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Set Sale - 33 Records - Reduced Prices - With Label Scans

I accept PayPal and I don’t any add fees. You are also welcome to contact me if you have another payment option in mind.

Shipping is from Denmark:

European countries: 1-3 records = £4 and 3-6 records = £7

Countries outside Europe: 1-3 records = £5 and 3-6 records = £9

I use the following grades: M- / EX+ / EX / VG+ / VG / G / F

I don’t grade the label. Please check label scans.

PM or e-mail: sebastianlarsen@hotmail.com

I have listed some of these before, but many have now been reduced to a lower price.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Sheryl Swope ”Let’s Get the Show On the Road / How You Feel” (Duo) EX+ £50

Great two-sider. Light label wear on both sides.


Albert Jones “You And Your Love / Hustle Disco” (Candy Apple) M- £30

superb 70s.


The Four Sonics “Where Are You / Blue Velvet” (Triple “B” Records) EX+ £35


Jan Bradley “Tricks of the Trade / I Kinda See the Light” (Doylen) M- £15

Great mid-tempo 70s dancers. Books at £75.


Grace Jones “Sorry / That’s the Trouble” (Beam Junction) EX+ £10


Gwen Stewart “You Took Me For a Fool / I Thought It Over” (Call Me) EX+ £25

Really good 60’s soulful female sound. Small edge chip otherwise a great copy.

Please click the link below to see a scan of the edge. It’s a rather small chip,

and it’s on the left side so look carefully.

See scan: http://i3.photobucke...tewartwhole.jpg


Inside Out “Take a Chance / Instrumental” (Home) M- £15

Brilliant stepper


Richard Parker “You’re All I Need / Got to Find a Way” (Commonwealth) M- £10

Great mid-tempo crossover.


Kitty Montgomery “Hey Boy / Bring Love” (Sanns) EX+ £15

Brilliant cheapie. Two great sides.


The Impalas “Think It Over Girl / Instrumental” (Down To Earth) EX+ £15


Gloria Edwards “(Need Nobody to Help Me) Keep Up With My Man / Anything You Want” (King) M- £20

Wonderful dancer.


The Pleasures “Don’t You Know (I Love You) / Let’s Have a Beach Party” (RSVP) EX £15

Great northern girl group.


Debanairs “Feel All Right / Everything I Need” (W-BS) M- £15

Great northern girl group


Eddie Kendricks “I’m In Love With You / When I’m Close to You” (Ms. Dixie) M- £10

Great dancer from 1983.


Mamie P. Galore “You Got the Power / Mistaken Wedding” (Thomas) EX+ £15

Great tune.


Ray Gant & Arabian Knight ”I Need a True Love / Don’t Leave Me Baby” (Jay-Walking) EX+ £15

Great double-sider.


Brothers of Soul “Candy / Try It Babe” (Shock) EX+ £15

Two great sides.


Janie Welsh “I Can’t Stop Thinking ‘Bout You / Open Arms – Closed Heart” (GDC) EX+ £15


Devotions “Same Old Sweet Lovin’ / Devil’s Gotten Into My Baby” (Tri-sound) EX+ £20


Holly Maxwell ”Winter Go Away / Never Love Again” (Smit-Whit) M- £12


The Star-tells “Falling In Love With You Girl / You’re Wrong About Me” (Lamarr) EX+ £15

very light edge warp.


The Esquires “Girls In the City / Ain’t Gonna Give It Up” (Lamarr) EX+ £12


Jerry Cummings ”All I Do Is Think of You / It’s My Pleasure” (Mecca) M- £12

Quality 1978 dancer released on this small, obscure label. Very tiny dish warp.


Valentinos “I Can Understand It – Part 1 / I Can Understand It – Part 2” (Clean) M- £20

Very nice copy which appears to be unplayed.


The Symphonics “Our Love Will Grow / Way Down Low” (Tru-Lite) M- £10

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Pure Velvet ”Hooked On Your Love / I’m Tired of Dreaming” (Osiris) M- £25

Great double-sider.


The Heartstoppers ”Marching Out of Your Life / Court’ In Mama” (All Platinum) EX+ £15


The Burke Family “Under the Spell / Look of Love” (Cobblestone) EX+ £15

Superb xover.


Chuck Wilder ”Why / The Clown” (Tragar) EX+ £20


The Chymes “My Baby’s Gone Away / Where I Come From” (Down to Earth) EX+ £15

Great Chicago x-over


Diane Cunningham “Someday Baby / Party Time” (Fontana) EX+ £20

company sleeve is pretty worn, but the disc is in nice shape.


Larry Saunders “Fly Away Love Bird / Stranger” (Soul International) EX+ £15


The Sequins ”I’ve Got to Overcome / Hey Romeo” (Gold Star) EX+ £12

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