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Guest soul_hull

My mate is an artist, and a damn good one - his paintings sell for £££s. He also has a caricature sideline. anyhoo, got talking to him today on a passing visit - where he sits and draws me 'for practice'....

basically he charges £10 for a colour caricature, and £5 for a b/w. And of course, me being me, says, well i could put them on tees, mugs, clocks and so on.

he also reckons he can draw yer mugshot with the body doing a backflip etc!!

so this is me!! see below. it could be you, yer partner etc. would make a good gift don't ya think? all we'd need is a photo, and a description of how you'd like the body (dancing etc).


prices would be negotiable, depending on what you wanted it on, and we'd send you the original signed caricature as well.

oh, and to check the likeness, check me profile, there's a photo in there of yours truly.


the caricatures are by Pete Bell...and you can se how much his paintings go for here

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