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To reserve/buy records: email - info@soul45collector.com

or phone - UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted

also www.paypal.com payments as a 'gift' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-

Recorded Delivery:-

7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 25p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

Special Delivery:-

£4.00 extra to the above rates.

Overseas Airmail postage:-

European countries:-

7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 50p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

All other overseas countries:-

7" singles; first record - £3.00, then 50p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £5.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £8 extra to the above rates.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm

All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

"Hebb, Bobby" You want to change me (Inc Co sleeve) NEAR MINT/w/demo/classic/superb Philips 60

"Jones, Buster" Down silent streets w/demo/superb Phil-L.A. Of Soul 60

"Lopez, Sandra" I'm so lonely w/demo/recomndd Phil-L.A. Of Soul 60

"Starr, Brenda" "Satan, let me sleep tonight " w/demo/fantastic Polydor 125

"Webs, The" Give in NEAR MINT/w/demo/superb Popside 40

"Webs, The" Tomorrow NEAR MINT/superb Popside 15

Kathy & The Calendars Please don't go / Back in your arms again NEAR MINT/w/demo/wol/superb Port 60

"Neal, Robert" I'm so glad ex-/demo/classic Port 50

"Johnson, Lou" Unsatisfied Canadian/classic/rare Quality 40

"C-Quents, The" Easy for you baby recommended Quest 125

"Griffin, Little Jimmy" If things don't change MINT-/great R&B R 40

"Anderegg, Calleen" Fool's paradise great RBE 50

"Barons, The" Since you're gone w/demo/superb RCA 60

"Carter, Kenny" Don't go w/demo/great RCA 50

"Cavaliers, The" I've got to find her /I really love you (MINT) w/demo/2 great sides RCA 60

"Celestrals, The" Chain reaction /Keep your hands off my baby (stmol) w/demo/stmol-flip RCA 50

"Cooper, Barbara" What's one more tear w/demo/great RCA 75

"Dallas, Maria" Ambush w/demo/recommended RCA 50

"Davis, Steve" Laugh a little cry a lot demo/recommended RCA 30

"Mateo, Gia" If you can't say anything nice w/demo/sm stol/classic RCA 75

Michael & Raymond Man without a woman MINT-/w/demo/classic RCA 125

"Paris, Freddie" There she goes y/demo/superb RCA 25

"Prime Ministers, The" I don't know no more y/demo/great RCA 20

"Sedaka, Neil" Too late w/demo/superb RCA 40

"Sedaka, Neil" Too late superb/rare issue RCA 50

"Wiggins, Percy" It didn't take much (for me to fall in love) w/demo/wol-flip/classic RCA 80

"Blossoms, The" That's when the tears start ex-/sm wol-flip//classic Reprise 35

"Fitzgerald, Ella" Get ready (Inc. Co. Sleeve) MINT-/w/demo/superb version Reprise 40

"Fitzgerald, Ella" Get ready (French colour pic sleeve) superb version Reprise 40

"Banks, Darrell" Our love (is in the pocket) / Open the door to your heart ex-/2 classics/pink label Revilot 15

"Banks, Darrell" Our love (is in the pocket)/Open the door... 2 classics/pink label Revilot 20

"Banks, Darrell" Our love (is in the pocket)/Open the door... 2 classics/GREY label/rare Revilot 30

"Colbert, Godoy" Baby I like it /I wanna thank you demo/2 superb sides Revue 50

"Sims, Marvin L" Talkin' 'bout soul recommended Revue 20

"Taylor, Ted" Miss you so great R&B Ronn 25

"Humes, Anita & Essex, The" What should I do inc orig sleeve/classic Roulette 50

"Phillips, Esther" Nobody but you MINT-/w/demo/superb Roulette 60

"Wood, Chuck" Seven days too long w/demo/ink stamp ol/classic Roulette 60

"Tindley, George & The Modern Red Caps" Don't you hear them laughing / You can dream MINT-/2 great sides Rowax 25

Gene & Eddie Sweet little girl w/demo/great/rare Ru-jac 40

"Ross, Jackie" Hard times NEAR MINT/demo/superb Sar 250

"Specials, The" Everybody say yea (wol) / You stood me up vg++/2 superb sides Satch 60

Irma & The Fascinators Just a feeling / Lost love (Inc. Co. Sleeve) MINT-/2 great sides Scepter 40

