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Please don't contact me for anything off this list. Please contact Anglo American. Thank You.
PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 596 May 13th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list i


1 Street People Never Get Enough Of Your Love Vigor M- 15
Bought this groups releases as new back in the day — they sound even better now. Top rate 70’s
2 Otis Clay Got To Find A Way One-derful! M- 10
One of soul music’s greatest artist on a remorseless pounder out of Chicago
3 Z Z Hill Oh! Darling Kent M- 10
This great artist put out some tremendous under recognised Northern Soul. Here’s one
4 Norma Jenkins Can You Imagine That Desert Moon M- 10
Great 1976 dancer — huge at St. Ives as a new release, still sounding excellent now
5 Crystal Image Gonna Have A Good Time IX Chains M- 25
One of the many records to go “last hour” status at the Mecca, almost all of ‘em are well worth owning
6 Johnny Steele Danger Zone Golden City M- 15
Rare uptempo version of the Wilson Pickett tune
7 Bull & Matadors I Can’t Forget Toddlin’ Town M- 10
Quite superb Chicago midtempo dancer
8 Ginie Lynn In Love Misty M- 10
Wonderful 1977 obscurity got a few plays in the Soul Sam / Arthur Fenn modern scene of the early 80’s
9 Mandells How To Love A Woman Trans World Sound M- 15
Last few copies of this excellent Chicago midpacer — then watch the price rise!
10 Headliners I’m So Tired Val M- 15
Excellent group soul dancer circa 1967 out of Pittsburgh
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
11 Posse Evil Janus M- 150
12 Majjestee’s Take Back All Those Things Mutt M- 300
13 James Knight There Goes My Baby Concho M- 300
14 Tony Mathews My Wish Convoy M- 350
15 Tracy Lavett Love For A Life Time Achillean VG++ 300
16 Gene McDaniels The Forgotten Man Liberty D M- 100
17 Valerie Lamar Shame Dee Dee M- 150
18 Prominents Just A Little Lummtone VG++ 150
19 Doris Smith No Good Guy Limelight M- 250
20 Johnnie Mae Matthews Lonely You’ll Be Jam M- 150
Difficult to find in sparkling mint condition
21 Rays ft. Hal Miller Love Another Girl Amy M- 300
22 Norwood Long I’d Like To Have You Groovey Grooves VG++ 250
23 Pentagons Gonna Wait For You Sutter VG++ 250
24 Performers Mini Skirt Big Mack M- 300
25 Parakeets I Love You Like I Do Big Top WD M- 100
26 Lloyd Price Oh, Lady Luck Monument M- 150
27 Doris Wilson Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart In Two) Authentic M- 300
28 Marva Josie I Don’t Care Sahara VG++ 150
29 Kim Katrell Did You See Her Last Night Tyson M- 400
30 Fred Kibble Hey Girl! Hey Boy! Copa M- 200
31 Tammy McKnight Take Away These Chains Athens M- 100
32 Lee Washington The U.T. Jerk M- 100
33 Sammy King Your Old Stand By Marathon VG++ 200
34 Von Ryan Express You Don’t Know Sanns M- 100
35 Jimmy Ricks Oh! What A Feeling Festival VG++ 200
Multi coloured label
36 Shadows My Love Has Gone Golden Sound M- 250
37 Johnny Wyatt This Thing Called Love Bronco M- 150
Hard on U.S. original
38 Barbara Redd I’ll Be Here S.P.Q.R. M- 150
39 Curtis Davis Tell Me Ronnie M- 200
40 Steinways You’ve Been Leadin’ Me On Oliver M- 200
41 Passions Hello College Girl (Boy) Elvitrue M- 100
42 Thelma Houston Baby Mine Capitol WD M- 200
43 Gladys Tyler That Man Of Mine Decca D M- 150
44 Van Dykes Save My Love For A Rainy Day Amy M- 250
50 Counts Stronger Than Ever Yes M- 300
51 Emanuel Laskey I’m A Peace Loving Man Thelma WD M- 200
52 Apollas Mr. Creator Warner Bros M- 125
53 Leslie Uggams Don’t You Even Care Atlantic D M- 75
54 Melvin Elling Lonely Eyes Stretch M- 250
55 Deans No Not Now Panik WD M- 125
56 Billy Watkins The Ice-Man Era D M- 100
57 Patti Austin He’s Good Enough For Me Coral D VG++ 100
58 Detroit Land Apples I Need Help Shotgun M- 125
