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List of records for sale. Also does anyone have any info about Ernie Marbury on WEE Records


I have just started a web site selling rare northern www.831records.co.uk the site has lots of audio as well as records and a link to Soul Heaven,.the allnighter at Golborne.

Regarding the Ernie Marbury ,Aint Nobodys Buisness on Wee. Why is the record suddenly worth so much. I paid about £30 for a copy about 6 months ago along with a mate that paid about the same.Suddenly i see it for sale for about £400, what has happened with it.


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Ernie Marbray has always been sought after by US group collectors for the other side. I used to play this at these old shoes when we first started up about 5 years ago and as far as I was able to ascertain at that time, it was a cheapie and I was led to understand that it was in the ten quid kind of range.

Seems that either someone has been 'tipping' it, or it has taken off big time somewhere or other! Great record though, but I am very suprised to see it going for that kind of money!

it's a maaaaad soul world!!!



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Ive had the ernie marbury 45 since the late 70s.

Think it came out of the legendary soul bowl packs , at that time.

Was a one time Mecca spin , but got lost in the change of musical direction.

Always thought it was an elusive 45, as Ive never seen it listed on sites or ebay sellers.

Seems the west coast 45 is having its fleeting popularity moment.

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Ernie Marbury--Aint nobodys biz-Wee. Myself and the late

Pete Lawson brought this 45 into the uk around 1974 along with

Calvin Grayson--Loves just begun,Innersection--Let me love you

and several other 45,s that became classics in later years

we had loads of copys of E. Marbury and these days its true value

is around £50 due to the number of copys that are in the UK

If any empty yed pays £400 for such a easy to find record please

o please send them round to my house to buy some rare soul 45,s off me !!!


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