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Everybody Needs Some Lovin' Now's The Time / Hey Look At Me

A monster tune for Steve Guarnori, Soul Sam and all those other old folk with hearts and minds of the16 year old Soulie, brandishing electric enthusiasm, desire and passion for the next new discovery; keeping their DJ sets fresh and the audience captivated…

Proper DJ’s, seeking proper rare records, that undeniably saturated in what it takes to ignite a dancefloor… for guys of this ilk, every day is a continuous turning over soil in search of unknown overlooked jewel, some obscure treasure sitting just below the surface…since 1978 this compelling slab of Modern-Dance-Soul has been kept away from the NS populous - thank Heavens for intrepid Jocks who badger, the ever-exploring vinyl dealers for their finest, rarest, most impressive finds..

Wanna join the progressive Rare-Soul movement…? or will it be another wafer thin slice of Sam & Kitty…Mr. Creosote ?

PS flipside will kill those of you addicted to the off-the-wall vocal-harmony gems.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,827.00


Sandi Sheldon

You're Gonna Make Me Love You

The Scottish Soul May Weekender was a most enjoyable 2 days.. but what will always stay with me was the reaction of the dance floor when this was dropped on the crowd..

or should I say more importantly the effect it had on me… the booming kitchen-sink Van McCoy production, Sandi’s surrendering vocal as her resistance to love capitulates under the pressure of her desires..


Just like when I was a youngster, every time I heard this record it sent shivers though me..

After all these years this record still has the power to unleash uncontrollable emotions..


Labels are flaw free - playing surface has multiple tiny mild surface marks - but as you can hear the full 2.45 minutes play clean and true.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,252.00


Linda Kendrick

It's The Little Things

Very rare 1966 British take on the highly sought-after Patti & The Emblems Northern Soul winner on Congress.

Quite often when the English covered a version of a USA production, something always seems “missing”. With Fred Lloyd & Chris Parmenter having a daunting task of bettering the Congress offering you’d have thought an inferior take was about play; After all, competing with Jimmy “the Wiz” Wisner & Tommy Kaye doing the arrangement & production on the New York / Philadelphia original collaboration.

Well Mr. Parmenter & Lloyd your British slant on the production is totally superb. The MODS will adore the potent guitar intro, the Girl vocal collectors will be captivated by Linda very first single, enriched by a USA styled Girl-Group chorus; and of course the British Soul 45 collector will be itching to snag this 45, as it so scarcely becomes available.

Check out UK vs USA, they both carry their own unique qualities and of course are both rare, with this UK Polydor example being near “impossible” to capture…we are not ashamed of announcing the fact, that this is our FIRST copy in more than 20 years..

Great tune and Unicorn-Rare!

Both vinyl surfaces are pristine, label are free of writing, tears or any other annoying flaw. Sitting in it’s original wavy-top Polydor cover…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 94.00


Marvin Gaye

This Love Starved Heart Of Mine / It's A Desperate Situation

One of only 3 original 10” acetates ever cut by Motown in preparation for their special Marvin Gaye picture sleeved 45 limited run to help promote the 1994 CD “Love Starved Heart”

This copy # 2 of the 3 only made, unlike the # 1 acetate we auctioned near 12 months ago, carries a flipside “It’s a A Desperate Situation”

The 3rd copy as far as we are aware resides with Motown fgor file purposes and will never come to market.

Before you is a decidedly rare opportunity to own “Direct Cut” studio quality example of one of Northern Soul’s top ever recordings.. Totally awesome dance tune that not only epitomises the mid-60s Motown Sound but also encapsulates everything the Northern Soul dancefl;oor soldier requires to be able to “let it all go”

This Detroit Northern Soul at it’s finest - in it’s rarest form and finest possible sound quality and volume.

Flawless direct cut from 1994 and one of TWO only that can ever come to market!

Act accordingly!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 663.00


Juan Williams

I Check Mail Box Every Day / My Girl Has Gone

Will we stop raving about Willie Hutch and his myriad of Northern Soul contributions.. yet again the name of this NS Demigod appears in the credits of this totally elusive mid-paced delight.

Willie Hutch arranges the haunting horn peppered backing, sweetened with candy-coated Sister choruses and strengthened` with the production with quintessential instrumental breaks which “The Hutch” just knew when to drop them in and how potent to make them.. the ones in this recording elevate the tune from a beautiful mid-tempo into a sound you can’t help but rev up to, as the brief bass guitar rumbles and those droning horns deepen its Soulful abyss…brilliant

The girls in the background on the icing on the cake… and maybe the flipside is the cherry as another NS “name” to excite J. B. Bingham deconstructs the Motown “Miracles” classic “My Girl Has Gone” crafting it into a do-not-ignore flipside.

