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Northern 45s

Muscle Shoals

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Please reserve by email (philhaynes@gmail.com - use this address for Paypal) - records held for 7 days unless agreed otherwise.

All records under £50 are E+/M- unless stated otherwise.

Label/record Jpegs supplied on request.

All records guaranteed - just return within 7 days for refund.

Cheques / transfers/ cash (by Special Delivery NOT Recorded) and Paypal (no surcharge to buyers) accepted. Details sent with confirmation of order.

Orders over £100 sent post free within EC.

£1 for first plus 50p each additional otherwise. Add £4.25 for Special Delivery. Overseas airmail at cost. Advice with order.

Phil Haynes

P O Box 259

London SW14 7BG

Phone 07946 763997 with any queries


014 Sam Anderson Standing At The Edge Of The Sea / Back On The Block King E+ £50 (scuffed - plays E+)

049 Naomi Bradly A Fool In Love/Why Not Tonight Big Beat M £50 (deep flip)

068 Larry Cappel Hush Hush / River Of Soul RCA WD M £60

140 The Drapers You Got To Look Up / (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away Gee Wd E+ £60

192 Fundamentals I Wouldn't Blame Ya / Let Me Show It To You Okeh WD M- £50

218 Rosie Grier Beautiful People A&M M/S Demo M- £65

255 Derc Hotzog Church Going Girl / Puppy Love Hamilton (Date Stamped) M- £70

309 Vivilore Jordan Put My Loving On You / Pickin' Up Where She... Sound Gems M £50

312 Frankie Karl Ferris Wheel/No Hurry, No Worry Insight M £100 (books @ £200)

340 Lonnie Lester You Can't Go / You Choose Nu-Tone M £75 (Always £100/125 - Flip is great Deep Soul. LAST COPY!)

371 The Magnificents My Heart Is Calling / On Main Street Dee Cee Vg+/E- £50 (Silver issue copy but has demo stamp)

388 Willie Mason I Loved You Once / Go On Back Rujac M- £60

431 Virgil Murray I Still Care / Summer Dreamin Kool Kat Wd M- £100 (currently on a very well known website @ £150 ...)

438 Frederick Knight Have A Little Mercy On Me/Sauerkraut 123 Demo MINT £175 (£300 in Brown/Koppell guide)

479 The Profiles Take A Giant Step (Walk On) / The Watusi Wobble Goldie M £50

529 Sophisticates Back Up Baby /Cry Me A River Sonny M- £50

543 The Stingers I Refuse To Be Lonely / Do The Cissy Stax M- £50 (usually £75 - last copy...)

641 Bobby Womack What Is This Keymen £50

749 Dolly Gilmore Sweet Sweet Baby / Don't You Know You're The Yes DOVE E+ £500 (Sister Funk/Crossover - recently went for £767 at auction.)

775 MAR-GO & SOUL TRIO I Had To Go/There Is No One SOUL WORLD WD M- £125 (slight marking on both labels)

777 MARLENE & DEBANETTES Bad Love/Play Something Slow SUNBURST £50

790 NOLAN PORTER If I Could Only Be Sure ABC M- £60

791 RAY SCOTT & THE SCOTTSMEN Love Piled On Top Of Love / I Can Get You On Tv Baby DECCA Demo E/E+ £80 Scuffed But Plays E/E+(Date written in biro on label "3/68". )

