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Nordic Soul Records list #5


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Here is another list of records for sale. I try to grade accurately

and with consistency, but if you still feel that you have been done

wrong, get in touch asap(within 7 days from receiving the records)

and we will sort it out with a refund, reduction, replacement or

whatever. I think my grading eqquaals or betters many major UK dealers I

have dealt with. As a collector I know the feeling of

disappointment when you get a record in worse condition than you had

expected, hopefully this will not happen when you buy from me.

PAYMENT. I accept CASH (in letter) and PAYPAL ONLY! NO checks, money

orders etc accepted. If paying with credit card through paypal please

add 4% on top of total price to cover their fees. I can accept cash

in USD and Euros, but then you have to add 3% in conversion and extra

hassle fees.

If you have friends who you feel should be getting this list, or you

see this somewhere and want to join up (lists go out earlier to list

members!), go to https://groups.yahoo.com/nordicsoul/ and join.

Or send a mail to nordicsoul-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Or if this is too complicated, just send me an e-mail and I'll add

you to the list!

SOUNDFILES. I have included links to www.soulclub.org on some of the

tracks. Please note that the soundfiles are NOT taken from the actual

45's for sale. All records play fine, in case the soundfile does not,

just so that you know. Hopefully they are also all the correct tunes!

If you for some reason decide you no longer want

a record after placing an order, would you PLEASE let me know?

SHIPPING by regular airmail costs £3 for 1-3 45's within all of

Europe. Registered mail covering value of around £35 costs £7 for 1-3

45's also within all of Europe.

REPLIES AND ENQUIRIES TO. sectleader@hotmail.com


*Artistics - This heart of mine - Okeh M- £100 (purple transparent

vinyl WDJ, superb sound quality and vinyl unlike the regular

issues/demos that are styrene, this sadly has a water stained/damaged

top side LABEL, 95% of credits still intact, but otherwise in very

nice condition. OR buy it off ebay for more..)

*Bud Harper - Wherever You Were - Peacock M- £200

(monster R&B/Northern)


*Mr. Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio VG+ £150 (Rare killer northern

that was big at Stafford and covered up as Bud Harper. Plays loud and

well with only a few light pops here and there that doesn't distract

much from listening pleasure. NOT a "frying pan full of bacon"!)

*Cliff Nobles - My Love Is Getting Stronger - JV VG+ £250 (monster

floorpacker in recent years, this copy is well used but plays very

well without any pops or crackle. OR buy a mint Atlantic issue (dh)

(harder than the demos) for £150, I'm keeping one of them myself.



*Edward Hamilton & Arabians - Baby don't you weep - Mary Jane M- £175

(Original of this fantastic Detroit northern classic)

*Little Jimmy Scott - It Rained 40 Days & Nights/Do You Get The

Message - Giant VG+ sm.t.o.l. on flip £175 (IRFDAN side plays with

some pops (not too bad) in the beginning, then it plays fine without

any hiss or distortion, DYGTM side plays perfect. Plays loud and well

and definitely fine for djing)

*Teddy Cash-You Are So Wondeful/I Love The Sound Of Music-Cha Cha M

(ultra rare record, few known copies only, absolutely awesome vocals

on a deep/ballad side and an uptempo odd but good side. Do not

confuse with Otis Bush and other relases on the label that are

common, this is RARE. Trades invited, or £350 in cash)

*Wanderers-You can't run away from me-UA M £50 (superb latin

flavoured northern oldie, Ray Pollard on vocals?)



*Deon Jackson - I can't go on / I need a love like yours - Carla WDJ

M- £45 (st.m./small tear on flip) (One of his best, if not the best,

of his 45's. Super mid-tempo late 60's dancer with beautiful x-over

floater on flip that has appealed to all modern fans I've played it


*Vicki Anderson-Wide awake in a dream-Deluxe M- £35 (superb classic

beat ballad. Atmospheric and then some, sold for $100 recently)



*Jimmy Gilford-Nobody loves me like my baby-Thelma looks VG+ plays

mint. £100 (popular Detroit mid-tempo northern)



*Attractions-Why shouldn't a man cry - Bell DJ M- £50 (Great

northern, Morris Chestnut on vocals, beautiful light blue paper

label `Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell..' demo instead of those ghastly paint

on plastic issues!)



