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Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul


To reserve/buy records: email
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends & Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm 



All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul


"Parker, Winfield" I'm on my way / S.O.S. (stop her on sight)  w/demo/2 great sides Spring 20
Street People I wanna get over / same M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 30
"Butler, Sam" I can't get over (loving you) / same (xol) ex-/w/demo/fantastic SRi 200
"Adams, Johnny" Something worth leaving for  nice SSS International 6
King Arthur Wherever you are  superb x-over/rare St George Intnl 50
"Jones, Linda & Whatnauts" I'm so glad I found you EX-/superb Stang 25
"Jones, Linda & Whatnauts" I'm so glad I found you  M-/superb Stang 30
Moments Nine times  classic Stang 10
Moments Rain in my backyard  at their best Stang 15
Moments So this is our good-bye  great x-over Stang 10
"Young, Starlena" Heartbreaker / Inst. modern/great Stanpico 15
El-Roy I crave your love / For every action there's a reaction  stunning ballad Star Crest 10
"Smith, Timmy" I'm willing to love you  recommended Starville 15
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby  ex-/sol-flip/recommended Star-vue 25
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby  recommended Star-vue 30
"Johnson, Johnny & Bandwagon" I don't know why / Honey bee (dancer flip) UK/superb x-over Stateside 20
"Bell, William" Happy  great Stax 15
"Crutchers, Bettye" Sugar daddy  UK/great Stax (Pye) 25
"Impalas, The" When you dance (sm wol) / I can't see me without you  demo/great Steady 20
"Lee, Lois" Any day now / One night stand  ex-/vg+ Steady 30
"Lee, Lois" One night stand/same ex- Steady 20
"Entertains, The" Love will turn it around  superb Steel Town 20
"Gaye, Erroll & The Imaginations" Love and affection  superb Steel Town 20
"Keith, Gordon" Don't take my kindness for weakness / Tell the story  2 great sides Steeltown 15
"Lou, Bubba & Highballs, The" Over you / Love all over the place  demo/UK/2 great sides Stiff 15
Different Shades I like it / inst. ex-/sl warp-nap/funk Stone Lady 12
"Sheffield, David" I should have listened / What's done in the dark  x-over/great Stone Lady 20
"Hollins, Blood " Don't give it up / Inst. recommended Strange Fruit 30
"Scott-Heron, Gil" The bottle (ORIGINAL) M-/French/colour pic slv/classic Strata-East 30
Franky & Spindles Crazy about your love / Inst. wol/great 2 step Strawberry 15
"Sue, Carletta" You keep holding back on love  superb x-over String 20
"Wynne, Philippe" You ain't going anywhere but gone  demo/great Sugar Hill 8
"Mokie, J.J. & R.O.B." Come together in love /You're so real  2 great sides "Sun, Moon & Stars" 20
"Fields, Lily" Love has so many meanings / inst. nice Sunburst 8
"Bradley, Marvin" Everybody's dancing  great Sundance 15
Mercy Love (can make you happy) sm wol Sundi 8
"Velvet, Jimmy" A woman demo/ballad Sundi 15
Blacklove People keep changing / PT. 2 vg/funk Super M 15
"Buchana, OB" It's over / Back up lover  2 great sides Susie Q 20
"Buchana, OB" Bedroom eyes / Back door tipper  2 great sides Susie Q 20
CC & Company Day dreamer / same w/demo/great version Sussex 15
"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die  rev. labels/superb Swar 15
"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die superb Swar 20
"Stringer, Bobby" You've got too many miles  sl warp-nap Swar 8
La Flavour Only the lonely  super 2 step Sweet City 15
La Flavour Only the lonely  2 x's ol/super 2 step Sweet City 12
Inner Space Make it hard on him / same demo/great Sweet Fortune 15
