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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 594 Apr 15th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is


1 Family Circle I Hope You Really Love Me Sky Disc M- 10
Very good seventies dancer — highly recommended
2 C B Overton Superstar Lady Shock M- 15
Big, big modern spin in the immediate post Wigan years
3 Clydie King ‘Bout Love Lizard M- 10
Storming late 60s dancer got spins at the Torch
4 Finished Touch The Down Sound Motown 1463 WD M- 10
1979 modern stomper — promo copy
5 Patti York Where Were You United Artists D M- 15
Mecca “last hour” spin back in ‘75
6 Billy Stewart Ol’ Man River Chess M- 15
Fantastic version of the famous old standard, works well as a soul tune
7 Paul Johnson Pretty Eyed Baby Checker M- 30
Almost an unknown on the famed logo but a tremendous hard edged midtempo dancer that
deserves attention
8 Clarence Murray Don’t Talk Like That SSS International M- 20
Probably one of my all-time Northern favourites. Scorching Deep on the flipside
9 Harold Burrage You Made Me So Happy M-Pac! M- 10
Great Chicago legend, never disappoints
10 Patterson Twins If I Ever Get You Back King M- 20
Excellent Southern styled crossover from ‘73
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
11 Henry Hodge I Won’t Ever Try To Change You Zell’s M- 200
12 Divines I Gotta Make It A O A M- 250
13 Jades I Know The Feelin Poncello M- 250
14 Indelgents “Stop” (You’re Breaking My Heart) Jenges M- 200
15 Chuck Wells The Love Knot Goldleaf M- 300
16 Bobby Mac Shy Guy Vended VG++ 200
Definite original
17 Carrie Cleveland Make Love To Me Audio-Ent M- 250
18 Romey Rand I’m Coming In D-Town M- 400
19 Arthur Lee Dixon Let Me Be Your Honey “Bee” Mango VG++ 100
20 John Westley You Are The One Corsair M- 200
21 Otis Jackson You Belong To Another Man C & F M- 200
22 Wayne Anthony Blow Me A Kiss Walana M- 300
23 Mack Starr Down By The Waterhole Chene M- 200
24 Fantastics Goodbye To Love D M D M- 250
Great Detroit — rarely offered for sale
25 Sandy Hollis I’m Tempted Big Wheel WD M- 100
26 Bee Jays I’ll Find You Prime VG++ 250
27 Thee Nite Dreamers Later For You Alwin M- 100
28 Don Hart Soldier Comin Home Coolschool M- 50
29 Vala Reegan Fireman Atco WD M- 250
30 Jewel Akens My First Lonely Night Era D M- 200
31 Four Exceptions You Got The Power Parkway M- 150
Rare orange/yellow issue copy
32 Hollywood Jills A Good Thing Baby Capitol D M- 40
33 Corvells The Joke’s On Me CUB M- 60
34 Downbeats Put Yourself In My Place V.I.P. 25029 VG++ 150
Withdrawn at the time due to group name change (Elgins)
35 Artie Fullilove Santa Claus Please Listen To Me Marlu M- 100
Still a very rare original
36 Luke Williams Who’s Gonna Be First Columbia WD M- 75
37 Ann Hodge Nothing But The Truth XL M- 125
38 Tari Stevens (Your Love Was Just A) False Alarm Fairmount D M- 150
39 Esko Wallace Triple Zero Graham M- 100
40 Don Gardner Is This Really Love Cedric VG++ 225
41 Annabelle Fox Lonely Girl Satin WD M- 200
Rare white promo copy
42 Bobby Paris Night Owl Cameo D M- 130
43 Gino It’s Only A Paper Moon Golden Crest M- 100
44 Steve Mancha Friday Night Groovesville M- 300
45 Art Wheeler That’s How Much I Love You Cee-Jam WD M- 200
46 Exceptional Three Unlucky Girl Way Out M- 75
47 Ovella & The Overtures That’s All You Gotta Do Columbia M- 40
Rare red stock copy..........
48 Gene McDaniels Something Blue Columbia M- 35
........and another!