*Harry Caldwell - Please Come Back - Carnival M £40 (superb mid-tempo

group northern sound, highly recommended, seen at £75, weak sound



*Mellow Fellows - My Baby Needs Me - Dot M £40 (superb mid-tempo

northern/x-over, beautiful vinyl copy)


*Dells - Run For Cover - Cadet M £45 (their best northern cut IMO)


*Jeff Dale - Where did I go - Atco WDJ M- £50 (superb northern,

recent/current spins)


*Jeff Dale-Don't forget about me baby/Language of love- Atco WDJ VG+

£40 (two atmospheric beat ballads, LOL is particularly good, both

sides play well, and £40 is half the usual price!)

*Darrow Fletcher-What Have I Got Now-Jacklyn M- £125 (Heavy demand

for this record. This is my own, and last, copy)



*Maxine Crayton - Don't take your love - Steeltown M £30 (good

northern/x-over dancer)

*Don Wyatt-Do I need you-Atlantic red/white DJ M faint date w.o.l.

£25 (Big voice and big production beat ballad. If you like George

Smith-I've had it, and Big Dee Irwin-You Satisfy My Needs, this is

definitely for you!)

*Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure - ABC M £45 (stone mint copy

of this very popular tune)



*Calvin Williams - Lonely you'll be - Atco WDJ M- £35 (male version

of Johnnie Mae Matthews song, same backing, stronger vocals!)


*Tyrone (The Wonder Boy)-Please consider me- Four Brothers M £25

(pounding raw soul dancer, great stuff, current spin for one of the

UK's top northern dj's (he is IMO anyway!))

*Roy Hamilton - Earthquake - Epic M- (+ nice picture sleeve with Roy

on it in EX cond.) £100 (early 60's classic dancer)


*Johnny Dixon - Where are you - Boss M- £55 (Detroit classic, same

tune as Four Sonics)


*Little Richie - One bo dillion years - Sound Stage 7 DJ M- £75

(superb northern/R&B dancer, better than "Just another heartache" IMO)



*Leroy Charlton - I need you - CC7 M- £75 (70's dancer tipped in

fanzine, seen listed at £150)

*Googie Ren - There I was - Class DJ M- £75 (good northern dancer

seen at £250 recently!)

*Insiders-I'm just a man-RCA WDJ M- £25 (superb group northern with a

x-over flavour, nice group ballad flip)




*Shep - Fool To Fool/I'm Sitting In - TNT M- £40 (2 great sides both

getting some spins and attention lately. This is actually the awesome

Don Gardner!)

*Jesse James-If You Want A Love Affair-20th Century M/M- £45

(Floorfilling 70's dancer)



*George Jackson-My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me/Find Em Fool Em

And Forget Em- Fame DJ M- £25 (2 good sides)

*Brothers Of Soul - Come on back - Boo M- £60 (classic with awesome

vocals, seen for a lot more recently)


*Na Allen - Everytime it rains/ Lay it on me right now - Ronn M- £25

(another strong x-over disc from the man, seen at £75)

*Soul Twins-She's the one-Back Beat M £40 (storming and raw northern

dancer with great guitar break)

*Jimmy Preacher Robins - So confused - Convoy M- £35 (rare and great

deep soul)

*Geraldine Hunt-Never never leave me-Roulette WDJ M £30 (truly superb

late 60's/early 70's x-over floater from the lady)



*Rozetta Johnson-Mine was real-Clintone M-/Ex+ price st.o.l. £18

(superb female soul dancer, Sam Dees prod)


*Masters of Soul - Do you really love me - Ovide M £15 (their best

and hardest to get, top male group x-over sound, harmonies)



*Bobby Freeman - Everythings love - Touch M- £17 (very nice early

70's dancer, seen at £50)

*Holly Maxwell-Never love again/Winter go away-Smit Whit M £15 (2

nice x-over floaters)

*Robert Parker-I caught you in a lie-Nola M £25 (New Orleans soul

perfection. Sublime quality midtempo soul!)