792 YOUNG DISCIPLES Bang Bang Bang GATEWAY MINT £60 ( Northern/ Funk crossover)


800 Jewel Akens A Slice Of The Pie ERA MINT £25

801 Margie Alexander Keep On Searching/Love Slave FUTURE STARS £15 (two great sides)

803 Lucifer After You/It Takes Soul NICO E £20

806 Lee Andrews Nevertheless CRIMSON M- £40

807 The Avons Since I Met You Baby EXCELLO MINT £20

808 The Ballads My Baby Knows How To Love Her Man VENTURE MINT £15

809 Bates Sisters So Broken Hearted NOLA MINT £15

810 Betty & Karen Stop And Listen/I'm Not Satisfied MGM Demo MINT £20

811 Marion Black I'm Gonna Get Loaded PRIX MINT £15

812 James Booker Tubby PEACOCK MINT £15

813 Jan Bradley Your Kind Of Lovin' CHESS £15

814 Sandy Brockington Girl In Distress/It Was You BENGEE MINT £15 (v sl wol)

815 Lonnie Brooks I'm Not Going Home/Figure Head USA MINT £15

816 Dee Brown Bad Habit JEWEL £15

817 Andy Butler Sunshine Love TRC MINT £15

818 Billy Butler I'll Bet You BRUNSWICK £15

819 Leon Byrd I Got Love/ I Catch Myself Crying SS7 £20

820 The Capitols Patty Cake/Take A Chance On Me Baby KAREN WD MINT £15 (date stamped)

821 Chick Carbo Two Tables Away INSTANT MINT £20

822 Deniece Chandler & Lee Sain Glorious Feeling/Hey Baby TODDLIN ' TOWN MINT £20

823 Ray Charles Something Inside Me ABC £15

824 Ray Charles I Don't Need No Doctor ABC £15

825 Ray Charles I Can't Stop Loving You Baby ABC £15

826 The Charmetts Breaking Up Again PHILOMEGA WD £20

827 Jimmy (Soul) Clark Tell Her MOIRA MINT £15

828 Otis Clay She's About A Mover/You Don't Miss Your Water COTILLION MINT £20 (Deep soul flip - two killer sides)

829 Alice Coggswell Hey Good Lover MIDLAND INT £15

830 Mitty Collier I'd Like To Change Places With His Part Time Lover ENTRANCE WD MINT £15

831 Mary Love Comer Come Out Of The Sandbox LOVE MINT £15

832 Little Joe Cook Meet Me Down In Soulsville OKEH WD MINT £20

833 Johnny Copeland I'll Take The Case/ If I Could See My Baby's Face Again ATLANTIC MINT £15

834 Linda Carr If You Must Leave My Life RANWOOD £15

835 James Crawford Honest I Do OMEN £15

836 Johnny Copeland Every Dog's Got His Day KENT WD £20

837 Clifford Davis Finders Keepers Losers Weepers/Take it Light OKEH WD £15 ( "Inst" and "X" written on label)

838 The Dells Make Sure CADET MINT £15

839 Gene Diamond Lonely Drifter MOTHERS £15

840 Wyle Dixon Sad Times/Swet Pea CONDUC MINT £25

841 Lee Edward Need I Say More LANTIC GOLD MINT £15

842 Donnie Elbert Can't Get Over Losing You/I Got To Get Myself Together RARE BULLET MINT £15

843 The Emotions I Can't Stand No More Heartaches BRAINSTORM MINT £15

844 The Esquires Let Me Build You A New World NEW MINT £15

845 The Ethics Look At Me Now VENT MINT £15

846 Betty Everett Trouble Over The Weekend VEE JAY MINT £15

847 The Exotics Let Me Be A Part Of You/Let's Try To Build A Love Affair EXCELLO MINT £30 Always £40 or more - flip is great group deep soul)

