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Blatant Plug.

If anyone is not going to a 'Proper' soul event, or cannot be arsed travelling and live local to Leeds you might want to pop down to 'Soulsville' in Leeds city centre tonight.

It's only a small bar, holds about 120 people with a fairly small dancefloor.

But we play cracking music and have a good laugh with lots of booze. Great atmosphere with 'Soul Source Champion Darts Team' member Jamie 'Doughnut' Hartford and Rich Buckley at the helm, along with regular guests.

Heard a rumour that 'SS' regular and man of vinyl knowledge 'Trevski' and his gang are coming down from Harrogate tonight, so I'm hoping there should be some good pictures for the 'New' Soulsville gallery I'm trying to sort over the weekend.

Check 'Event Guide' for full details.


FREE ENTRANCE (What more of a bribe do you need!!!)

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