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Sunday 8

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P. and P. extra.

Jerry Williams - Philly Duck/Baby Bunny - Calla demo  Ex   20 pounds.

Four Puzzles - Especially for you baby - Fatback  M-  40 pounds.

Tommy Sears - Get out / Soul city - Chalet demo  M-  75 pounds.

Attractions - Burn up some road /Time goes by - De- To  Vg(ringwear)  75 pounds.

Linda Hawley - Use your head - Excalibur  M-  25 pounds.

Barbara Mercer - The things we do / Hungry for love(instr) Vg  25 pounds.

Kell and Cherry - That's whats happening / instr. - Glowhill  M-(vinyl) Ex(label)  55 pounds.

Liz Lands - Midnight Johnny - Gordy - M-(vinyl) Ex(label)  80 pounds.

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