"Tiffe, Jerry" Hey watcha doin' recommended Scepter 50

"Tiffe, Jerry" Hey watcha doin' demo/recommended Scepter 50

"Wells, Donnie" You've got my love lbl rw/recommended Scepter 25

"Wells, Donnie" You've got my love w/demo/recommended Scepter 40

"Jay Walkers, The ft. Holiday, Mickey" I got my own thing going (plays well/clean lbls) vg/great version/rare Selsom 50

Four Sonics - Plus One Tell me you're mine superb Sepia 40

"Height, Donald" Talk of the grapevine NEAR MINT/superb Northern Shout 30

"Colbert, Phil" That's all it was /Where was I w/demo/sm wol/recommended Smash 40

"Domino, Renaldo" II'm hip to your game / You don't love me no more 2 great sides Smash 20

"Douglas, Ron" Never you mind / First time around w/demo/2 great sides Smash 30

"Douglas, Ron" Never you mind/First time around 2 great sides Smash 25

"Festivals, The" Music MINT-/w/demo/superb/Inc Co sleeve Smash 20

"Leavill, Otis" Nobody but you /Charlotte MINT-/classic/tiny warp-nap/great flip Smash 20

"Prophets, The" I got the fever (sol) (Inc. Co. Sleeve) MINT-/pink demo/classic Smash 30

"Satisfactions, The" Keep on trying / Use me (Inc. Co. Sleeve) NEAR MINT/w/demo/2 great sides Smash 20

"Herbs, The" "Never, never (will I fall in love) / Question " MINT-/2 superb sides Smoke 40

Sonny & Phyllis "Love,love,love / I've been lost " recommended Soft 30

"Del Counts, The" With another guy vg++/superb Northern Soma 60

"Del Counts, The" With another guy NEAR MINT/superb Northern Soma 75

"Sophisticates, The" Back up baby superb Sonny 60

"Walker, Jr & All Stars" Tune up 1st issue/superb Soul 20

"Hall, Dave" Look at me / They're talking about my baby MINT-/2 great sides/very rare Sound 250

"Richardson, Johnny" Every night the same time MINT-/R&B/great/rare Sprout 50

"Zen, Vinnie & Rogues, The" "Bricks, broken bottles and sticks / same" w/demo/great version SSS Int'l 30

"Baker, Butch" The fat man / Working at the go go (inst) superb St. Lawrence 20

"Vontastics, The" Never let your love grow cold (sm wol) / You can work it out 2 superb sides St. Lawrence 40

"Epsilons, The" The echo / same w/demo/superb soul Stax 30

"Crayton, Maxine" Don't take your love superb Steeltown 60

Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul

"Blade Family, The" My baby's gone / Sweet dream 2 great sides King James 25

"Ingram, Luther" Trying to find my love / Get to me 2 great sides KoKo 15

"Phillips, Esther" I've never found a man(to love me like you do) great version Kudu 20

"Reynolds, LJ " All I need / Cookin with Nixon (Northern inst) 2 great sides Lady 30

"Williams, Willie" The baa-baa song / Psyched out superb/up-tempo funk flip Lakeside 30

"Hebb, Bobby" True I love you recommended Laurie 25

We The People Making my daydream real ex-/classic Lion 75

"Washington, Harold" I want you back recommended Little House 30

"O'Jays, The" Just to be with you / Now he's home MINT-/2 superb sides Little Star 30

"Harper II, Herman H." Headed for the streets superb x-over Loadstone 15

"Chandler, Deniece " "Mama, I wish I stayed at home " MINT-/w/demo/superb Lock 75

"Marvellos, The" Something's burnin' superb Loma 75

"Sunny & Sunliners, The" I'm no stranger demo/superb London 30

"Leavill, Otis" Gotta right to cry superb Lucky 100

"Jacocks, Bill" You are the one /Fickle finger 2 great sides Maggio 25

"Jackson, JJ" Let me try again highly recommended Magna Glide 10

"Perry, Linda" It's all in the back of me now label stain-flip/superb Mainstream 60

"Vaughan, Sarah" I need you more (than ever now) superb Mainstream 40

"Vaughan, Sarah" I need you more (than ever now)/same w/demo/superb Mainstream 30

"Bass, Jewel" Let your love rain down on me / same MINT-/demo/superb Malaco 50

"Martin, Hazel" Out of my life recommended Marco 30

Splash Oh what a shame recommended Maria 20

"Garner Jr., Emmett" So much better w/demo/classic x-over Maxwell 20

"Smith, Marvin" Who will do your running now ex-/wol-flip/great Mayfield 75

"Smith, Marvin" Who will do your running now NEAR MINT/Inc Co sleeve/great Mayfield 100

