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Under Played 60's Stuff

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Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason




Millie Mclaine - Found A Lover - Soulville (WHITE PROMO)

Nice 60's Northern!!!!


Found A Lover MM.MP3


Third Avenue Blues Band - It's Got To Be Love - Revue (PROMO) £14

A couple of light, inaudible scuffs, but what a great sound!!!!


Its Got To Be Love 3ABB.MP3


Jimmy Lewis - I'm Stepping Out - TRC £12

Slight gold mark on label, raw 60's!!!


Im Stepping Out JL.MP3


Harvey Scales - I Can't Cry No More - Magic Touch £9

"Drill hole", otherwise nice copy - Another winner from this guy - worth a listen!!


I Cant Cry No More HS.MP3


Charlie Gracie - Walk With Me Girl - Sock & Soul (WHITE PROMO) £9

Nice, paced Northern!!


Walk With Me Girl CG.MP3


Harrison Bros - Crying Won't Help You Now - Pearltone £15

Great SOUL, with a beat!!!


Crying Wont Help You Now HB.MP3


Valentinos - Baby Lots Of Luck - SAR £11

Nice, paced group soul!!!!


Baby Lots Of Luck V.MP3


Samson - I Need Your Lovin' - Buttermilk £8

Biro cross on label, otherwise nice copy of a nice tune!!


I Need Your Lovin S.MP3


Whispers - I Can Remember - Soul Clock £8



I Can Remember W.MP3


Tribulations - You Gave Me Up For Promises - Imperial (PROMO) £18 SOLD

A couple of light inaudible scuffs, nothing serious - FANTASTIC - Wait for the beat!!!


Bobby Day - So Lonely - Sureshot (PROMO) £14

Date stamp opn label and very light wear to label and vinyl - Good underplayed Northern!!!


So Lonely.MP3


Trends - Big Parade/Soul Clap - ABC £9

Two great sides!!


Soul Clap T.MP3


Big Parade T.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE.........................................


J.J. Jackson - Sho Nuff - Loma £8

Forgotten how good this was!!!!


music.gif  Sho Nuff JJJ.MP3   1.64MB   18 downloads


Capt Jesse Fountain - I'm Marchin - Cameo Parkway (WHITE PROMO) £10



music.gif  Im Marchin.MP3   1.76MB   16 downloads


Jr Walker - Tune Up - Soul £8

Bit of sellotape and "30" & "8" in small biro on label - Plays fine - Classic!!


music.gif  Tune Up.MP3   1.82MB   9 downloads


Thrills - Show The World Where It's At - Capitol (PROMO) £12

Light wear to vinyl, with a small mark on vinyl, plays through fine with no click etc - Nice oldie


music.gif  Show The World Where It's At.MP3   1.77MB   5 downloads


Uniques - Not Too Long Ago - Paula £9 SOLD

Every home should have one - GREAT!!!


Lou Courtney - You Ain't Ready - Riverside £8

Small stamped "star" on label, otherwise fine copy - Forgotten oldie of the week - HOW GOOD IS THIS - Needs playing out!!!


music.gif  You Aint Ready.MP3   2.12MB   26 downloads


Spiral Staircase - More Today Than Yesterday - Columbia £6



music.gif  More Today Than Yesterday.MP3   2MB   7 downloads


Shirelles - March - Scepter £8

Still has a certain charm!


music.gif  March.MP3   1.56MB   7 downloads


Intruders - All The Time - Excel £9

Love this - Superb Philly Northern!!!


music.gif  All The Time I.MP3   1.8MB   4 downloads


Holidays - Makin Up Time/I'll Love you Forever - Golden World £6

Two quality Detroit Northern sides!!


music.gif  Makin Up Time H.MP3   1.04MB   1 downloads


music.gif  Ill Love You Forever H.MP3   1.34MB   1 downloads


Triumphs - Walkin The Duck - Verve £9

Classic instro!!


music.gif  Walkin The Duck T.MP3   1.7MB   3 downloads


Sammy Lee - It Hurts Me - Rampart £12

Good underplayed Northern mover!!!!


music.gif  It Hurts Me SL.MP3   1.7MB   33 downloads


Phil Lipari - I Came Up Singing - Am/Fm £12

Wear to label and vinyl, with a bit of sticker residue - Looks ok, plays ok - FANTASTIC semi known - powerful, dramatic, obscure!!!


music.gif  I Came Up Singing.MP3   1.88MB   21 downloads


Jimmy Lewis - Two Women - TRC £6

Light wear to label and vinyl - Great tune!!


music.gif  Two Women.MP3   1.64MB   15 downloads


Accents - New Girl - M Pac £8

Tiny bit of "cue burn" on intro (almost unnoticeable, otherwise lovely copy of lovely tune!!


music.gif  New Girl.MP3   1.64MB   3 downloads


Maurice Williams - Nobody Knows - Scepter £15

Wear to label and vinyl, looks ok and plays ok - Good Northern!!


music.gif  Nobody Knows MW.MP3   1.71MB   20 downloads


Gary Criss - Welcome Home To My Heart - Diamond (PROMO) £14

Light wear to vinyl and a coupl of light "stamps" on label, nice, dramatic song!!!


music.gif  Welcome Home To My Heart.MP3   2.06MB   7 downloads


Timothy Wilson - Pigtails - Buddah £10

Great, underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  Pigtails.MP3   1.6MB   5 downloads


Charles Mann - Only Sometimes - Lanor £10

Tiny tear on otherwise lovely copy of this good bit of Northern!!


music.gif  Only Sometimes.MP3   1.4MB   5 downloads


Right Kind - The Right Kind Of Guy - Galaxy £14

Underplayed, uptempo Northern!!!!


