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Rare Chicago 45 Magnificents On Arnell 1002 Renaldo Domino Mp3

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I am selling one of my rarest 45's (ending 2/8/15) 1st time on ebay. With full sound clips.


My lovely ladies birthday is coming up, so…. (happy wife happy life)




This one is a bit of a head scratcher. The "Don't Grip" side has an amazing primitive instrumental live party funk sound. Very cool and very raw. William Sandy Johnson is the label arranger. The Magnificents is Renaldo Domino's high school group.


This is the same label as the incredibly rare 1st Renaldo Domino 45 (only one Ebay sale record of that one).



My guess is that it is a 1971 release

Sold through my friend who is trustworthy seller.

Best wishes




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