ice . We'd pulled across the partition and sorted out the lighting and made it feel more like a club setting.And of course the sound was second to none as you would expect with our soundsystem supplying the sound!

3.50 b4 11 5.00 after

Kick off is at 8.00pm and the bar is till 1.am and dancing carrying on after that time!

Dj's Mr Jackie 'allsorts',Pete Gent,Barry Looker,Pete Mayes and Guest Baz Bond +? to be confirmed

bring you a floorfilling blend of 60's -70's dancefloor Soul , Motown(classics & rareities) & Northern Soul(oldies & newies!) 8-)

Please spread the word!

We may have a new home come november ....all will be revealed then!

ps No entry after 12.

pps Very cheap drinks!!!



For more info/directions etc Email: daddyvinyl@ntlworld.com or j.allsorts@ntlworld.com please visit our website www.daddyvinyl.com

ps any one travelling,please watch out for the speed camera on london rd! click here

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