848 Lillie Fields I've Been Discovered SPECTRUM MINT £25

849 Richard "Dimples" Fields Tears As Big As Canteloupes JO JO MINT £15

850 Darrow Fletcher My Judgement Day GROOVY £20

851 Darrow Fletcher My Young Misery GROOVY MINT £25

852 Tony Fox I've Been Searching TRI-SPIN £15

853 Marie Franklin You Ain't Changed/Don'tcha Bet No Money MAVERICK £15

854 Freedom Express Stolen Pleasures SPIRIT E £40

855 Tommy Frontera Shy Boy/Dry Your Eyes HI-LITE MINT £20

856 Earl Gaines Good Good Lovin' DE LUXE MINT £15

857 Peggy Gaines Sweet Way Of Living / Just to Satisfy My Baby REF-O-REE MINT £15

858 Mamie P Galore You Got The Power THOMAS MINT £20

859 The Geminiles Don't Fight The Feelin' SANDBAG £15

860 George & Gwen One Of These Days ALSTON WD MINT £15

861 Eddy Giles Losin' Boy MURCO MINT £15

862 John Gilliam Thank You, For Loving Me ICA MINT £15

863 Gloria & The Relations Date With My Man BONNIE MINT £25

864 Benny Gordon All The Love I Got ESTILL MINT £15

865 Joe Graves Debbie PARKWAY MINT £20

802 Garland Green Ain't That Good Enough REVUE E £80 (looks VG+ but plays E)

866 Jerry (J.G.) Green I Finally Found The Love I Need WOODWARD ONE MINT £15

867 Dan Greer My Baby's Got A New Way BIG BEAT MINT £15

868 Guys & Dolls Looking For A Lover/Strange World MELLOW MINT £15

869 Little Walter Hammond Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide DUO DISC MINT £15

870 Bobby Hebb Bound By Love/Everything Is Coming Up Roses PHILIPS MINT £15

871 Bobby Hebb Love Love Love PHILIPS £15

872 Edd Henry Soul Socking Time Baby HEAVY HANK £25

873 Joe Hinton I'm Waiting BACKBEAT Demo MINT £15 ( issue £10)

874 Joe Hinton If I Had Only Known/Lots Of Love BACKBEAT Demo MINT £20

875 Charlie Hodges I Got A Better Idea CALLA Demo MINT £15

876 Loleatta Holloway Mother Of Shame AWARE MINT £15

877 Eddie Holman This Will Be A Night To Remember SALSOUL £15 (tick in felt tip on label)

878 Fred Hughes Can't Make It Without You CADET £20

879 Pierre Hunt You're Blowing My Mind GOLDEN WHEELS £15

880 Sam Hutchins Dang Me AGP MINT £20 (first label)

881 The Ideals I Got Lucky ST LAWRENCE MINT £15

882 The Incredibles Stop The Raindrops/Fool Fool Fool AUDIO ARTS MINT £15

883 The Incredibles I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love AUDIO ARTS MINT £15

884 Marjorie Ingram I Have No RIght To Love You/ A Good Man Is Hard To Find BENNET £15

885 The Inovations Just Keep On Loving Me HIT SOUND £15

886 The Intruders All The time EXCEL MINT £15

887 The Invitations Girl I'm Leaving You/ The Skate MGM Demo E £20

888 Lee Jackson Keep Your Mouth Shut/Ad For Love ATLANTIC MINT £15 (deep soul flip)

889 Walter Jackson My Ship Is Coming In OKEH MINT £15

890 Etta James Mellow Fellow ARGO £15

891 Etta James Next Door To The Blues ARGO £15

892 Etta James Pay Back ARGO £15

893 Jesse James Believe In Me Baby 20th C FOX MINT £15

894 Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto Do I Make Myself Clear CADET £15

