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Ebay 45 Auction - Northern & Modern Soul, R&b, Funk - Fortson & Scott

Hello everyone,


There are currently eighty 45 RPM records listed in my Ebay auction, including Northern and Modern Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B, Vocal Groups, Gospel, Garage, Teen, Rockabilly and more. Each listing includes scans of both sides of the label, and at least one full sound file (often sound files for both sides of the record).

There are no reserves, and most items are offered at low minimum bids.


This auction includes the rare original Pzazz 45 RPM single by Fortson and Scott, entltled Sweet Lover.


The artists include:


Robert James Lanier, Susan and Teri, Robin Robinson, Etta James and Sugarpie DeSanto, the Drifters, Noble Thin Man Watts, Twilighters, Artistics, Hank Jacobs, Sam Lazar, Ray Agee, Emmit Kennedy Sr, & Jr., Lee Washington, Exits, Rodger Collins, Merced Blue Notes, Temptations, Hannibal, Champs, Lenny Roberts, Biz Markie, Jarmes Velvet, Charles McCullough, Tommy Winters, Jas Disco Kids, James Brown, Sheiks, Danny "Mr. Tequila" Flores, Vanguards, Cleo Page, Don Pierce, Jimmy McCracklin, Bobby Womack, Players, Olympics, Tommy, Big Walter, Joannie Matthews, Larry Williams and Johnny Watson, Billy Butler and the Enchanters, Sugar Boy, Buddy Lamp, Tommy Raye, Kenni Woods, Gus Jenkins, Thunnder, Nate Nelson, Lionel Davis Lynn Brown, Village Callers, Ozzy (Kel) Osborne, Jefferson Airplane, Big Maybelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Lynne Randell, Patrice Holloway, Kip Anderson, Lonnie Sattin, Taxie, William Blues Boy Wells, Pentagons, Richard Berry, Karvin Johnson, Buddy Knox, Billy Love, Jeannie Tracy, Blessed Ones, TV Slim, Deninse Ervin, Fortson & Scott, Barbara Mason, Etta James, Tenison Stephens, Arbee Stidham, Gene and Eunice, and the Soul Stirrers. 


Please click:




Thanks for the looks,


the Spinologist

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