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Amsterdam: The Start, December 17th - Be There Or

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We mentioned what is meant to be the first soulnight in Amsterdam, January 29th, Club 8, Admiraal De Ruijterweg 56 B.

It is a snooker centre combined with a dance hall, hence our motto: Potting the black!

Alas - the licensing system in this world class city puts an end to it at 3 am. Better than no venue at all.

But now a place I had contacted calls and says it would love to be the birth place of an Amsterdam soul scene.

And so I booked a tryout evening/night for December 17th. It will be on the events calendarafter I finish writing this...

Anyone around that time willing to help? If you answer positively right away you could be still on the agenda, which will be made tomorrownight, November 24th

I know, short notice, but it is challenging anyway - and not wanting to take any other substances apart from coffee I do not know if I can manage alone or even with the help of Lady Godiva (who is more the Philly-type). Closing time of this event: 4am

Anyway, if you are around at that time... that's the line-up and YOU know it!

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Known details:

Place: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam

Time: 23.00-4.00h

17 December 2004

DJ's as known now: Frau Dr Tintenkiller, Bob van Wijk, Rob G.

There is still a vacancy for who is willing & around....

And anyone around of course cordially invited.

Entrance: 5,-

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