"Troutman, Tony" Your man is home tonight  great T. Main 8
Five Flights Up After the feeling is gone  sm sol/x-over/sm wol-flip TA 10
"Courtship, The" It's the same old love  recommended Tamla 25
"Gaye, Marvin" Come get to this  EX/superb/scratch on flip-nap Tamla 15
"Henry, Virgil" I can't believe you're really leaving me / same w/demo/recommended Tamla 20
"Houston, Thelma" "Saturday night, Sunday morning " M-/recommended Tamla 12
"Kendricks, Eddie" All of my love / He's a friend  ex-/2 great sides Tamla 12
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am ex-/great Tamla 6
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am  wol-flip/great Tamla 6
"Kendricks, Eddie" Can't help what I am great Tamla 8
"Robinson, Smokey" Ever had a dream ex-/highly recommended Tamla 10
"Robinson, Smokey" Ever had a dream  highly recommended Tamla 12
"Commodores, The" The zoo (the human zoo)  UK/small flat edge warp-nap Tamla Motown 8
"Commodores, The" The zoo (the human zoo) UK/classic dancer Tamla Motown 10
"Starr, Edwin" Love (the lonely people's prayer)  UK/great Tamla Motown 15
"Starr, Edwin " Don't tell me I'm crazy  German/pic slv-woc/superb Tamla Motown 25
Cania Visions / My lady  M-/2 great sides Tammy Jo 75
"Adams, Arthur" I can't wait to see you again  recommended Ta'san 25
Front Row Wanting you  recommended TBC 25
Direct Current When it's love  super mellow goove TEC 10
"Parker, Cecil" I really really love you / same superb TEC 10
"Johnson, Joe" Do unto others (xol) superb/rare Tee 60
T.F.O. I come here to party  ex-/disco-funk dancer Three G's 8
5 Wagers Come and ask me  classic Tiara 8
5 Wagers Come and ask me demo/classic Tiara 15
"Beck, Floyd" I'm in love ex-/awesome soul Timeless 45
"Beck, Floyd" I'm in love  awesome soul Timeless 50
"Beck, Floyd" Show me  ex-/superb Timeless 45
"Tucker, Sundray" If it was me  recommended TK 25
"Odds And Ends, The" Let me try  EX/superb Today 15
"Wells, Wes & Steelers, The" From the top of my heart  great x-over Torrid 10
"Green Brothers, The" Sweet loving woman  highly recommended Tortoise Int'l 25
"Skyliners, The" Oh how happy  recommended Tortoise Int'l 10
"Skyliners, The" The love bug/same demo/great dancer Tortoise Int'l 15
"Skyliners, The" The love bug / Smile on me  dancer/mid-tempo Tortoise Int'l 20
"Hammond, Charles Blues" Breakaway (autographed label) ex-/wol/v sl warp-nap/superb Touch 25
"Bailey, JR" After hours  nice Toy 10
"Bailey, JR" "Love,love,love " ex-/nice Toy 8
"Cruz, Roger" Here we are again / Lover on the side  recommended Trac 15
"Wilder, Chuck " Why  superb x-over Tragar 15
"Relf, Bob" "Blowing my mind to pieces / Girl, you're my kind of wonderful " M-/orange label/2 classics Trans-American 100
"Mandells, The" How to love a woman  tiny warp-nap/recommended Trans World 15
Up From The Bottom The way the world will be / Inst. M-/superb x-over True  30
"Green Brothers, The" Can't give you up / Dy-no-mite   Truth 10
"Knight, Frederick" I betcha didn't know that / Let's make a deal  xol/great Truth 15
"Newcomers, The" Keep an eye on your close friends  great Truth 10
"Newcomers, The" Keep an eye on your close friends/same w/demo/great Truth 15
"Newcomers, The" The whole world's a picture show  M-/superb Truth 25
Round Robin Monopoly I'd rather loan you out (bubbly vinyl-plays fine) w/demo/superb Truth 25
"Wright, Sandra" "Lovin' you, lovin' me / same" demo/wonderful!!! Truth 10
Zalmac feat. Zulema What's in it for me / part 2 great modern dancer TSOB 15
City Limits Love is everywhere  recommended TSOP 20
"Intruders, The" A nice girl like you ex-/recommended TSOP 15
"Intruders, The" A nice girl like you  recommended TSOP 20
