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Soul Survivors @the Polish Club

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Well i think i can honestly say that people went home Friday night very happy . From a personal note loved playing the first hour just love seeing folk enjoying themselves out on the floor . As for the djs that followed Dave Dee not only is he a awesome dj but also a true gentleman for who i have total respect for , Nev Shooter a massive record collection and knows what people want to dance to , And the guest dj for the night Mr Kev don't do modern Such i think i have witnessed 4 or 5 of kev's spots in Notts and have loved every one the up and over track GREAT , and to wrap up this crackin night Rob the legend Smith . If you haven't been to this venue you must give it a visit you will love it TILL NEXT MONTH TAKE CARE ALL THE BEST .. Mark ( Bam )

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Had a belting night at The Polish Club on Friday. Me and Colin arrived about 20.15 or so after having to double back on ourselves. damn sat-navs thank god for knowledgable locals. Mr Brindle accompanied me.

Think this was the first Polish night that Mal has fronted alone since him and Gary parted to run the Union and Polish individually. In my opinion he carried the night extremely well. from greeting on the door to ensuring music tastes were catered for for the people attending.

Great venue and the floor is exceptional. The other bonus of the venue is that the bar is seperate to the dancefloor area.

As stated the running order was Bam( 1st up and performed admirably), Dave Dee ( seasoned and certainly made my job easier) Then myself. Nev ( experience personified) and finishing off the exceptional Mr Rob Smith.

I thought the night was belting and at one point someone had to open a fire exit door to let some cool air in, thats how much the room had warmed up from the dancing. Which basically is what its all about.

Great to see alot of people who i have encountered in Nottingham and some new travelling people.

Thanks for the invite Mal, thoroughly enjoyed myself and i checked my shirt in the morning and NO tomatoes stains that i could see, so theres a bonus.

as discussed I'll certainly return mate and thankyou for the Red Cross food parcel.

Kev ( dont do modern) Such

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