*Barbara Lynn - This is the thanks I get - Atlantic M- £15 (classic,

also got a VG+ red/white DJ copy at same price)



*New World Soul Chorus feat.John De Berry-You better be going-UNI DJ

M- £25 (nice dancer, seen at £50)

*Sylvia Thomas - At last - Bamboo VG+ £20 (good dancer, more

northern than x-over, looks VG+ plays just fine)

*Don Hart - Soldier comin home - Cool School M- £40

(very good Detroit midtempo group sound, ex super rarity that turned

up in some quantity, still great value for money, later released

as "Keep On Holding On" on the same label)


*Jean Carne - My love don't come easy - PIR M- £15 (superb modern


*Ray Charles - Something Inside Me - ABC M £20 (Currently popular

northern spin)


*Deon Jackson-When Your Love Has Gone/Hard To Get A Thing Called Love-

Carla M £20 (2 classy Detroit midtempo sides)



*Darrel Banks - I got that feeling - Atco WDJ M- £25 (good pounding




*Arthur Conley-I'm gonna forget about you-Fame red DJ M- £25

(superb soulful midtempo tune, not often listed, could become

popular. May he R.I.P.)

*Kip Anderson-If That Don't Make You Cry-Checker M- dh £20 (great and

gritty, pounding northern/R&B mover)

*Ray Charles-I Chose To Sing The Blues-ABC M- £10

(great northern/mod dancer)



*Prophets-Talk Don't Bother Me-Jubilee M £25

(very nice group northern sound)


*Johnny Williams - You've Got It - Kent M- £20

(Uptempo northern/R&B dancer, Manship is £40)

*Abraham & His Sons - Your mother understood - Revue dh M- £25

(superb x-over, very good vocals)



*Delacardos-She's The One I Love-Atlantic M- dh(at edge of label) £20

(Great driving northern dancer)



*Jean Wells - With my love and what you got - Calla Ex+ first release

# £25 (popular dancer, first release issue) or get a minter for £30.



*Pearlean Gray-I Don't Want To Cry-Green Sea M £25

(Original of this great northern classic)


*Clay Hammond - Dance little girl - Duo Disc M- £20

(same backing track as Mack Starr-down by the waterhole, and IMO a

better song even!)

*Soul Twins-It's not what you do it's the way that you do it-Karen M

£20 (storming Detroit northern, nice flip too)



*Luv Co. - Things are not the same - Spring M- £20 (x-over/northern)

*Big Dee Irwin - You really are together - Fairmount DJ M- £25

(good northern midtempo dancer)

*Odd Squad - Just to see your face - Minit M- £20 (nice x-over tune)

*Dells - Make sure - Cadet M- £12 (good classic)



*Steve Mancha-Still in my heart-Groovesville M £15

(good midtempo Detroit soul)



*Jackie Day - Before it's too late - Modern M- £20 (northern classic)


*Ovations - They say - Goldwax M- £12


*Sebastian Williams - Get your point over - Ovide M- £10 (2 x-over

dancers, good soulful singer, might appeal to funk fans?)

*Rocky Roberts-Just Because Of You-Durium M- £15 (Italian original

release with cool picture sleeve in M- condition. Northern!)



*Whispers-Flying high-Soul Clock M- £15 (great northern/x-over dancer)

*TSU Toronadoes-Got to get through to you-Atlantic M £20

(one of their very best, top x-over dancer!)



*Oscar Irving-If It Ain't One Thing It's Another-SSS Intl. M- £15

(Gritty and powerful mid-tempo northern, deep flip)

*Jackie Wilson-I Don't Want To Lose You Know/Just Be Sincere-

Brunswick M- £10 (2 good classic sides, some machine swirls on vinyl,

plays perfect)

*Masters of Soul - I count the times/I need you - Ovide M- £5

*Worlds Funkiest Band - When you're alone - California Gold M- £15

(Actually same recording as Buddy Connor on Breakthrough, superb)


*JJ Jackson-It seems like I've been here before-Calla M- dh £18

(awesome vocals on this great and powerful beat ballad)



*Majestic - Send my baby back to me -Equator M- £30

(good group northern dancer, great guitar)


*Oscar Weathers-Just to prove I love you-Top&Bottom M £10

(superb x-over flavoured uptempo northern dancer)

*Kell Osborne-You Can't Outsmart A Woman-Loma M £30

(Great northern soul, same backing track as the monster rarity "Law

Against A Heartbreaker")



*Johnny Copeland - Just one more time -Golden eagle M £15

(raw and moody R&B dancer with a killer sax break)