"Intruders, The" A nice girl like you/same demo/recommended TSOP 25
McFadden & Whitehead Ain't no stoppin' us now / same w/demo/different version TSOP 20
McFadden & Whitehead I heard it in love song / Always room for one more  recommended TSOP 20
McFadden & Whitehead I heard it in a love song/same w/demo/recommended TSOP 15
"Davis, Darlene" I found love (and you're the one) / inst good modern/1986 Tubotune 10
"Hines, Ernie" Thank you baby / We're gonna party great U.S.A. 20
"Classets, The" I've got to space great Ultra-Class 25
"Classtets, The" I've got to space  sm lbl tear/xol-flip/great Ultra-Class 15
"Mahoney, Skip" Janice  ex-/UK/classic 70's dancer Underworld 45
"Fletcher, Darrow" Changing by the minute  superb Uni 25
"Green, Garland" Angel baby / You played on a player  EX+/superb version/great flip too Uni 25
"New World Soul Choir, The" You better be goin' ex-/recommended Uni  12
"New World Soul Choir, The" You better be goin'  demo/recommended Uni  20
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Big time lover / same-mono EX/w/demo/superb United Artists 25
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Don't ever be lonely wol/nice United Artists 5
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Don't ever be lonely  nice United Artists 6
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too late to turn back now  great United Artists 8
"Fisher, Bruce" At the end of a love affair  dancer/recommended United Artists 30
"Fisher, Bruce" At the end of a love affair/same demo/dancer/recommended United Artists 30
"Green, Sonny" Come and see me  United Artists 6
Hidden Strength Hustle on up (do the bump) / inst. ex-/funk United Artists 6
"Hill, ZZ" Your love makes me feel good  nice United Artists 8
"Womack, Bobby" Daylight  great United Artists 12
"York, Patti" He's coming in the morning  EX+/demo/superb x-over  United Artists 40
"Pearson, Mr. Danny" Is it really true girl great Unlimited Gold 10
125th Street Candy Store If you wanna dream  vg++/recommended Uptite 12
125th Street Candy Store Is it love  vg+/great Uptite 12
Parrish Remembering the times/Inst. 2 x's ol-flip/superb Uptite 25
Parrish Remembering the times / Inst. w/demo/superb Uptite 30
"Wells, Billy" Girl watcher  sl lbl stain/xol/nice version Uranus 15
"Hill, Lonnie" Could it be love / same demo/great mellow groove Urban Sound 15
"Bell, Arlene" It ain't easy  M-/great Velvet 15
Natura'elles Show me the way  great Venture 10
"Strong, Chuck" You beat me at my game like a lady Part I / Same part II M-/demo/great/rare demo Venture 12
T.F.O. Happy family / Let love come right on in  2 great sides Venture 10
"Hammond, Clay" Women are human  superb Versepto 15
"Keith, Tommy" Loving you comes easy  recommended Vibration 60
De-lite-ful Forget that girl  demo Vigor 6
Street People I wanna spend my whole… / Wanna slow dance.. great Vigor 8
Street People Liberated lady / Re-run (from an old time movie)  2 superb sides/TOP TIP!!! Vigor 15
Street People Never get enough of your love / I wanna spend...  2 great sides Vigor 10
"Stylists, The" What is love / same w/demo/sm wol/recomnd VIP 15
"Byers, Ann" Should I follow my heart  great x-over Virtue 20
"Faith, Gene" My baby's missing / Family man  x-over Virtue 15
"Banks, Darrell" Just because our love is gone / same ex-/w/demo/great Volt 20
Branding Iron Slave for love  recommended Volt 30
Charmells Sea shell / Lovin' feeling (sm wol)  w/demo/2 great sides Volt 15
"Dotson, Jimmy" I used to be a loser  w/demo/awesome x-over Volt 30
Hot Sauce Echoes from the past  recommended Volt 15
"Joseph, Margie" I'll always love you  M-/superb Volt 30
"Lance, Major" "Since I lost my baby's love / Girl, come on home " M-/2 great sides Volt 20
