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Set Sale - 20 Tunes For Sale - With Label Scans

I accept PayPal and I don’t any add fees. You are also welcome to contact me if you have another payment option in mind.

Shipping is from Denmark:

European countries: 1-3 records = £4 and 3-6 records = £7

Countries outside Europe: 1-3 records = £5 and 3-6 records = £9

I use the following grades: M- / EX+ / EX / VG+ / VG / G / F

I don’t grade the label. Please check label scans.

PM or e-mail: sebastianlarsen@hotmail.com

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Ella Washington “Stop Giving Your Man Away / The Affair” (Sound Stage 7) EX+ £15 Brilliant slept on 70s crossover.


Lee Charles “Standing On the Outside / If That Ain’t Loving You” (Revue) EX+ £12


The Precisions “Into My Life / Don’t Double (With Trouble)” (Atco) EX+ £15


Albert Jones “You And Your Love / Hustle Disco” (Candy Apple) M- £30


People’s Choice “You’re Mine / Run to Me” (Veroneeca) EX+ £15 Superb two-sider.


The Chymes “My Baby’s Gone Away / Where I Come From” (Down to Earth) EX+ £12 Great Chicago x-over.


James Bryant “Hey There You Girl / Three Step” (Renee) M- £15


Brighter Side of Darkness “Oh Baby / Because I Love You” (Star-vue) EX+ £15


Dynamite Sheenie “I Don’t Wanna Love You Part 1 / I Don’t Wanna Love You Part 2” (Starbound) EX+ £15 Small amount of wear on the other label. See scan below.

See flipside: B-side.jpg


Miss Louistine “I Don’t Want To Love Nobody But You / Tired Of Being Lonely” (NEW) M- £15 Great, rare 70s dancer.


The Words of Wisdom “You’re a Friend of Mine / Instrumental” (IX Chains) M- £15 Quality 70s dancer.


Annette Poindexter “You’ll Get It Right Back / Instrumental” (Brenda) EX+ £20 Minor warp which does not affect play.


The Sisters’ Love “This Time Tomorrow / I Know You Love Me” (Man-child) EX+ £20 Great crossover tune by L.A. girl group.


Geridine Jones “Spoil Me / Love In” (Herb-Art) EX+ £20 Nice double-sider.


Tavares “Too Late / Leave It Up to the Lady” (Capitol) EX+ £8 Superb 70s northern dancer.


Star-tels “What More Can I ask For / Exterminator” (Lamarr) EX+ £15


Connie Barbaria ”Don’t Hold the Feelin’ Back / Love Is Beautiful But Sad” (Laurie) EX+ £15


Andre Odom “Turn Your Love Light / Fattening Frogs For Snakes” (Nation) M- £15


Sahara “The Wind / Instrumental” (Get Down) EX+ £20 Great 70s


Aaron Neville “A Hard Nut to Crack / Those Three Words” (Parlo) EX+ £15

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