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Tenner 60's Soul Or Less

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Hi all,

Last weeks list tidied up a bit, with sales removed and some additions....

Bucketloads of 60's here, very affordable, need to shift some cheaper end stock,in fact everything a tenner or 8 for £50 - ignore the listed prices. Would also consider offers on the lot, these need to go! Nice GENUINE bargains here (have a look!). First come first served but paypal only please. Any queries etc PM me,

Cheers Mark.


Ballads Gift of love Venture 10

Barbara Young Young boy / should have treated me right Renee 15

Buena Vistas Hot Shot Swan Promo 1 sided vg only 10

Bobby Bland Aint myself anymore 15

Bobby Bland Gotta get to know you Duke 20

Bobby Bland Your worth it all Duke 20

Bobby Bland Keep on loving me Duke 10

Chuck Bernard Indian Giver Maverick (later version) 15

Chuck Jackson If I didn't love you Wand 15

Chuck Jackson I've got to be strong Wand 15

Chuck Jackson This broken heart Wand 15

Chuck Jackson Any day now (Jamacian manufactured Wand !!) vg bit of WOL 15

Chuck & Maxine Baby take me Wand 10

Chuck & Maxine I need you so Wand 10

Chuck & Maxine Never had it so good Wand 10

Clydie King 'Bout love Lizard 10

Chuck Corby & Entrees City of strangers vg Sonic 20

Denise Chandler & Lee Sain Hey baby Toddlin town 15

Eddie & Ernie Turn here Eastern 10

Empires Come home girl Candi 20

Entertainers IV Temptation walk Dore 15

Esquires Listen to me Bunky 15

Esquires The feeling's gone / Why cant I stop Bunky - their harder one! Not on album- 2 fab sides 20

Esquires Everybodys laughing/ and get away Bunky 10

Esquires You say Bunky 10

Esquires I don't know Wand 15

Esquires No doubt about it / you got the power Wand 15

Etta James Payback Argo vg 10

Four Gents I've been trying HBR 20

Freddie Hughes Send my baby back/Where's my baby Wand15

Geater Davis Dont marry a fool House of Orange 10

Kenny Hamber Time De Jac 20

Lee Lamont I'll take love Backbeat 20

Little Johnny Truitt Dont let me be a crying man Abet 15 fantastic !

Lowell Fulsom Aching back Kent 20

Mad Lads Make room Volt (great group vocals) 15

Madlyn Quebec The love I've been looking for Venture 10

Magnificent Men Tired of pushing Capitol 20

Manhattans I call it love Carnival 15

Mar-vels Go on and have yourself a ball Butane 20

Mark Valentino Walking alone Swan 10

Maxine Brown Its gonna be alright Wand 15

OV Wright Love the way you love Backbeat 20

Platters Don't hear, speak, see no evil Musicor 15

Sapphires Lets break up for a litle while ABC Paramount WD 20

Smokey & the Bears We together baby Dore Promo vg only, plays better 15

Sequins I've got to overcome Gold Star 10

Tammy Montgomery Its mine Scepter vg- visual, plays better 20

Tikis feat Len Wade I was doin alright Minaret 20

Timmy Shaw I'm a lonely guy Wand 10

Timmy Willis Mr soul satisfaction Veep 10

Tommy Hunt I am a witness Scepter 10

Tommy Hunt Parade of broken hearts Scepter 10

Tommy Hunt You made a man out of me Scepter 10

Whispers Needle in a haystack Soul Clock fab crossover version of the Dore one! Underrated 15

Edited by mark w.

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