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FINISHES 2.00pm FRIDAY 28th MARCH 2014
(28th Mar — Serf’s Emancipation Day in Tibet)
Highest bidder at that point wins the disc. No extensions, no games. End of. Thanks.
 To view the items below go to www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk and click on Auctions.....
Min Bid:
MAR - A  Joy Lovejoy In Orbit Checker 1188 D VG++ 200
Yes, you read it correctly — a promo. Sadly it doesn’t exist on a “white” a la ‘Landslide’,
Valentino’s etc but nonetheless seriously rare. Took me 20 years to even see a copy
MAR - B  Mar-J’s Got To Find A Way Out Magic Touch 2008 VG++ 200
Storming group dancer from the Milwaukee label, probably recorded in Chicago. Would have
graded this one mint minus but for one tiny mark
MAR - C  Irma Routen I Will Sacrifice MGM 14031 D VG++ 250
It seems that things are still to be found in and around major labels backing the claim that this
one was around years ago (quite logically). One of Ian Levine’s current big raves
MAR - D  Willie Hutch Love Runs Out Dunhill 4012 D M- 500
I used to be of the opinion that the vinyl promos of this classic double-sider were rare boots (for
sure the issue is only styrene) but I recently met an American collector who owned a copy of this
almost perfect promo since ’69. So I was wrong (I trust him implicitly) and the “fact” will be
omitted from our forthcoming bootleg guide
MAR - E  Pinch Of Perfection Loving Alone G & W 1001 M- 350
A group that is aptly named for this great Philly-styled 1976 dancer out of Richmond, Virginia.
Hardly ever listed on the dreaded eBay and not at all in mint as far as I can see
MAR - F  Herb Johnson I’m So Glad Toxsan 101 VG+ 200
So scarce on the first local label before Brunswick with all the trademarks that made it such a
biggie at the Torch. Not great condition but you’ll wait a long, long time before you see another.
Check the sound bite
MAR - G  Eldridge Holmes Let’s Go Steady Kansu 100 M- 250
Let me tell you a little story. I’ve collected this guy’s records since 1975 and until 8 years ago did
not even know this 45 existed. Two only on eBay since 2008 and have gone for bargain prices.
This is rare. And great! Again — check the sound bite
MAR - H  Jimmy Andrews Big City Playboy Blue Jay 5003 M- 2000
Amongst the elite of rare soul collectables and one of the finest discoveries of the last 20 years or
so; a rare chance to obtain this superb item
MAR - I  Stormie Wynters Life Saver Mercury M- 850
One of the rarest major label releases, known to me since the mid ‘80’s this is only the second
copy we’ve ever had. Lovely condition too
MAR - J  Bob & Gene I Really Really Love You Mo-Do 104 M- 400
Now here’s a real rarity — a Tim Brown mistake. Listed in our current price guide at far less than
our minimum offer. It happens, but the fact remains that this ‘Ton of Dynamite’ styled mover is
both rare and just right for now

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