895 Jive Five You Showed Me The Light Of Love DECCA Demo £20

896 Jive Five Crying Like A Baby MUSICOR £15

897 Ruby Johnson Keep On Keeping On/ If I Ever Needed Love VOLT WD £20

898 E.Rodney Jones Football/Right Right On WESTBOUND MINT £15

899 Mathilda Jones Wrong Too Long/Part Of The Game FUTURE STARS £15 (two great sides)

900 Jay Jordan Tobacco Road North/If It Wasn't For Love VERVE MINT £15

901 Roddie Joy Come Back Baby RED BIRD £25

902 Kelly Bothers The Sound Of A Crying Man EXCELLO £15

903 Kelly Bothers If That Will Hold You SIMS WD £15

904 Kelly Brothers I've Got My Baby SIMS £15

905 Troy Keyes Love Explosion ABC MINT £15

906 Troy Keyes If I Had My Way MVP ( PS) £15

907 Joanne King My Baby Left Me CORAL Demo E £40

908 The King Pins It Won't Be This Way Always/How Long Will It Last FEDERAL £15 (v sl. wol)

909 Lady Margo SImply Got to Make It CYNTHIA £15

910 Denise Lasalle The Right Track/To Late to Check Your Trap PARKA £20

911 Hayward Lee Oogaloo/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie SCAMM SOUND £15

912 Barbara Lewis I Remember The Feeling ATLANTIC £20

913 Barbara Lewis Only All TheTime ATLANTIC WD MINT £20

914 Barbara Lewis Love Makes The World Go Round ATLANTIC MINT £15

915 Diane Lewis I Thank You Kindly WAND MINT £15

916 Limitations All Because Of You/Hold On To It VOLT M- £70

917 The Lintons Don't You Ever Walk Away ERICA £15

918 Baby Little & The Playboys BigTime Playboy WATTS WAY MINT £20

919 Little Dion Little Sister/LIke They Do RCA WD £20

920 Little Dooley It's Got To Be Now Or Never RED RUBY £15

921 Little Rock Brotherhood Girl Watching On Broadway REF-O-REE WD MINT £15

922 The Lollipops Gee Whiz Baby/He's The Boy SMASH WD MINT £30

923 Delores Lynn The Big Search Is On JUNIOR MINT £15

924 The Malibus A Broken Man WHITE WHALE £15

925 The Mighty Marvelows I'm Without A Girl ABC MINT £15

926 Mighty Sam Papa True Love AMY WD £15

927 Johnny Moffett I Found Joy/Send Her Home To Me CANTERBURY MINT £15

928 Mokie,J.J. & R.O.B Come Together In Love SUN.MOON & STARS £15

929 Tim Murray Thinking Of You DETROIT TRAKS MINT £15 (red)

930 The New Young Hearts Why Do You Have To Go ZEA WD E £15

931 Bobby Newton & Tina Blount Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day INTREPID £15

932 No No Star Pull Yourself Together MIDAS MINT £15

933 Ollie & The Nighingales I Got A Sure Thing STAX MINT £15

934 Kell Osbourne Do You Mind/Little Chick A Dee CLASS WD MINT £15

935 Johnny Otis Show Country Girl KENT £15

936 The Ovations I'm In Love/Don't Say You Love Me... MGM MINT £15

937 The Ovations I Believe I'll Go Back Home GOLDDWAX Demo £15

938 Charlie Palmieri Uptight/Bugalu ATLANTIC WD MINT £20

939 Bobby Patterson Sock Some Lovin' At Me JETSTAR £15

940 Bobby Patterson What A Wonderful Night For Love JETSTAR £15

941 Cliff Perkins In Your Way/Wait So Long EBONY SOUNDS £15

942 The Persians I Can't Take It Anymore GWP's GRAPEVINE E £15

943 The Poets A Sure Thing SYMBOL £15

944 The Poets She Blew A Good Thing SYMBOL MINT £20

945 Popular Five I'm A Love Maker MINIT £15

946 Lou Pride Gone Bad/Very Special WMB MINT £15 (promo stamped plus WMB sticker covering old label - Black Rock?)

947 The Radiants Anything You Do Is Alright CHESS £15

948 The Raelets One Hurt Deserves Another/One Room Paradise TRC £30

949 Clarence Reid Something Special About My Baby TAY-STER MINT £15

950 The Relations Puddin-n-tang/Don't Let Me Down This Weekend LEBBY MINT £15

951 Googie Rene Caesar's Pad CLASS £20

952 Charlie Rich Love Is After Me HI MINT £15

953 Sandra Richardson Don't Let Me Down/Stay Here With Me INTER SOUL MINT £15

954 Tina Roberts Snow SECURITY MINT £15

955 Rocky Roberts & The Airedales Got A Thing Going/Tell Me BRUNSWICK Demo MINT £20

956 Sharon Robins Good Gracious Baby JAYEM WD MINT £15

957 Roscoe Robinson We Got A Good Thing Going PAULA WD MINT £15

958 Lee Rogers I Want You To Have Everything D-TOWN £15

959 Johnny Sayles I'm Just What She Needs CHESS £25