49 Nikki Blu I Love Him So Parkway WD M- 40
50 Bay Ridge I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind Atlantic WD M- 15
51 Bean Brothers Shing-A-Ling Cash Sales M- 25
52 Jimmy Beaumont You Got Too Much Going For You Bang M- 100
53 Jimmy Beaumont Feel Like I’m Falling In Love Bang WD M- 25
54 Jimmy Beaumont There’s No Other You Gallant M- 15
55 Beas Where Did I Go From You Dee Gee WD M- 40
56 Beautiful Apollo Love Me ‘til It Hurts Barra-Donna VG+ 10
57 Beautiful Zion Choir Let’s Ride To The Mountain Top Myrrh M- 15
58 Jackey Beaver Silly Boy Checker M- 15
59 Jackey Beavers Sling Shot Checker WD M- 20
60 Jackey Beavers Gee Baby, You’re A Pretty Thing Seventy 7 M- 15
61 Jackey Beavers Gee Baby, You’re A Pretty Thing Seventy 7 WD M- 25
62 Jackey Beavers I Want To Hold You Seventy 7 M- 15
63 Jackey Beavers There’s A Heartbreak Somewhere Sound Stage 7 WD M- 15
64 Jackey Beavers Someday We’ll Be Together Sound Stage 7 M- 50
65 Jimmy Bee Wanting You Kent M- 15
66 Joe Beck I’m Gonna Settle Down Charles M- 25
67 Joe Beck Blow My Cool Charles M- 25
68 Jack Bedient See That Girl Columbia M- 25
69 Jack Bedient The Pleasure Of You Columbia M- 15
70 Bee Kays It’s Better Gamble WD M- 25
71 Bell Brothers Look At Me Sure-Shot D M- 25
72 Archie Bell & The Drells Love Will Rain On You Atlantic WD M- 10
73 Archie Bell & The Drells Get It From The Bottom Atlantic M- 15
74 Archie Bell & The Drells I Just Want To Fall In Love Atlantic M- 15
75 Archie Bell & The Drells Green Power Atlantic M- 15
76 Archie Bell & The Drells The Yankee Dance East-West M- 50
77 Arlene Bell My Lover Velvet M- 25
78 Bobby Bell Drop Me A Line RCA Victor WD M- 50
79 Madeline Bell Picture Me Gone Philips M- 15
80 Madeline Bell Don’t Cross Over Ascot WD VG++ 20
81 Madeline Bell What’m I Supposed To Do Philips M- 8
82 Rueben Bell Another Day Lost Murco M- 30
83 Reuben Bell Action Speaks Louder Than Words Silver Fox M- 15
84 William Bell Eloise (Hang On In There) Stax M- 10
85 William Bell Never Like This Before Stax VG++ 10
86 William Bell Just As I Thought Stax M- 15
87 William Bell Who Will It Be Tomorrow Stax M- 15
88 William Bell Happy Stax M- 15
89 Belles Don’t Pretend Mirwood WD VG++ 60
90 Imported Moods What Have You Done With My Heart Hi D M- 100
91 Al James Give Me Up Or Turn Me Loose Alocis M- 350
92 Charles Russell I Think I’ll Stay Psyche VG++ 200
93 Ray J. & Norma Jean “This Is Our Song” Of Love Hep’ Me M- 200
94 New World We’re Gonna Make It Polydor M- 500
95 Wilson Love Funny Money Natural Soul VG++ 300
96 James Jennings Everything Goes With Good Music Humes M- 200
97 Jimmie Okera Hightower Love And Life / Love Thou One Another B C N M- 150
98 The Tears Sweet Love Funkshun M- 200
99 Hermon Hitson Walking In The Park Lisa M- 500
100 Night Riders Girls In The City Eclipse M- 100
101 Primbrock Skiggs That Was Yesterday Pzazz M- 200
102 Hosea Love’s Come At Last A & M WD M- 50
103 Barbara Mason & The Futures Make It Last Buddah M- 25
104 Imaginations Sweet Mona 20th Century WD M- 50
105 Impressions You’ll Never Find Cotillion D M- 15
106 Impressions You’ll Never Find Cotillion M- 20
107 Impressions Mighty Mighty Spade & Mighty Curtom M- 10
108 IND Everybody Likes To Do It Erect M- 15
109 Indigos The Rest Of My Days Wildfire M- 200
110 Individuals Never Too Late P.I.P. M- 20
111 Inner Space Make It Hard On Him Sweet Fortune M- 25
112 Innervision Honey Baby (Be Mine) Private Stock M- 25
113 Intrepids After You’ve Had Your Fling Columbia M- 25
114 Intrigues To Make A World Janus WD M- 15
