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Full Fat & Funky Allnighter Tonite Cancelled

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:thumbsup: Sadly, due to some arsehole's letter of complaint the local constabulary has forced the cancellation of this weekend's Full Fat and Funky at Kennedys.

''Yes this is bad news all round. Julie at the club is absolutely gutted and tried every avenue to get the police to agree to let it go ahead, but they really dont want it to, because the letter convinced them its a friggin rave!!

They even said they would block the entrance to the club car park and gate with police cars to prevent anybody getting in. And if it did go ahead, they would arrest anyone they could for any breach of stupid regulations - ie proper badged security, health and safety things, noise regulations etc..

If only they went to the melchbourne 'do' and realised that it is one of the friendliest, safest parties around!

:unsure: Keep your ears open for future events......We have fought the face of adversity before.... and won!

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