Condition is completely pristine - both sides give up premium Northern Soul that seldom comes to market! 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 476.00


Ronnie Mccain

This Time I'm Gone

This Superior mid-tempo soulful stroller is currently one of Northern Soul’s rising stars, with no sign of having a petrol stop…

New York mid-paced invitation to dance that had been slightly neglected in recent times by the jocks and the collectors. Now a lasting testament to what can happen when real-top-quality soul gets its time in the sun… starting early-doors at the more progressive venues. Some Sunday afternoon outings to the pub.Then WHAM a tidal-wave of approval surrounds this previously under-exposed beauty.

Today of course the quickest off the mark, a few years ago snaffled up this Soul-truffle. Now Ronnie McCain is on the endangered 45 list, in peril of disappearing all together, swallowed up and into the security of elite collections and DJ boxes..

Their is no sign of the swell in demand shrinking, or indeed any copies coming to market - we suggest “bag” a copy while you can - or maybe live in regret..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 267.00




A so seldom seen Wigan Casino cover/up from the days when a bit of attitude riddled “garage” was most welcome on those hallowed turntables. The Outsiders, Human Beinz, Deadbeats, The “Q” etc. have always been most refreshing diversions from the norm, as white -guys with a little angst in their throats fitted the “All-“Niter ambiance so well.

“The Man In The Mirror” c/u is perhaps the least known, least encountered of all those many “Searling-served” Wigan 1977/78 mysteries that fascinated us but made ownership near impossible…

Having said that, even if the true identity of “Man In The Mirror” was made public, what chance would any of us have of finding this upstate Syracuse, New York D.I.Y. private press… well, none really.

Click the soundfile and relive the frustrating quandaries of attending Wigan Casino, as a collector or aspiring DJ

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 116.00


Doug Phillips And The New Concepts

You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy

The very first copy of the truly gorgeous Northern Soul Beater, we’ve had in 20 years or more, on its first D.I.Y. Californian collaboration between Doug Philips & Randy Ray in the summer of 1969.

The vision of this 45 will certainly inflame the desires of those dedicated Northern Soul collectors seeking the ultimate rarest format FIRST LABEL presses.

In the same class as those lush mid-tempo grooves, that transform 3 minutes of your day into a though-provoking morning. Think Al McCarther, Billy Prince, Jimmy Beaumont, Kenny Sheppard etc.. This Premiership Beat Ballad Heaven..

This delicate mood-changer did of course enjoy a brief release on Atco 6692 but that disc is not easy find, as for this embryonic Ray-Phi label variation.. like I say its is our first for 2 decades..

Listen and prepare to be MOVED by Doug Phillips living every word of the lyrics as plucking and humming strings decorate the arrangement. One truly wonderful tune.. yet to receive the significant spins it surely deserves from the New-Model-Army of Northern Soul Jocks…

PS The Atco copy has just been added to my DJ box in support of Northern Soul refinement..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 117.00


H. B. Barnum

It Hurts Too Much To Cry


Australian rarities always spark lively debate, there is after-all Soul-legion dedicate to pursuing every possible “Downunder” release -

With OZ 45 collecting being perhaps the most challenging division of the Northern Soul junkie-ism, every capture for me is rather exciting. Especially this example because 1963 was the RCA launch as a stand-alone label in Australia; consequently RCA PROMO pressed many titles in 1963 to help bolster RCA awareness.

It not only looks utterly thrilling, it is blatantly insanely-Rare and also at this moment, we do not know if it ever received an actual 1963 release..

*we presuming this 45 was “unissued” on the strength of leading Australian Soul collectors have never seen a stock copy.

Condition of ” H.B. D.J. OZ ” can only be described as blinding..

  • Extra info suplied by Frank Driscoll

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 261.00


Barbara Jean & The Lyrics

Why Weren't You There / Any Two Can Play

Do Detroit-Dames delights get any more alluring than this double-dollop of distinctive Northern Soul… utterly compelling stuff from the Big Hit squad.

From the writing desk of Timmy Shaw & Ernest Burt come two lyrically superior dance tunes, culminating in Johnnie Mae Matthews polishing off the proceedings!

The most popular of these two impressive sides in recent times has been the version of the Thelma Lindsey NS classic “Why Weren’t You There” most likely because it has that instantly familiar feel to it.But upon just playing the “Any Two Can Play” side I feel we’ve all missed a trick with this less commercial but superior Northern Soul offering.

Both sides of course benefit from the in-house Big Hit male-vocal group supporting harmony choruses. But the more forceful production on the “neglected” side is driven by persistently rattling drum-rolls build the rhythm up to boiling point, as Barbara’s strident vocal pitch changes hit home hard..

