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Anoraks Corner

100% Originals - Price Reductions

100% originals...most now with reduced prices.


Montereys - It Hurts Me To - Arwin WD E+ £250
Fabulous and indemand male group track!



Merle Spears - I Want To Know - Atlantic WD vg+ £50
Vinyl has a few marks but plays no problems...sticker on label.
O.V.Wright - Love The Way You Love - BackBeat D E+ £25 ON HOLD
Hard driving gritty Northern...super clean demo copy.
Dealers - You Got It - Big Bunny E+ £105
Indemand male group belter!
Young Holt Unltd. - California Montage - Brunswick YD M- £20
Blackpool Mecca ender...clean demo!
Soulful Strings - Burning Spear - Cadet D E- £20
Northern / Rare Groove / Funk...it crosses over all scenes...rare demo.
Lou Rawls - Too Much EP - Capitol E- £15
US EP with pic cover (slight H2O mark)...includes Dead End Street
Vontastics - Why Must We Part / I Will Always Love you - Chess D E+ £55
Popular double-sider...rarer demo copy.
Jamo Thomas - Must I Holler - Chess WD M- £40

Killer Chicago R'nB Northern...rare one-sided WD.
Chambers Brothers - I Can't Stand It - Columbia WD M- £65 SOLD
So indemand...fantastic Northern bursting through!
Halos - Do I / Keep On Loving Me - Congress WD M- £25
Forgotten Oldie...was bootlegged too soon!
Leroy & Drivers - You Picked The Wrong Time - Coral D M- £35
Stafford minor spin...his rarest and most Northern track...recommended.
Roosevelt Grier - Pizza Pie Man - D.Town M- £80
Thumping mid-tempo H.B Barnum production.
Chet McDowell - I Guess You Don't Know - Dart E+ £45
Rare R'n'B rumbler...highly recommended.

Lada Edmund Jr. - The Larue - Decca E+ £425
Original 60's JAPANESE press...plus pic cover...stunning...RARE!
Bernie Williams - Baby I Want To Thank You - Del Val E+ £450
So rare...so good...not in all the price guides!
Ruby Winters - In The Middle Of A Heartache - Diamond D E+ £20
Her rarest release...big mid-tempo heartbreaker!
Rocky Roberts - I Know You'll Come running Back - Dick Charles acetate E- £175
No US or UK release for this Cross-Over killer that builds and builds...recommended.
Superlatives - Lonely In A Crowd - Dynamics WD E+ £105
Incredibly rare on a WD...great way to own this killer Detroit double-sider!
Tina Britt - You're Absolutely Right / Look - Eastern WD E+ £45
Thumping double-sider...rarer WD.
Exotics - I'm Gonna Never Stop Loving You - Excello M- £15
Exotics - Let Me be A Part Of You - Excello D M- £15
Stacy Lane - I'm Out To Win You Over - Excello M- £15
Avons - Since I Met You Baby - Excello M- £15
Kelly Bros. - Sound Of  A Cryin' Man - Excello M- £15
Arthur Freeman - Played Out Play Girl - Excello D E+ £20

A luverly bunch in their factory bags...all recommended moovers!
Art Freeman - Slippin' Around With You - Fame M- £105 SOLD
Near mint black label stocker...stunning!
Creations - Oh Baby - Globe M- £20
Fabulous Chicago Soul...both sides
Steve Mancha - I Need To Be Needed - Groovesville D M- £20
Rare demo copy...Detroit classic.
Mike & Censations - Baby What're You Gonna Do - Highland WD M- £25

LOVE this track...superb clean production mid-tempo beauty...recommended.
Imperialites - Have Love Will Travel - Imperial E+ £30
Recommended dancer...love it...great version!
Charley Wynn - Action Time - Jim Gem M- £275
Sold a copy last month...this should be a monster...solid Northern!
Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band - Condition Red - Jubilee E+ £15
Classic thumper...so good...who hasn't danced to this in their time!?!
COD's - I'm A Good Guy / Pretty Baby - Kellmac WD E+ £25
Plays the correct tracks/labels on correct sides!
Willie Hatcher - Head Over Heels - King WD M- £25