Sophisticated Ladies Check it out (what a voice!!!!) highly recommended Mayhew 12

Turner Bros. Let's go fishing classic x-over/superb MB 175

"McGregor, Billy" It's my turn now awesome soul Mellotone 75

"Girls, The" The hurt's still here superb Memphis 25

"Nightingale, Ollie" I don't know why I love you highly recommended Memphis 40

A Brothers Guiding Light Getting together (sm feint wol) w/demo/classic Mercury 80

"Beaumont, Donny" Look but don't touch / same-mono demo/great Mercury 12

"Bell, William" Easy comin' out (hard goin' in) wol/superb Mercury 20

"Bell, William" Easy comin' out (hard goin' in) v sm wol/superb Mercury 20

"Bell, William" Easy comin' out (hard goin' in) (Inc orig Co sleeve) demo/superb Mercury 30

Five Special The more I get to know you superb Mercury 20

Five Special The more I get to know you/Part II demo/superb/rare Mercury 30

"Perry, Oscar" He sent me you superb Mercury 35

"Winstons, The" Color him father classic x-over Metromedia 15

"Winstons, The" Color him father w/demo/classic x-over/rare Metromedia 25

Ovations One in a million highly recommended MGM SoM 20

"Lords, The" Since I fell for you /same recommended Mikim 20

"Lords, The" Since I fell for you/same demo/recommended Mikim 25

N'Cole You're gonna need this love /Thank you for the love 2 great sides Millennium 30

Stage IV Just another guy awesome Millie 20

"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/wol-flip/superb Minit 35

"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/sm wol/superb Minit 35

"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/superb Minit 40

"Players, The" Why did I lie superb Minit 30

"St. German, Tyrone" In a world so cold great x-over Morning Dove 30

Bottom & Company Spread the news /same w/demo/great Motown 20

Bottom & Company You're my life /same w/demo/recommended Motown 15

"Cameron, GC" You're what's missing in my life superb version Motown 20

"Originals, The" Good lovin' is just a dime away /same-mono superb Motown 30

Sensational Little Doc My precious love great mid-tempo Music-Go-Round 40

Korla with Klass Stop before you start dish nap/superb Music Master 150

Solid State I'm gonna make you mine /inst. great Music Town 30

S.O.U.L. This time around /On top of the world 2 superb sides Musicor 15

S.O.U.L. This time around/On top of the world w/demo/2 superb sides/rare Musicor 25

"Chappell, Eddie/Szkolny, Terry" Hey baby / Brother man MINT-/w/demo?/2 superb sides Natru 25

"Poole, Jay" I love you (FIRST LABEL) superb mid-tempo Ne-bo 20

"Fantastic Puzzles, The" Come back - part I / Same - mono MINT-/w/demo/classic New Moon 100

"Cheers, The" Take me to paradise /I made up my mind w/demo/2 great sides Okeh 50

"Lance, Major" Without a doubt superb Okeh 40

"Lance, Major" I got a right to cry (great version) w/demo/v sl warp-nap Osiris 50

Pure Velvet Hooked on your love /I'm tired of dreaming w/demo/2 great sides Osiris 50

"Courtney, Dean" It makes me nervous /You're all I've got 2 great sides Paramount 25

Tender Touch You were never mine to begin with demo/great Paramount 25

Two Tons Of Love What good am I without you / same-Spanish w/demo/wol/fantasic Paramount 75

"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Old People superb/rare issue Phil. Int. 30

"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Where will you go when the party's over (lite wol) demo/UK/Co sleeve/great Phil. Int. 50

"Ebonys, The" I'm so glad I'm me / same-mono w/demo/superb Phil. Int. 30

"White, Anthony" Hey baby / same-mono (Inc Co sleeve) MINT-/w/demo/superb Phil. Int. 60

"White, Anthony" Hey baby (Inc Co sleeve) MINT-/rarer issue/superb Phil. Int. 60

"C, Fantastic Johnny" Don't depend on me / Waitin' for the rain classic/great flip too Phil-L.A. Of Soul 25

Paradise Tell her rare issue/great Phil-L.A. Of Soul 40

Paradise Tell her w/demo/great Phil-L.A. Of Soul 40

Storm She comes up superb Pi Kappa 30

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