Certain original complete with Nashville matrix
59 Billy Bishop If And When Ascot WD M- 40
60 Romy Bishop You Gave Me Back My Pride Heritage M- 20
61 Bishops Out Of Sight Capitol M- 25
62 Bishops Hollywood Scene Capitol M- 30
63 Bitter Sweets Mark My Words w.o.l. Cameo M- 25
64 Black River Circus Love’s Gonna Carry Me MRC M- 40
65 Black Society Look Around You Stax WD M- 20
66 Black Velvet Just Came Back Okeh WD M- 15
67 Black Velvet Look Ahead Okeh M- 15
68 Bill Black’s Combo The Funky Train Columbia WD M- 869 Bill Black’s Combo But It’s Alright Columbia M- 10
70 Bobby Black My Love Is Blind Axis Ent. M- 25
71 Bobby Black Call Me Axis Ent. M- 25
72 Cane Black Hold On To What You Got Okeh WD M- 20
73 Cody Black Too Many Irons In The Fire D-Town M- 75
74 Cody Black Going, Going, Gone Ram-Brock M- 10
75 George Blackwell Mister Loser Smoke M- 200
76 Lois Blaine Here Am I (Try Me) Open-G VG++ 40
77 Cicero Blake See What Tomorrow Brings Success M- 25
78 Cicero Blake Soul; Of Pain Renee M- 25
79 Cicero Blake Shing-A-Ling Brainstorm M- 15
80 Cornell Blakeley You Broke My Heart Rich WD M- 20
81 Bonnie Blanchard A Real Good Lovin Man C.R.S. WD M- 50
82 Billy Bland Doing The Mule Old Town WD M- 50
83 Billy Bland Doing The Mule label sticker on flip Old Town M- 50
84 Billy Bland I Cross My Heart Old Town M- 25
85 Billy Bland My Divorce St. Lawrence M- 20
86 Bobby Bland Call On Me w.o.l. Duke D M- 20
87 Bobby Bland Getting Used To The Blues Duke M- 20
88 Bobby Bland Blue Moon Duke M- 15
89 Gil Blanding Rules Ready M- 200
90 Virgil Blanding You Turn Me Aroun’ Verve D M- 30
91 Richard Blandon I’m Downtown Vicki M- 50
92 C L Blast Double Up Stax M- 25
93 Jules Blattner What You Gonna Do When I’m Gone Buddah D M- 15
94 Blendtones Come On Home Success M- 25
95 Dave Blocker Just Like A Ship Verve D M- 30
96 Bobby Bloom Count On Me Kama Sutra D M- 15
97 Blossoms Son-In-Law Challenge M- 15
98 Blossoms Write Me A Letter w.o.l. Challenge WD M- 15
99 Blossoms Cherish What Is Dear To You Lion M- 20
100 Blossoms Deep Into My Heart Reprise M- 25
101 Blossoms That’s When The Tears Start Reprise WD M- 40
102 Nikki Blu (Whoa, Whoa) I Love Him So Parkway WD M- 40
103 Blue Belles I Found A New Love Newtown M- 20
104 Original Bluebelles You’re Just Fooling Yourself Rainbow M- 100
105 Blue Notes Hot Chills and Cold Thrills Uni D M- 15
106 Blues Busters Inspired To Love You Shout WD M- 30
107 Blues Busters Speak Your Mind Minit M- 15
108 Blues Busters I Had A Dream BRA M- 40
109 Percy & Them Trying To Find A New Love Roulette WD M- 150
110 Van Jones & Jays I Just Want To Love You Silver Sound VG++ 100
111 Johnny Thompson I Ain’t No Fool Jay-Tee M- 100
112 Freddie Lowe Decisions Sirocco M- 300
113 Cecil Lyde I’ll Make It On My Own Alwest VG++ 150114 Rhinestones Party Music 20th Century M- 100
From the Just Sunshine stable (Voice Of East Harlem) this is a great smooth soul version of the
Pat Lundy song on Vigor
115 Magnificents You Turn Me On D.T. M- 100
116 Raymond Martin I’m Guilty Of Loving You Composer’s M- 300
117 Tommy McGee Now That I Have You TMG M- 100
118 Myth Micheals Push It We Four M- 250
119 Al ‘Man’ Muntzie Die Happy S.B. Moon M- 100
Listed as a funk record elsewhere — wouldn’t say so myself, this is a very obscure and decent
modern soul track. Joe Quarterman penned, produced and arranged this one
120 James Nelson Mellow, Mellow Me Teri De M- 100
121 Victor Johnson When You Say Your Mine Love M- 20
122 Jones Girls Better Things To Do Phil Int M- 10
123 Jones Girls Misteri Curtom M- 20
124 Jones Girls If You Don’t Love Me No More Paramount D M- 20
125 Albert Jones You And Your Love Candy Apple M- 100
126 Bill Jones We Been Fighting Ne-Bo M- 30
127 Casey Jones Bring The Sunshine In EPI M- 10
