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70's/80's For A Friday

All in excellent shape unless specified - paypal welcome. Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (record-ed), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason




David Morriss - Snap, Crackle & Pop - Plush £20

Forget the title, great 70's - Recommended!!


Snap Crackle Pop DM.MP3


Barbara Jacobs - There Will Never Be Another - Morning Glory £4

Detroit Soul mover from 1989


There Will Never Be Another.MP3


Moon Williams - Suspicious Love - MCA £10



Suspicious Love MW.MP3


Sonny Charles — Put It In A Magazine — Highrise £4

Good 80’s!!!


Put it In A Magazine.MP3


Latimore - Somethin' 'Bout Cha - Glades (WHITE PROMO) £8

Recommended paced Soul mover from 1976!!!


Somethin Bout Cha L.MP3


Livin Inn - With Your Love Came/It's Hard To Stop - Epic £7

Two squiggles/crosses on "It's Hard To Stop" side - More desirable issue with 2 great sides!!!


With Your Love Came.MP3


Its Hard To Stop.MP3


Barry White - Honey Please Can't Ya See - 20th Century £7 SOLD

LOVE THIS - FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bettye Lavette - Doin The Best I Can - Accord (FRENCH - PIC SLEEVE) £4

Uptempo Soul from 1978!


Doin The Best That I Can BL.MP3


Genies - Prove it - Ronn (WHITE PROMO) £12

Fabulous 70's with a Funky edge!!!!


Prove It G.MP3


Phase II - The First Shot - Osiris £7

Very light wear to vinyl - 70's Instro!!


The First Shot PI.MP3


Crusaders - Put It Where You Want It - Blue Thumb £4



Put it Where You Want It C.MP3


American Gypsy 10,000 Miles - Chess (PROMO) £20

Needs a couple of listens - Wow!!!!!!


10000 Miles AG.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE................................................


Bar Kays - Shine - Mercury £7

Great 70's - Recommended!!


music.gif  Shine B.MP3   2.2MB   10 downloads


Mike & Brenda Sutton - We'll Make It - Sam £3

A couple of tiny tears on label - Nice 80's!!!


music.gif  Well Make It.MP3   2.14MB   5 downloads


Art Wheeler - That Number Gets Paid - Cee Jam £3

Forget the title, nice bit of 70's!!


music.gif  That Number Gets Paid.MP3   2.65MB   9 downloads


Love, Peace & Happiness - Lonely Room - RCA £9

Fuqua/Riley Hampton production - Sounds like Motown - Quality!!!!


music.gif  Lonely Room LPAH.MP3   2.75MB   19 downloads


Leone Thomas - Thank You Baby - Don £4

Good 70's mover!!


music.gif  Thank You Baby.MP3   2.22MB   8 downloads


David Lenyard - It Could Have Been Me - Flying Eagles £8



music.gif  It Could Have Been You DL.MP3   2.35MB   13 downloads


Carol Smith - What A Man - Hot Rays £3

Light discolouration to label. otherwise nice copy of this 1983 slab of Memphis Soul!!


music.gif  What A Man.MP3   2.57MB   13 downloads


Right Combination - I'm Still In Love With You - Gold Mine £7

Great uptempo Memphis Soul!!


music.gif  Im Still In Love With You RC.MP3   1.49MB   10 downloads


Con Funk Shun — Spirit Of Love — Mercury £4

Ring wear to vinyl, plays fine - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


music.gif  Spirit Of Love.MP3   2.09MB   8 downloads


Boogie Man Orchestra - Lady Lady Lady/Inst - Boogie Man £4

Still has a certain charm!!


music.gif  Lady Lady Lady Vocal.MP3   2.44MB   5 downloads


music.gif  Lady Lady Lady Inst.MP3   2.37MB   3 downloads


Escorts - Sing A Happy Song - Knockout £4

Great 80's!!


music.gif  Sing A Happy Song.MP3   2.75MB   8 downloads


Jean Plum - Look At The Boy - Hi (PROMO) £18

Bargain price for this classy gem!!!


music.gif  Look At The Boy JP.MP3   1.69MB   30 downloads


Valentine Bros - Money's Too Tight - Bridge £4



music.gif  Moneys Too Tight.MP3   2.19MB   15 downloads


Sweet Inspirations - At Last - Atlantic (PROMO) £16

Nice Red & White Promo of this highly recommended gem!!


music.gif  At Last SI.MP3   1.63MB   20 downloads


Dunn & Bruce Street - Shout For Joy - Devaki (WHITE PROMO) £4

GREAT 80's!!!!!


music.gif  Shout For Joy.MP3   2.47MB   3 downloads


Intrigues - Tuck A Little Love Away - Yew (WHITE PROMO) £16

Nice PROMO!!!!!!!


music.gif  Tuck A Little Love Away I.MP3   1.7MB   16 downloads


Will Hatcher — What Is Best For me Is Better For You/Who Am I Without You Baby - Wand £4

Recommended double sider!!!


music.gif  What Is Best For Me.MP3   1.84MB   6 downloads


music.gif  Who Am I Without You Baby.MP3   1.39MB   6 downloads


Ernest Jones - Can't Live Without You - Tra Mor £16

Almost unnoticeable bit of label damage - Otherwise fine copy of a fine tune!!


music.gif  I Cant Live Without You EJ.MP3   1.65MB   21 downloads


North By Northeast - Pain Of City Living - Probe £8

Detroit 70's with a hint of Funk!!


music.gif  Pain Of City Living NBN.MP3   2.41MB   9 downloads


C.P. Love - I've Never Been In Love - Chimneyville (WHITE PROMO) £10



music.gif  Never Been In Love Before CPL.MP3   1.35MB   29 downloads


Masqueraders - Desire - Bang £5

A couple of light, inaudible scuffs and a small bit of biro & crayon on label, nothing serious - nice tune - Well worth a listen!!


music.gif  Desire M.MP3   2.11MB   17 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



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Edited by SOUL INC

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