Both sides are brilliant of course - but “Any Two..” is begging for a big audience revival… perhaps Sam & Kitty could sit on the subs-bench for a week or two so some not so over-exercised talent a chance..

Click & I’ll let Barbara, the gals, those backing-boys and that determined drummer do the rest of the talking…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 522.00



Since There's No More You

Let’s forget Northern Soul for a moment and think Real-Deal-Soul, as Annette Snell takes you on a journey, plumbing the depths of despair with her subtley stirring voice.

With only uncredited male vocals for company (most probably Paul Kelly & Jesse Slaughter) Annette serves up one of the finest most-soulful recordings ever committed to vinyl, as she skilfully leads your heart though a maze of grief.

This is Deep Soul at it’s most-refined; “Deep” that will also appeal to all of you hooked into the male-harmony presence whilst choosing your preferred vinyl. This surely is superior Soul, leaving you craving for more of this blue-chip outpouring of emotion.

I think this is the most-moving example of our music I’ve heard in quite some time - totally rare and rippling with pure class, as Annette Snell raises the bar, of what real cutting edge Rare-Soul Music really is..

Give me more of this style… it has made my day…my week… most likely my year

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 83.00


Micky Lee Lane

Hey Sah-lo-ney

Original 1966 press from Itzy Klein’s Pittsburgh vehicle for partly satisfying the demand created by local DJ Mad Mike Metrovich propensity for the airing of “obscure” 45s.

“Mad Mike’s” style and turntable choices soon established his very own comparable to “Northern Soul” scene within the “Steel City” - launching him into “cult-status” and worldwide fame over the ensuing years. Demand for his fave spins sparked “special” local releases and still today “dedicated CD’s”.

Mr. Klien’s relationship with Philadelphia’s Swan label gave him the opportunity to release another “Mad Mike” Swan power-play Showmen - Our Love Will Grow - Itzy 13 which is even more elusive than this offering.

Fortunately for the serious record-collector “Itzy” used top-quality high-gloss finish paper and bight-brilliant coloured text; allowing both these Itzy “Soul” 45s to be authenticated at a mere glance at the label quality and startling text.

So to the music, not only a Northern Soul anthem but also a song that totally encapsulates Mike’s wildly enthusiastic passion for under-the-radar records that he continued to source right up to his passing in 2000.

USA only needed a few more DJ’s like “Mad Mike” and maybe all those incredible but overlooked Northern Soul monsters would have fueled a nationwide USA scene… way before Wigan Casino was born..

alas Mike is considered quite unique in his profession, as are these very limited and decidedly eye-catching ITZY releases.

This offering has TWO perfect labels (full shine) vinyl reveals mild surface blemishes and as you can hear, plays perfect.

Of course ITZY is by far this classic’s rarest USA clothes.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 135.00


Clyde Mcphatter

I'll Love You Till The Cows Come Home

Riveting Popcorn / R&B dancer from one of the last century most-memorable voices. The man who inspired Jackie Wilson to expand his vocal range and you can fully understand Jackie ambition after listening to Mr. McPhatter; it surely would make you want to “up your game”.

Listen to a man with glorious ease meander through Belford Heldrick’s utterly convincing strings, zipping away has the silkened McPhatter chords lift the session to a level, that demads another needle drop.

As the USA releseit is annoyingly elusive, as this 1962 release, looking like you’ve just got it home from the local rrecord shop, it is a darm TOUGH 45 to snare..

startling contition giving up flawless but infectious Popcorn!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 23.00


Johnson Brothers

When I Was A Boy / I'm Taking A Train

Check out that label, I simply adore those D.I.Y. expressions of hope; these tiny eye-catching neighborhood doodlings the aspiring artists adorned their label with. That little extra piece of art that may make the radio DJ or Club jock just pause a moment for a listen.

That is of course ,if they had overlooked the label text “Horns arranged by Pee Wee Ellis” now that would indicate the participants were taking the making of this record, serious.

For this week’s Deep Soul offering Jim, James & Aaron Johnson weld like Sam & Dave, on a slow burn journey into despair. A story bemused-pain, of lost-love, of no hope ..drenched in all the circumstances that makes the Deep Soul song, such a moving experience… especially if skilled horn work is enriching, the already truly convincing vocals..


Flip it over and Pee Wee Ellis is in raucous mood as his horns pout and blow to the rhythm of a relentless guitar. The Johnson Brothers trade despondency for escape… riding a “Funk” train fueled by brass and determination..


Two superior sides from the streets, presented by art from the bedroom…

what’s not to love?

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 91.00


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Sandi Sheldon. Blimey. I thought that was pretty much a deffo for most collections and not particularly rare. Had it a few times myself......

Ian D :)


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