115 Intruders She’s A Winner Gamble WD M- 8
116 Intruders I’ll Always Love My Mama Gamble WD M- 6
117 Intruders Energy Of Love TSOP M- 10
118 Invitations We Don’t Allow Red Greg M- 15
119 Invitations They Say The Girl’s Crazy Silver Blue M- 25
120 The J’s When Did You Stop Dante M- 100
121 J.P.’s Force (You Give Me So Much) Satisfaction Sensational M- 30
122 Jackson Sisters Boy, You’re Dynamite Mums M- 20
123 Jackson Sisters When Your Love Is Gone Polydor M- 30
124 Chuck Jackson The Man & The Woman Dakar M- 30
125 Chuck Jackson Love Lights All Platinum M- 6
126 Deon Jackson I’ll Always Love You Shout WD M- 25
127 Deon Jackson I’ll Always Love You Shout M- 25
128 George Jackson We’ve Only Just Begun MGM M- 15
129 Jimmy Jackson Footsteps In The Shadows Buddah M- 15
130 Junior Jackson Love You Forever Rajac M- 40
131 Lou Jackson I Can’t Believe You Said You Love Me Spring VG++ 75
132 Maurice Jackson Step By Step Plum D M- 30
133 Millie Jackson A House For Sale Spring UK M- 15
134 Lanny Hunt Over Easy Sure Star M- 150
135 Betty James I’m A Little Mixed Up Chess M- 100
136 Billie Warfield That’s What They Said Merging M- 100
137 Johnny Barnes Baby! Stop Shakin’ Like That Hondo M- 100
138 Gloria Lynne Darlin’ Fontana M- 15
139 Tammy Lynn Where Can I Go? AFO M- 25
140 Johnny Lytle Big Bill Constellation WD M- 30
141 Johnny Lytle Side Street Travis M- 20
142 Johnny Lytle The Loop Tuba M- 10
143 Johnny Lytle The Snapper Tuba M- 25
144 Johnny Lytle Trio A Taste Of Honey Riverside M- 15
145 Johnny Lytle Trio The Village Caller Riverside M- 15
146 Willie Mabon I Won’t Be Back No More Checker D VG++ 15
147 Willie Mabon Got To Have Some Formal M- 20
148 Willie Mabon Early One Morning Solar M- 25
149 Willie Mabon Just Got Some USA M- 25
150 Willie Mabon Too Hot To Handle USA M- 15
151 Willie Mabon I’m Hongry USA M- 25
152 Willie Mabon Some More USA VG++ 20
153 Willie Mabon Some Time I Wonder USA M- 15
154 Iona Mack Love Me Again Mc Mackon M- 15
155 Iona Mack It’s You Baby On My Mind Mc Mackon M- 15
156 Iona Mack Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Mc Mackon M- 15
155 Magnificents Skokie Drive Symbol M- 20
158 Roy Major Trying To Find A Way Autocap M- 75
159 Malo Latin Boogaloo Warner Bros M- 20
160 J J Malone I’m So Glad Galaxy D M- 20
161 Manchesters Dragonfly Vee Jay WD M- 15
162 Manfaithe Someone New Eastbound M- 15
163 Hot Ice Company I Got The Love You Need Lionel M- 100
164 Fats Gaines & The Grampaps Funky Feet Boola-Boola M- 100
165 Johnson Brothers I’m Takin’ A Train Smoke House M- 100
166 Pat Hodges Ain’t Watcha Got HME M- 200
167 Lyn Taitt Out On A Funky Trip Randy’s M- 100
168 Apostles Six Pack Kapp WD M- 75
169 Jack McDuff Let My People Go Cadet D M- 15
170 Jimmy McGriff Theme From Shaft Groove Merchant M- 10
171 Jimmy McGriff I’m Walkin’ (Part Two) Milestone D M- 6
172 Mebeus Funky Chinatown Vigor M- 15
173 Memphis Horns Young People Million M- 25
174 Memphis Horns Soul Bowl Cotillion WD M- 30
175 Messiah Alpha Wave Magic Minstrel M- 20
176 Meters Sophisticated Cissy Josie M- 10
177 Meters People Say Reprise D M- 8
178 Meters Do The Dirt Reprise WD M- 15
179 Mfalme Nuku Penda Asante M- 30
180 Mickey & His Mice Little Green Apples Samar M- 10
181 Mighty Hannibal Good Time Loma WD M- 25
182 Buddy Miles Roadrunner T- Town M- 30
183 Lynn Minor Hesitate One Time For Me Tammy M- 50
184 Modern Times Stompin’ Crazy Legg Golden World M- 100
185 Moods Hustlin’ / King Hustler Reddog M- 15
186 Moon People Land Of Love Speed M- 30

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