Seventh Wonder Captain of my ship  stomper/classic W.G. 25
"Joseph, Dee Dee & David" Devil made me do it   W.J.J. Productions 15
"Bailey, Ann" Sweeping your dirt under my rug / same demo/great Wand 30
"Crook, General" Tell me what'cha gonna do  great x-over Wand 15
"Crook, General" Tell me what'cha gonna do demo/great x-over Wand 20
"Hatcher, Will" What is best for me… / Who am I without you baby  2 nice sides Wand 8
"Hughes, Freddie" I gotta keep my bluff in  recommended Wand 12
Secrets (Baby) save me / disco version demo Wand 10
South Shore Commission We're on the right track  great Wand 10
Aristocrats Let's get together / Ip slippin dippin  M-/sm stol/superb Warner Bros. 250
Ashford & Simpson Main line  xol/great Warner Bros. 8
Ashford & Simpson Over and over  great Warner Bros. 8
"Morrison, Van" Domino  recommended Warner Bros. 6
"Newsome, Frankie" We're on our way (part I) / same-mono M-/demo/superb Warner Bros. 25
"Olympics, The" "Girl, you're my kind of people (Inc Co sleeve)" M-/w/demo/2 x's ol/superb Warner Bros. 30
"Ruffin, David" I wanna be with you / same M-/demo/superb/rare Warner Bros. 40
Sadane One-way love affair / same demo/nice mid-tempo Warner Bros. 6
"Wood, Brenton" Better believe it  EX/demo/highly recommended Warner Bros. 25
Tower Of Power What happened to the world that day  recommended Warner Bros. 15
"Wright, Charles" Love land  wol/recommended Warner Bros. 12
"Wright, Charles" Love land recommended Warner Bros. 15
"Lamont Cranston Band, The" Takin' a chance (with pic sleeve) recommended Waterhouse 60
"Scott, Norman" Baby don't go  sweet Way Out 10
"Wade, Bobby" I'm in love with you  great x-over Way Out 25
Change Searching UK/'A' ol/Luther Vandross WEA 4
"Dukes, The (Bugatti & Musker)" Mystery girl (Inc Co sleeve) w/demo/Canada/superb WEA 20
Detroit Emeralds Holding on / Things are looking up  VG++/2 superb sides Westbound 75
"La Salle, Denise" I'm over you/A Man size job ex-/2 good sides Westbound 3
"Lasky, Emanuel" More love (where this came from) great Westbound 15
"Tilmon, AC & Detroit Emeralds, The" Rosetta Stone demo/great Westbound 15
Masterpiece The girl's alright with me / same demo/superb version Whitfield 15
"Bulluck, Janice" I'm riding high on love  Wilbe 8
Persuaders What is the definition of love superb group soul Win Or Lose 8
"Harris, Major" Laid back love   Wmot 10
"Harris, Major" Laid back love/same w/demo Wmot 10
"Mason, Barbara" On and off / same demo/potential monster !! WMOT 10
"Mann, Donny" Try me (sm stol) / I'm a weak man  M-/2 superb sides Wooden Nickel 30
"Flamingos, The" Think about me vg+/great Worlds 10
"Flamingos, The" Think about me  great Worlds 15
"Love, Dave" Baby hard times / You painted me blue  great x-over Worlds 15
Fantasie The composer / Can't get it  great XKR III 15
Onyx You never fail to amaze me  M-/x-over/superb Yew 40
"Brothers, The " Secret place  M-/superb x-over Zanzee 30
"Austin, CJ & Gold-Star" We got to turn it around  superb mid-tempo Zanzibar 10
Chaz Tell me your name  nice Zanzibar 8
"James, Jesse" I know I'll never find another  great x-over Zay 15
"Lucien, John" How 'bout tonight nice Zemajo 10
"Bernard, Chuck" Got to get a hold of myself  superb  Zodiac 20
"Bernard, Chuck" Love bug  nice Zodiac 15
"Bean, Carl" I was born this way  UK/great version 10 8
"Swinging Medallions, The" We're gonna hate ourselves in the morning demo 123 10
Brighter Side Of Darkness Love Jones nice 20th Century 10
Brock If we don't make it nobody can / same-long demo/great 20th Century 15
"Brock, Tom" I love you more and more / same demo/recommended 20th Century 20
Cut Glass Rising cost of love  demo/great version 20th Century 20
