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Soul 45 Collector - Crossover / 70S / Modern Soul Monthly Hi-Lites

To reserve/buy records: email – info@soul45collector.com

or phone – UK (0)1724-357147 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted also www.paypal.com as a ‘gift’.

UK Postage: Recorded Delivery: 7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 25p each extra single.

Special Delivery: £4.00 extra to the above rates.

Overseas Airmail postage: European countries: 7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 50p each extra single.

All other overseas countries: 7" singles; first record - £3.00, then 50p each extra single.

Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £8 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm

All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

"Silver, Stirling" Damned if I do/Sunshine ( when I got you) 2 great sides Columbia 40

"Thompson, Rick" What do I have to do w/demo/superb Columbia 150

Tower of Power You ought to be havin' fun/same w/demo/A TIP!!! Columbia 15

"Wilson, Donald" I've gotta get myself together w/demo/recommended Columbia 50

"Womack, Bobby" Trust your heart/same w/demo/recomnded Columbia 15

"Womack, Bobby & Brotherhood" Home is where the heart is superb Columbia 30

Enternal Family We've got to give more of ourselves superb Communication 75

"Cole Jr, Nat & Carter, Teri" You superb Comptons Staff 40

"Lance, Major" Don't you know I love you/Inst. MINT-/UK/superb Contempo 25

"Montclairs, The" Hung up on your love/I need you more than ever UK/classic/great flip too Contempo 25

"Hatcher, Willie" Have a heart girl ex-/w/demo/sm wol/great Cotillion 25

"Westly, John" Call on me/Keep loving you (unknown?) 2 great sides Craftmaster 30

"Hutson, Leroy" Ella weez/same demo/great Curtom 20

"Mayfield, Curtis" Move on up/same demo/classic Curtom 50

"Giles, Eddie & Numbers, The" Sexy lady superb/2nd Custom Sound 15

"Enchanted Five, The" Try a little love/Have you ever recommended CVS 30

"Clay, Otis" You hurt me for the last time/Baby Jane superb/great flip/MINT- Dakar 60

"Craver, Sonny" Outside of Memphis (NEAR MINT) superb/what a voice!!! Dalya 30

Solaris You and me great/orange label Dana 8

Solaris You and me great/blue label Dana 8

Pat & Pam Hey love/My baby and I 2 great sides Day Dreaming 15

"Holmes, Eldridge" Lovely woman w/demo/rare/recomnded Deesu 100

"Saddler, Janice & Jammers" My baby's coming home to stay/Inst. w/demo/superb De-Lite 75

"Heartbreakers, The" I've got to face it/How do you say goodbye (M-) superb x-over/sweet flip Derby City 40

24 Karat Gold What does the future hold/New love 2 great sides/MINT- Desert Bone 75

"Edwards, Dee" (I can) deal with that vg++/x-over classic De-to 100

"Murray, Tim" Thinking of you (original/pale blue label) recommended Detroit Traks 40

"Lewis, Keni" Ain't gonna make it easy (Inc orig sleeve) demo/MINT-/superb De-vel 40

"Easton, Billy" I was a fool great x-over Dispo 25

"Beaumont, Jimmy & Skyliners The" Our day is here ex-/superb version Drive 30

"Bland, Bobby" Yum yum tree ex-/superb Duke 15

"Garrett, Jo Ann" That little brown letter superb x-over Duo 40

"Adams, Gayle" Baby I need your loving (Inc Co sleeve) MINT-/DEMO/UK/superb Epic 40

"Joneses, The" In love again/same w/demo/wol/superb Epic 20

"Joneses, The" In love again/same w/demo/superb Epic 25

"Joneses, The" Who loves you/Lies (MINT-) 2 superb sides/rare Epic 100

"Joneses, The" Who loves you/same w/demo/superb Epic 30

Sons Of Robin Stone Let's do it now/It only happens in the movies great/rare issue/sweet flip Epic 30

"Mayberry Movement, The" I think I'm in love superb/orig sleeve Event 50

Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Gotta lot of love in my soul demo/UK/highly recomnded Fantasy 40

Side Effect Always there ex-/original & best version Fantasy 8

"Simmons, David" It's a shame/Will they miss me UK/demo/superb Fantasy 25

Three Pieces I need you girl/same(mono) demo/superb Fantasy 30

"Two Tons, The" Never like this superb/hard to find Fantasy/Honey 20

"Marshall, Faye" Tonight I'm gonna make you a star recommended Fay-don 20

"Merriweather, Bill" That's love superb Fee 15

"Dell-Vikings, The" Finger poppin' woman recommended Fee Bee 40

Family Of Eve Having it so bad for you great Full Sail 30

Black & Blue Of all hearts to break awesome soul Game 15

"Jenkins, Davida Lyn" Consider me(I'm your best friend) recommended x-over G-Group 30

"Mack, One'sy" I'll never go away great x-over Goda 30

"Armstead, Joshie Jo" I got the vibes sm wol/superb Gospel Truth 30

Great Lakes Orchestra Didn't I tell you/This is the night for loving MINT-/Lou Ragland!!/superb Great Lakes 75

"Etoria, Tony" I can prove it UK/highly recommended GTO 15

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