*Pearl Woods-Sippin Sorrow-Charge M- £30 (popular R&B dancer, rarer

first label release, Manship £50)


*Curtis Knight-Ain't gonna be no next time-RSVP DJ M- 2 x.o.l. £25

(semi-known R&B dancer. Very catchy with harmonica and all, should

appeal to most R&B fans and mods)

*Bobby Mac - Keep on / Walking together - Original Sound M- £10

*Barbara Lewis - Someday we're gonna love again - Atlantic M- £15

(original copy of this great northern classic)



*Eddie Holland-Leaving Here-Motown M- dh £15

(all time classic mod tune)


*Billy Webster - Good people - Silver Tone £20 M-

(storming, dramatic and soulful dancer)



*Jamo Thomas-Must I holler-Chess M £15

*Occasions - There's no you - Big Jim M- £15 (gold label, great

bouncy northern group dancer, Stafford spin reportedly)

*Trammps - Hold back the night - Buddah M- £15 (all time classic 70's)


*Short Kuts-Your eyes may shine-Pepper DJ M- £15

(Great storming northern dancer. Torch spin)



*BB King-The Hurt-ABC Paramount M £15

(nice version of the Freddie North/Jimmy Church classic)

*Artistics - The chase is on / One more chance - Brunswick M- £15

(two good sides, good version of Johnny Howard)


*Tyrone Davis - What goes up must come down - Dakar M- £5



*Tiny Watkins - Soldiers sad story / love flows like a river -

Excello M £10 (fab deep soul with R&B style dancer on flip)

*Benny Latimore - I'll be good to you - Dade M- £12 (nice x-over,

seen at £40+, I doubt you'll find it cheaper.)

*Frank Polk - crack up laughing - Capitol VG+ t.o.l. £20 (very nice

early group soul, listed at £150 in M and £100 in VG+. Plays OK)

*Bobby Foster -Where do you go - Select-O-Hits M- £15 (Very nice and

raw x-over. Stafford spin I think.)

*Eddie Parker - Crying Clown - Triple B M- £15 (Very good

ballad/midtempo + raw slightly funky flip)

*Pauline Shivers - Won't you come back home - O - Pex M- £20 (superb

x-over floater)



*Otis Clay - Showplace / That's how it is - One-Derful M- £10 (two

good soul sides)




*Otis Clay - I testify / I'm satisfied - One-Derful M- £10 (see above)

*Norman Connors - Once I've been there - Buddah M- £15

(classic 70's dancer)



*Nancy Ames - I don't want to talk about it - Epic EX+ £15

(northern oldie)



*Sam Waymon-Hey Love/Lonely For My Baby-RCA M £17 (nice x-over)

*Bobby Womack - Daylight - UA M- £10 (good 70's floater)


*Wales Wallace - Somebody I know / Talk a little louder - BRC M- £15

(two good x-over sides, Wigan & Mecca spin, vinyl copy, this keeps

creeping up in price)


*Wales Wallace-We're not happy/That ain't the way-Bashie M £45 (two

of his best tunes back to back, 2xChicago x-over perfection)

*Wales Wallace(Sir Wales)-Whatever you want-Innovation 2 DJ M £20

(Superb x-over/modern floater, nicer label design + vinyl pressing,

unlike dull looking styrene issue)

*Fred Hughes - Baby boy - Brunswick M- £15 (classic northern)


*Bobby Harris-Password is love-Turntable M £25 (nice northern dancer)

*Manhattans - I betcha couldn't love me - Carnival M- £15

(superb midtempo 60's group dancer, comes highly recommended)

*COD's - Pretty Baby / I'm a good guy - Kellmac £5

(Nice midtempo group side with uptempo flip)


*Neal Kimble - I've made a reservation / Ain't it the truth - Venture

M-, rarer issue. £8 (two good soul sides, seen for more than 5 times

more! Great singer.)

*Roy Hamilton - She's got a heart - RCA Victor WDJ M- £20 (early 60's


*Kell Osborne-That's alright baby-Trey looks VG+ plays fine, w.o.l.

£20 (Oddball record. Phil Spector production)

*Leon Hayward - She's with her other love - Imperial M- £8

(midtempo 60's soul, nice)

*Forest Hairston - We go to pieces - Viney M- £15

(storming Detroit northern)


*Archie Bell & Drells - Ain't nothing for a man in love - Glades dh M-

£10 (nice 70's dancer)

*Jimmy Beaumont - There's no other love - Gallant M- £10

(60's jazzy soul dancer, lists at £20+, mod sound?)

