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natural high

20 Rare Soul 45's On Ebay. Performers, Compacts, Diplomats And Many Mo

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Hello Friend's,
I just Listed 20 Rare Soul 45's on Ebay, Some Are Very Rare & Obscure.
genres are Northern Soul, Sweet Soul, Crossover Soul, Modern Soul & Funk.

All Records has Scans and Soundfiles are taken from the Actual Record and Plays Both Sides,
Start Price Of All 45's Only 6$ !!!

Performers on Villa Records                                           Compacts on Carla Records

performers.jpg                       compacts.jpg

Very Rare Awesome Monster                                       Very Rare Awesome Sweet Soul
Group Sweet Soul Ballad                                               b/w
b/w                                                                                    Northern Soul Monster 45
Killer Northern Group Soul                                          from Detroit, Michigan

Diplomats on 3rd World Records                                 Apple & The 3 Oranges on Sagittarius

diplomats.jpg                      apple.jpg

Very Rare Awesome                                                      Very Rare Brilliant In-Demand
Sweet Soul Ballad                                                           Bay Area Funk
b/w                                                                                   b/w             
Killer Funk                                                                    
Killer Group Sweet Soul Ballad

                          Don't miss these high valued Records that pops up 
                                              only every few years !

Changing Scene on Co-Town Records                            Veda on MW Records     

Very Rare Awesome                                                      Very Rare Awesome
Group Sweet Soul Ballad                                              Group Sweet Soul Ballad
b/w                                                                                   b/w
Killer Funk                                                                     Killer Funky Modern Soul Dancer
Never Seen For Sale Before                                          Only Seen 3 Times For Sale

Ebony Expressions on Owl Records                              Taifa on Prvate Record Label

ebony.jpg                      taifa.jpg

Very Rare Awesome                                                      Very Rare Most Unknown?
Killer Group Sweet Soul Ballad                                   Awesome  Killer Modern
b/w                                                                        Group Sweet Soul
Killer Funk Soul Dancer                                               b/w
from Ohio                                                                       Great Modern Soul Disco Dancer

Willie Pickett on Soul Spot Records                              Time on Tropical Sound Tracs Records

willie.jpg                      time.jpg

Very Rare Awesome In-Demand                                 Rare Great Semi-Known
70's Crossover Soul Monster                                        Reggae Soul
from Detroit, Michigan                                                 Awesome Monster Group Sweet Soul

Swiss Movement on Gold Vinyle Records                    Steel City Band on Salt Creek Records 

swiss.jpg                      steel.jpg

Very Rare Private Gold Vinyle 1st Press                   Very Rare Private Awesome
on This Awesome Killer Sweet Soul Ballad               Killer Modern Soul Dancer
b/w                                                                                  b/w
Killer Modern Soul X-Over                                       
Awesome Killer Sweet Soul Ballad

Doesn't Show Up Very Often For Sale...Do Not Miss

Deltones on Teen Records                                             Spoilers on Tobin Records

de_tones.jpg                     spoilers.jpg

Very Rare Unknown?                                                   Rare Awesome Version of this
Awesome Group Sweet Soul Ballad                            Group Sweet Soul Ballad
b/w                                                                                   b/w
Northern Soul                                                               
Funky Northern Soul

Precision on Precision Records                               Tee Tee Soul on Skyline Records

precision.jpg                     tee_tee_2.jpg

Rare Great Boogie Funk                                            Very Rare Unknown?
b/w                                                                                Awesome Modern Sweet Soul Ballad
Awesome Killer Group Sweet Soul                           from Portland, Maine
Never Seen Before For Sale

Here Is The Link To Ebay ... There are few other 45's and the most

are in great condition!

Check it out and take your chance ,they dont show up often!


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