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Modern/crossover,look Carefully,some Real Bargains Here

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This list supersedes all previous ones.

Look carefully,some real bargains to be had here.....

Michelle Wiley "Feel Good / I Feel So At Home Here" [20th Century] Mint- £50

Larry Wedgeworth & Clique "No More Games" [Groovehall] Mint- £60

Trumains "Ripe For The Pickin" [RCA Promo] Mint. As mint as it gets....Nice £100SOLD

Garland Green "Aint That Good Enough" [Revue Promo] Mint. Ditto £65SOLD

Voices Of East Harlem "Wanted Dead Or Alive / Can You Feel It" [Just sunshine] Mint- £20ON HOLD

We The People "Making My Daydream Real" [Lion] Mint- w.o.l. on b-side £50

Chuck Roberson "Ive Got To Have Your Love" [bluesong] Mint. Label address scratched out £70SOLD

Lee Morris "I Have Love For You" [starville] Mint £60

Charles Sherrell " Things You Do for love" {Muscle] Mint- £30

Fritz "Love How Is Love" [spurtree] Mint £30

Annette Snell "Its All Over Now" [Epic Demo] Mint- £40 Brilliant....

Maurice Jackson " Lucky Fellow [Lakeside promo] Mint- £45 BrilliantSOLD

Randy Jackson "How Can I Be Sure" [Epic Demo] Mint- £20

Four Sonics "If It Wasn't for My Baby" [JMC] Mint- £30SOLD

Lee Mcdonald " I Still Believe In Love" [silk City] Mint- £50

Hari Paris "You Hit My Love" [Caredaja] EX £25

Jonnie Baby "Special Things" [Elektra Promo] Mint £25 The epitome of the 80s 2-Step sound. Superb.

Bobby Sheen " Something New To Do" [Warner Bros] Mint- £50

Denise Lasalle "Here I Am Again" [Westbound Promo] Vinyl Copy. Mint- £35

Jeff Smith And Universe "The Hidden Secret" [incentive] Ex £60SOLD

Magnificents "You Turn Me On / On My Way Up" [DT] Mint £70

Premium " You Know You Want To Be Loved" [soulin] Mint £50

The Reachers "I Just Want To Do My Own Things" [Magic Disc] Mint- £300SOLD

Benny Troy " I Wanna Give You Tomorrow" [De-Lite Promo] Ex £65

Ed Summers "I Can tell" [soya] Mint- £40

Ernie Johnson "Big Man Cry" [steph & Lee] mint £50

Exportations " I Want You" [Vir-Ro] Mint £60SOLD

Four Below Zero " My Babys Got ESP" [Roulette Promo] EX £60SOLD

Committee "Give In To The Power Of Love" [NMI] Mint £60

Sam Butler "I can't Get Over" [sRI] Mint- £160........

Melvin Davies "You Made Me Over" [invictus] Mint- £40

Charles Johnson " Never Had A Love So Good" [Alston] Ex £170SOLD

Ebony Essence "Let Me In" [Goodie Train] Mint- £175

Eddie Billips & TheC.C.C.s 'Shake Off That Dream" [Garpax] EX £140

Oscar Perry "Main String" [Peri Tone] Ex slt Warp NAP £20SOLD

Jackie Payne " I Found Myself" [uK Barak] Mint £20

Jesse James " I Got That Feelin" [Moonlite Hope] Autographed by Jesse..... Mint- £40

Jesse James "If You Want A Love affair" [20th Century] Autographed by Jesse Mint- £35SOLD

Clifton Dyson " Im Giving Up" [QS] Blue label Vinyl copy..... Mint £30

12" Chuck Strong "Doin It Cause It Feels Good" [invasion] rare on 12"....Ex £125

12" Jay Player ' "Love Is The Answer" [bevnick] Orange label original...rare......Mint £80

The next few are records which have needle burn at the beginning...All labels are spotless.They are graded according to how badly affected they are-

Brothers Guiding Light "Getting Together"[Mercury Promo] same Both sides One side affected. £60

Shelley Fisher "Girl I Love You" [Dalya] Very Very slight.....£125

Luther "Don't Wanna Be A Fool" [Cotillion] Very very slight....£50SOLD

Ruby Andrews "Just Loving You" [Zodiac] approx 5 seconds of burn £40SOLD

Bobby Sheen "Something New To Do" [Warner Bros] ditto £25

Thats it for now.....

Postage to UK is:

Recorded delivery £2.50

Special Delivery £7

Payment will have to be one of the following....

Paypal as "Gift".....Direct Bank Transfer....Cheque.....Cash

Pm if interested,

Best, Ivor

Edited by Ivor Jones

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