*Jive Five - I'm a happy man - UA M- £15 (60's group dancer)

*Al TNT Braggs - Out of the pan into the fire - Peacock M £15

(storming R&B/northern, SELLS for more!)

*Odds & Ends - Yesterday my love -Today M- £10

(northern/x-over dancer)


*Superiors - Let me make you happy / Can't make it without you - MGM

DJ M- £15 (Northern oldies)

*Walter Scott & Kapers - Brand new girl - Ivanhoe M- £15

(nice and bouncy little 60's group northern dancer)

*Capitols - I got to handle it - Karen M- dh £10

(storming Detroit and then some, great furious northern dancer)


*Darrow Fletcher - Changing by the minute - UNI EX+ £15

(good dancer from Darrow)



*Martha Reeves-Love guess who-Gordy M-/EX+ £25 (1 or 2 faint

background pops due to pressing flaw, doesn't really distract, and

definitely 'fine for djing', massive floorpacker in recent years)


*Young Holt Trio - Ain't there something money can't buy - Brunswick

M £15 (very good mod type club jazz record)



*Truman Thomas - 25 miles - Veep M- £25 (Frantic organ instrumental

version, quite hard to get, featured on Hip Shaker comp CD)


*Joe Simon - Long hot summer - Sound Stage 7 M- £10 (Storming R&B

flavoured northern)


*Joe Simon-The girl's alright with me- Sound Stage 7 M £10(pounding

clean production traditional northern, not sure if this was ever

played at the Wheel or the Torch but it sure sounds the part!)



*James Carr - She's better than you / Talk Talk - Goldwax m- £7

(Classic deep with R&B style flip)

*James Carr-A Losing Game-Goldwax M- dh £10 (storming club soul)


*Miracles-If Your Mother Only Knew-Tamla M- £30 (great early sound,

fab flip too)



*Bobby Taylor-Oh I've Been Blessed-VIP M- £30 (classic!)


*Contours-Just A Little Misunderstanding-Gordy M- dh £10

*Jimmy Ruffin-Everybody Needs Love-Soul M- dh £10


*Chuck Jackson - What Am I Gonna Do Without You - Motown M- dh £15

(classic motown dancer, best version IMO)



*Supremes-He's All I Got/Love Is Like An Itching In My heart-Motown M-

£15 (2 classic motown northern dancers)

*Marv Johnson-I Miss You Baby/Just The Way You Are-Gordy M- dh (2

good sides, one northern dancer and one beautiful mid-tempo side)




*Isley Brothers-That's The Way Love Is-Tamla M- dh £10 (classic)

*Temptations-The Girl's Alright With Me-Gordy M- w.o.l. £15



*Lee Lamont-I'll Take Love-Back Beat M- £12 (nice northern)


*Bobby Harris-More of the jerk-Atlantic M £10 (northern dancer, good

deep on flip, a Sam Cooke lament)

*Eddie Floyd - Set my heart on fire - Lupine M- £10 (nice early

midtempo, seen at £50 and £100)

*Eddie Floyd - I never found a girl - Stax M- dh £5 (classic soul




*N.F. Porter - Keep On Keeping On - Lizard M £15 (Original of this

great northern classic)


*Esquires - And get away - Bunky M- £3 (classic)


*Harold Melvin - Satisfaction guaranteed - PIR M- £4 (scooterist




*Diane Lewis - My darlin - Love M- £5 (heavy Detroit northern



*Intruders - Turn back the hands of time / Cowboys to girls - Gamble

WDJ M- £5


*Dan Greer - My baby's got a new way - Big Beat M- £15 (Nice Sam

Cookeish dancer, Popcorn? Recently sold for $300+ on ebay! Crazy


*Mamie Galore - Special agent 32 -24 -36 (or whatever)/ I wanna be

your radio -St Lawrence M- £5 (Two raw 60's Chicago sides)

*Gene Chandler - It's your love that I'm after / Hey little angel -

Mercury M- n.o.c. (Danish + pic sleeve) £5 (two nice sides and pretty

nice pic sleeve too)


Thanks for looking.


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