128 Chuck Jones & Co Boo On You Wand D M- 25
129 Floyd V. Jones Strangers No More Fly Hy M- 10
130 Jimmie Jones Ain’t Nothing Wrong Makin’ Love Conchillo M- 30
131 Justin Jones Let Me Call You Sweetheart Hallmark M- 25
132 Joneses Lies / Who Loves You Epic M- 50
133 Joneses Who Loves You Epic D M- 40
134 Joneses Pull My String (Turn Me On) VMP WD M- 10
135 Joneses Baby, Don’t Do It Mercury M- 10
136 Bobby Jonz I’ve Got The Touch (If You Got The Time) Kap M- 10
137 Vivilore Jordan Put My Loving On You Sound Gems M- 60
138 Jive Fyve All I Ever Do (Is Dream About You) Brut D M- 10
139 Leonard Kaigler I Think It’s A Big One Coming Major M- 10
140 Kapp Ivory Project It’s Over Det Mi M- 100
141 Shirley Karol My Baby’s Gone Away Dakar WD M- 40
142 Ron Keith Party Music A&M WD M- 15
143 Kaleidoscope We’re Not Getting Any Younger TSOP M- 40
144 Kaleidoscope I’m A Changed Person TSOP M- 40
145 Ron Keith & Lady’s Can’t Live Without You A&M M- 25
146 Tommy Keith Loving You Comes Easy Vibration M- 60
147 Alfie Kahn Sound Law Of The Land Atlantic M- 8
148 Peaches Please Don’t Take My Man Bump’s M- 150
149 Banny Price You Love Me Pretty Baby Jewel VG++ 250
150 Lee Maye Have Love Will Travel Jetstream D M- 150
151 Newports Dixie Women Kent VG++ 200
152 Mabel King Go Back Home Young Fella Amy VG++ 100
153 Pretty Boy Lamar You Are Gonna Be Sorry Cyclone M- 100
154 Eli Lee Women Ain’t Right Redbug M- 100155 Little Oscar Empty Bottles Palos VG+ 150
156 Lenny O’Henry Mr. Moonlight Smash WD M- 100
155 Sonny Rhodes Half Smart Woman Esiobud M- 100
158 Hank Marr The Squash Federal M- 15
159 Hank Marr Easy Talk Federal M- 15
160 Hank Marr Philly Dog ‘67 FederalWD M- 15
161 Hank Marr Down In The Bottom King D M- 15
162 Hank Marr Smothered Soul King M- 15
163 Hank Marr The Greasy Spoon King D M- 15
164 Hank Marr Marr’s Groove WinGate M- 10
165 Ralph Marterie Bacardi UA M- 20
166 Lela Martin My Man — He’s A Lovin’ Man Stigers M- 100
167 Paul Martin I’ve Got Another One Ascot WD M- 25
168 Oberia Martinez Gotta Think It Over Keith D M- 50
169 Oberia Martin Make It One For My Baby Keith D M- 40
170 Martiniques Broken Hearted Me Danceland VG+ 15
171 Tina Marvel Promises You Made To Me w.o.l. Lu-Pine M- 15
172 Tina Marvel Promises You Made To Me Lu-PineWD M- 15
173 Marvels Forget About The Mess Sensation M- 25
174 Joe Masters Just Be Yourself Boogaloo M- 35
175 Johnnie Mae Matthews The Headshrinker Reel M- 50
176 Johnnie Mae Matthews The Headshrinker Sue M- 30
177 Lee Maye At The Party Capitol M- 10
178 Percy Mayfield Walking On A Tightrope Brunswick M- 20
179 Les McCann Burnin’ Coal Atlantic M- 15
180 L McCann/E. Harris Set Us Free Atlantic M- 15
181 Les McCann Bucket O’ Grease Limelight M- 15
182 Les McCann River Deep, Mountain High Mercury M- 10
183 Les McCann The Shampoo PacificJazz M- 15
184 Freddie McCoy Lonely Avenue Prestige M- 15
185 Freddie McCoy Funk Drops Prestige M- 8
186 Freddie McCoy Peas ‘N’ Rice Prestige M- 15
187 Freddie McCoy Beans ‘N’ Greens Prestige M- 15
188 Freddie McCoy Listen Here Prestige M- 15
189 Van McCoy Baby Don’t Tease Me Rock’n M- 20
190 Brother Jack McDuff Do It Now Atlantic M- 15
191 Brother Jack McDuff Down In The Valley Atlantic M- 15
192 Brother Jack McDuff Tobacco Road Atlantic M- 10
193 Brother Jack McDuff The Vibrator Blue Note M- 15
194 Jack McDuff Brother Jack Prestige D M- 15
195 Brother Jack McDuff He’s A Real Gone Guy Prestige M- 15
196 Jack McDuff Sanctified Santa Prestige M- 15
197 Brother Jack McDuff Greae Monkey Prestige M- 15
198 Brother Jack McDuff A Kettle Of Fish Prestige D M- 15
199 Jack McDuff Too Many Fish In The Sea Prestige M- 15
200 Jimmy McCracklin Everybody Rock Checker D M- 20
201 Jimmy McCracklin The Walk Checker M- 15
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