"Haywood, Leon" The day I laid eyes on you  recommended 20th Century 15
"Jackson, Walter" Magic man nice 20th Century 8
"James, Jesse" If you want a love affair / same M-/demo/fantastic 20th Century 50
"James, Jesse" If you want a love affair / I never meant to love her  EX-/VG+ flip/fantastic/rare issue 20th Century 50
Southside Movement Love is for fools great ballad 20th Century 6
"Wiley, Michelle" Feel good / I feel so at home here  EX+/2 great sides/Inc Co sleeve 20th Century 75
"Graves, Carl" Heart be still  great A&M 15
"Graves, Carl" Heart be still w/demo/great A&M 15
"Johnson, Howard" Let this dream be real  A&M 5
"Keith, Ron & Lady" Can't live without you (sticks and stones)  recommended A&M 25
"Keith, Ron & Lady" Can't live without you (sticks and stones)/same w/demo A&M 25
"Osborne, Jeffrey" Don't you get so mad  A&M 6
"McFarland, Queenie" I need a full time lover/inst.  A&T 15
"Wilson, Ron" I won't do you wrong  M-/great x-over Abbott 40
"Andrews, Ruby" I got a bone to pick with you / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great ABC 20
"Bland, Bobby" It ain't the real thing  recommended ABC 12
"Bland, Bobby" It ain't the real thing w/demo/recmnded ABC 15
"Davis, Billy" Three steps from true love / Light a candle  M-/superb/fantastic flip ABC 20
"Davis, Billy" Three steps from true love/Light a candle M-/UK/superb/fantastic flip ABC 20
"Davis, Billy" Three steps from true love/same-mono M-/w/demo/superb ABC 15
"Dozier, Lamont" Breaking out all over great/EDGE CHIP-nap ABC 5
"Dozier, Lamont" Breaking out all over  ex-/great ABC 6
"Dozier, Lamont" Trying to hold on to my woman  ABC 6
"Garner, Reggie" Half a cup / same (Inc. promo info sheet) w/demo/superb ABC 25
"Garner, Reggie" Half a cup / That ain't the way (you make love)  ex-/superb ABC 45
"Grier, Rosey" I don't want nobody (to lead me on)/Rat race w/demo ABC 15
"Holman, Eddie" I need somebody  recommended ABC 15
"Jackson, Chuck" I only get this feeling  M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb ABC 30
"La Salle, Denise" I get what I want  EX+/superb/Holland/Inc colour pic slv ABC 25
"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" "Baby,you got my nose open " recommeneded ABC 10
"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" "Baby,you got my nose open" w/demo/recommended ABC 12
"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" Reaching for the world  great ABC 12
"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" Reaching for the world w/demo/great ABC 15
"Williams, Lenny" Choosing you  recomnded ABC 10
"Williams, Lenny" Choosing you UK/recomnded ABC 12
"Williams, Lenny" Choosing you w/demo/recomnded ABC 15
"Williams, Lenny" Look up with your mind  great ABC 15
"Williams, Lenny" Look up with your mind w/demo/great ABC 20
"Williams, Lenny" Midnight girl/I still reach out to you great ABC 10
"Matthews Inc, Milt" Only a fool  M-/awesome x-over Abbott 15
Wisdom What-cha-gonna-du-about-you/Nefertiti(inst.) funk Adelia 15
"Hills, Beverley " I don't care anymore  recommeneded Air Play 12
"Bee, Jimmy" Find your self funk ALA 15
Brothers By Choice Take a little more ex-/great x-over ALA 12
Brothers By Choice Take a little more  w/demo/great x-over ALA 20
"Cacia Band, Paul" Saved by your love  great Alexander St. 5
"Perry, Greg" It takes heart  M-/classic/Inc Co sleeve Alfa 60
"English, Barbara Jean" Breakin' up a happy home  recommended Alithia 10
"English, Barbara Jean" Breakin' up a happy home/same demo Alithia 12
"English, Barbara Jean" Comin' or goin' ex-/superb Alithia 12
"English, Barbara Jean" Comin' or goin'  'plug' stamp ol/superb Alithia 12


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