Always been popular without major nighter spins
The Other Ones - The Two Of Us - Knoll M- £205
Popular late Wigan spin that always sounds fresh!
Lenis Guess - In My Room - LeGrand WD E+ £30
Sinister stuff...really haunting...beware the slowed down YouTube clips!!
Herman H.Harper II - Headed For the Streets - Loadstone M- £25
Always sells quickly...superb 70's dancer!
Lou Roberts - Ten To One - MGM D M- £50
Classic underplayed Oldie.
Willie Parker - Don't Hurt The One You Love / Salute To Lovers - M.Pac M- £20
Willie Parker - Don't Hurt The One You Love / The Town I Live In - M.Pac M- £20

You need both issues to get the great flip sides!
Sherri Taylor & Sammy Ward - Lover - Motown E+ £25 SOLD
Superb R'n'B...pink stripes!
Otis Clay - Three Is A Crowd - OneDerful E+ £50
Always indemand...one of the rare ones on this collectible artist/label.
Tobi Lark - I'll Steal Your Heart - Palmer WD E+ £205
Cracking Detroit dancer - cult artist - cult label - rarer WD!
Deans - No Not Now - Pannik WD E- £40
Great male group Detroit track...rarer WD copy.
Jades - I Know The Feeling - Poncello M- £150
Stormer...stunning male group vocals!
Lee Rogers - Jack The Playboy / Sweet Baby Talk - Premium Stuff #4 E+ £30
Fabulous and recommended Detroit dancer both sides.
Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling - RCA WD E+ £35
Rare WD plus rarer original picture sleeve!
Robert Walker - Stick To Me - RCA WD E+ £25
Forgotten Detroit dancer on a major label...superb!
Timmy Shaw - Letter From My Baby - Reel E+ £30
Detroit release for this gritty mover!
Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS Int vg+ £375

Plays fine...no hiss or cue burn...has a few marks on the playing surface.
Labels have slight ring-wear...but overall a nice copy!
Kelly Garrett - Loves The Only Answer - Smash WD E+ £225

Manic stormer...rarer WD.
Fuller Brothers - Times A Wasting - Soul Clock E+ £25
All time classic...super condition vinyl/labels.
Sweet Bobby & Honey Boy - Watch The One Who's Talking - Sound-O-Riffic M- £45
SUPERB...100% RECOMMENDED...Soulful male duet oozing with Soul, brass and chopping guitar!

Don Varner - Masquerade - South Camp WD M- £45
Don Varner - The Sweetest Story - South Camp WD M- £30
June Edwards - Heaven Help Me - South Camp WD M- £45

Superb tracks...cult label...all great Northern!
3 Degrees - Drivin' Me Mad - Swan WD E- 35
Rarer and more desirable WD of this fem group killah!
Little Willie Jones - You're Welcome To Try - VRC E- £25
Forgotten Stafford spin...was it Guy or Keb on this one?!
Victoria Williams & J.B.Ledbetter - Show Some Sign - Verve D M- £150
150mph screamer...indemand...clean demo copy.
Youngblood Smith - You Can Split - Verve D M- £225 SOLD
Stunning condition...total stomper!
Charts - Living The Nightlife - Wand D E+ £400
One of the rarest and best Northern tunes on this classic label
J.J.Taylor - I'm Not Tired Yet - Yambo M- £25
Original label...original mix...Cross-over magic
Counts - Stronger Than Ever - Yes - M- £205
Ex 100 Club favourite...top drawer Blue Eyed Northern.
£400 on Manships site 

...and a couple of albums:

Hesitations - Soul Superman - Kapp E+ £80
Nice clean black label stock copy...sleeve is uncut and has no tears/marks.
Vinyl/labels have a few minor marks, but nothing serious.
Lou Courtney - Skate Now Shing-A-Ling - Riverside E- £25
Nice clean stock copy...sleeve is uncut and has only minor wear.
Vinyl/labels has a few minor marks, but nothing serious.


Courier service P&P is £10 per parcel
PayPal or UK bank transfer are OK.



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