960 Johnny Sayles The Concentration CHI-TOWN £20

961 Ray Sharpe I Can't Take It ATCO MINT £15

962 The Sharpees Tired Of Being Lonely ONE-DERFUL £15

963 The Sharpees I've Got A Secret/Make Up Your Mind ONE-DERFUL £15

964 Roscoe Shelton Question/Strain On My Heart SIMS £15

965 The Shirelles There's A Storm Going On In My Heart BLUE ROCK E £15

966 The Sims Twins A Losing Battle OMEN £15

967 Jimmy Smiley Girl I Love You GAIT £15

968 Timmy Smith Everybody Talks About The Devil/I'm Willing To Love You STARVILLE MINT £15

969 Tommy Smith I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You ORBIT MINT £20

970 Soul Brothers Six Your Love Is Such A Wonderful Love ATLANTIC £15

971 Soul Sisters Think About The Good Times SUE MINT £15

972 Chuck Strong You Beat Me At My Game VENTURE Demo MINT £15

973 Betty Swann Fall In Love With Me/Lonely Love MONEY £15

974 Betty Swann Don't Take My Mind MONEY £15

975 The Sweet Delights Baby Be Mine ATCO MINT £15

976 T.S.U. Tornados Got To Get Through To You ATLANTIC £20

977 T.S.U. Tornados Nothing Can Stop Me/Only Inside OVIDE MINT £15

978 Debbie Taylor No Deposit , No Return TODAY £15

979 Gene Taylor The Hunch KENT £15

980 Hersey Taylor We're Gonna Run Out Of Time FUTURE STARS £15

981 Joe Tex That's Your Baby DIAL MINT £15

982 Joe Tex Baby Be Good/You Need Me Baby DIAL MINT £15

983 Tony & Tyrone Turn It On Girl/ Talking 'Bout The People COLUMBIA MINT £15

984 Tony & Tyrone Don't Ever Leave Me / Talking About The People STON-ROC MINT £15

985 Gene Toone She's My Girl CHUMLEY £20

986 Top Shelf Give It Up/ No Second Thoughts LO LO MINT £15

987 Toppiks Give It A Chance To Grow/Surrender LARSAM £30

988 George Torrence Fine Foxy Frame DUO DISC MINT £15

989 Chris Towns Sop It Up/ The Soul Of My Sister COTILLION WD MINT £15

990 McKinley Travis Get Yourself Together SOULTOWN £20

991 Chuck Trois Call On You SOCK &SOUL MINT £15

992 Benny Turner When I'm Gone/ Come Back Home ONE-DERFUL £20

993 Joe Turner I Walk A Lonely Mile/I'm Packin' Up CORAL MINT £40

994 Spyder Turner I Can't Make It Anymore MGM MINT £15

995 Carolyn Veal Don't The Good Book Say We're Brothers PHIL L.A. £15

996 Vontastics I Need You St LAWRENCE WD £25

997 The Vontastics My Baby ST LAWRENCE £15

998 The Vontastics Let Me Down Easy/ I'mThe One you Need TODDLIN' TOWN MINT £15

804 Jerry Williams If You Ask Me CALLA VG+ £15

805 Jeanette Williams Hound Dog BACK BEAT Demo E £25 (looks VG+ but plays E)

999 Ronnie Walker You're The One PHILIPS £15

1000 Wallace Brothers Stepping Stone SIMS £20

1001 Wayne Warren Hit On Somebody's Baby HAPPY HOOKER £30

1002 Dee Dee Warwick You're No Good JUBILEE MINT £15

1003 Dee Dee Warwick When Love Slips Away MERCURY £15

1004 Baby Washington Your Fool/Run My Heart SUE £15

1005 Freddie Waters Love Is A Strange Thing REF-O-REE MINT £40

1006 Freddie Waters I'm Afraid To Let You Into My Life OCTOBER MINT £15

1007 Billy Watkins Beverly/Just For You (Stone Fox) KENT £15

1008 Jean Wells I Couldn't Love You More Than I Do Now/Keep Your Mouth Shut VOLARE £15

1009 Junior Wells Cut My Toe Nil BIG STAR £15

1010 Carlena Willams I Won't Be Completely Happy/ Hey Radio VENICE MINT £15

1011 Jeanette Williams Hound Dog/ I Can Feel A Heartbreak BACK BEAT

1012 Johnny Williams Breaking Point TWINIGHT WD MINT £50

1013 Lee Williams Love Is Breakin' Out (All Over) CARNIVAL £20

1014 Lee Williams Shing-A-Ling USA CARNIVAL WD MINT £15

1015 Charles Wilson Trying To Make A Wrong Thing Right ALLEY CAT £15

1016 Ruby Winters We're Living To Give/Always David DIAMOND £15

1017 Ruby Winters Sweetheart Things/Guess Who DIAMOND £15

1018 Witches and the Warlock Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide SEW CITY MINT £15

1019 Witches and the Warlock I Don't Want To Live My Life Alone SEW CITY £40

1020 Billy Young A Sweet Woman/I'm Available SHOUT WD £15 (deep flip)

1021 Ex Saveyons Running Wild SMOKE MINT £25

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