music.gif  The Right Kind of Guy.MP3   1.68MB   19 downloads


Shirley Ellis - Sugar Let's Shing A Ling - Columbia (WHITE PROMO) £13

Recommended underplayed Northern mover!!!!


music.gif  Sugar Lets Shing A Ling.MP3   2.07MB   13 downloads


Bell Brothers - Don't You Know She's Alright - Sureshot (PROMO) £11

Tiniest, tiny tear (almost unnoticeable) by centre hole, otherwise lovely copy of this great bit of Northern!!


music.gif  Dont You Know Shes Alright.MP3   1.68MB   17 downloads


Harold Burrage - Got To Find A Way - M Pac £9

Gritty Chicago Northern!!!


music.gif  Got To Find A Way.MP3   1.86MB   14 downloads


Casinos - That's The Way - Airtown (WHITE PROMO) £8

Great, easy going, catchy, underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  Thats The Way.MP3   1.71MB   29 downloads


Chuck Jackson - Two Feet From Happiness - V.I.P. £8

Highly, highly recommended!!!


music.gif  Two Feet From Happiness.MP3   2MB   24 downloads


Jimmy Earl - Strategy - Columbia (WHITE PROMO) £18

GREAT - Well worth a listen!!


music.gif  Strategy.MP3   1.74MB   6 downloads


Bobby Jones - Slow Down, I'm Gonna Lose You - Tmp Ting (WHITE PROMO) £20

Bit of red marker on flip (phew) - Cracking Northern!!!!


music.gif  Slow Down Im Gonna Lose You.MP3   1.22MB   27 downloads


Interpreters - Pretty Little Thing - Abet £15

"under the radar" uptempo Soul!!!


music.gif  Pretty Little Thing.MP3   1.76MB   26 downloads


Bluesbusters - I've Gotta Get There - Capitol £14

A couple of light, inaudible scuffs, but a cracking bit of Northern!!!


music.gif  Ive Gotta Get There.MP3   1.93MB   20 downloads


Lucky Laws - Who Is She - One Der Ful £12

Apart from "drill hole" a nice copy of this haunting mid tempo slab of Northern!!


music.gif  Who Is She.MP3   2.22MB   13 downloads


June Adams - So Good - Roulette (WHITE PROMO) £7

Title says it all - BARGAIN!!


music.gif  So Good.MP3   1.26MB   29 downloads


Linda Lane - Lonely Teardrops - Cub (PROMO) £12

Light wear to label and vinyl. This is "Linda Jones" with a nice version of the Jackie Wilson tune!


music.gif  Lonely Teardrops.MP3   2.01MB   17 downloads


King Williams - Fight For You Girl - MGM (PROMO) £12

Some light scuffs to vinyl, plays ok - Class beat ballad!!


music.gif  Fight For Your Girl.MP3   2.31MB   12 downloads


Four Tempos - Lonely Prisoner/Strange Dream - Rampart £12

Soulful and brilliant double sider!!


music.gif  Lonely Prisoner.MP3   1.83MB   13 downloads


music.gif  Strange Dream.MP3   2.25MB   5 downloads


Lesley Miller - You Got A Way Of Bringing Out My Tears - RCA (WHITE PROMO) £9

A couple of light, inaudible scuffs to vinyl, otherwise nice copy of this nice paced bit of Northern!!


music.gif  Youve Got A Way Of Bringing Out My Tears.MP3   1.86MB   6 downloads


Barbara Mason - I Don't Want To Lose You - Arctic (WHITE PROMO) £10



music.gif  I Dont Want To Lose You BM.MP3   2.21MB   25 downloads


Johnny Wyatt - I'll Stand By You - Challenge (WHITE PROMO) £25  

Grubby, but not defaced label and a few light, inaudible scuffs, otherwise fine copy of this great Northern mover!!!


music.gif  Ill Stand By You.MP3   1.62MB   11 downloads


Deanna Brewer & Titans - I've Gotta Know - Lemco £45

Class Stafford spin - Needs reactivating!!


music.gif  Ive Gotta Know.MP3   1.73MB   25 downloads


Cleftones - Right From The Git Go - Ware £12

Catchy, great, underplayed!!!


music.gif  Right From The Git Go.MP3   1.57MB   13 downloads


Mary Wells - Coming Home/Set Me Soul On Fire - Atco (WHITE PROMO) £12

Nice double sider at a nice price!!


music.gif  Set My Soul On Fire.MP3   1.93MB   7 downloads


music.gif  Coming Home.MP3   1.49MB   7 downloads


Prince Harold - Baby You've Got Me - Mercury £8

Light wear to label and vinyl - Looks and plays ok - Stormer!!!!!


music.gif  Baby Youve Got Me.MP3   1.61MB   8 downloads


Willie White - 99 Beef Steaks - Shaw (WHITE PROMO) £10

Forget the title, great, powerful underplayed Northern!!!


music.gif  99 Beef Steaks.MP3   1.86MB   14 downloads


Little Buster - I Got A Good Thing Going - Jubilee £12

Very light wear to vinyl. Great Northern with a hint of R & B!!!


music.gif  I Got A Good Thing Going.MP3   1.5MB   10 downloads


Jimmy Dobbins - Little Miss Perfect - Crash £10

Nice copy - Great uptempo Northern!!


music.gif  Little Miss Perfect.MP3   2.03MB   6 downloads


Ruth Christie - Dancing Feet/What Fools Girls Can Be - Uptown £15

Two great sides!


music.gif  Dancing Feet.MP3   1.82MB   3 downloads


music.gif  What Fools Girls Can Be.MP3   1.92MB   3 downloads


Starlets - Loving You Is Something New - Chess £10

uplifting, catchy, underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  Loving you Is Something New.MP3   1.7MB   11 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



You Gave Me Up For Promises.MP3

Edited by SOUL INC

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