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Christian Punky

sweden Allnighter

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Anyone going to Gothenburg Sweden this weekend? In that case, you got to visit this: (or get your ass on a cheap RYAN AIR to Gothenburg!)

Soulastatic Soul Allnighter kicks of at 20.00 to 05.00

Nefertiti Jazzclub, Hvitfeldsplatsen.


Ginger Taylor UK


Robert Baum


George Wallace Scotland


Per Skoog


Martin Johansson

Kalle Marthon

Northern inside and Modern on the outside.

Soul photo gallery on the outside by: Jonas Unger, Mia, Bjorn Magnusson and Carina.

www.soulastatic.just.nu cheeers!!

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Ceasar is this the one that Terry Davies has been guesting at for the last couple of years????


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again, yes it is.

If I´m not totaly wrong, I think I and another Swede Anders met you at Tsop, when we were guest DJing (or atleast trying...) there some year or more ago.

By the bar, discussing records. Or am I totaly out in the blue???

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