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300+ Soul 45s On Ebay; Ending Starts In 2 Days

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Am putting about 320 Soul 45s onto the Bay as 10 auctions ending Dec. 21 - Jan. 3, 2007.

All are US originals; many are DJ presses.


--> All MB's $4.99 - $6.99 + NO RESERVES!!

The following are ending Dec. 21-23 (late p.m. US)

ACE SPECTRUM - Live And Learn bw same + DJ

ACKLIN, BARBARA - Raggedy Ride bw Seven Days Of Night + DJ

ACOUSTICS - Living In Hard Times bw What Is The Name Of That Song

AFRICA - Widow bw Here I Stand + DJ

AKIM - Santa Claus Is A Black Man bw same

ALAIMO, STEVE - Every Day I Have To Cry bw Little Girl

ALEXANDER, ARTHUR - Cry Like A Baby bw Glory Road + DJ

ALLEN, CHARLES - God Blessed Our Love bw Winterman

AMERICAN GYPSY - 10,000 Miles bw Angel Eyes + DJ

ANACOSTIA - Love Is Never Wrong bw same

ANACOSTIA - Thick And Thin bw same

ANDERSON, JESSE - Mighty Mighty bw I Got A Problem

ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES - It Depends On You bw Gee

ARMSTRONG, CHUCK - Give Me All Your Sweet Lovin bw She Had The Right

ARNOLD, JOE - Soul Trippin' bw Share Your Love With Me

B.T. EXPRESS - Express bw Express Disco

BABY DOLLS - (Please) Don't Rush Me bw There You Are

BABY HUEY - Mighty Mighty Children Parts 1 & 2 + DJ

BAKER, BETTY - Marching Out Of Your Life bw Love Show Some Pity On Me

BALLARD, HANK - From The Love Side bw same + DJ

BANKS, DARRELL - I've Got That Feeling bw Here Come The Tears

BARRINO BROTHERS - Born On The Wild: Vocal bw Instrumental + DJ

BARTLEY, CHRIS - Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven bw Love Me Baby

BARTLEY, CHRIS - Tomorrow Keeps Shining On Me bw A Man A Woman + DJ

BATTISTE JR., HAROLD - This Is The Truth bw This Is How We Do It In New Orleans

BEGINNING OF THE END - Funky Nassau Part I bw Part II

BEGINNING OF THE END - Monkey Tamarind bw same + DJ

BELL, ARCHIE - Don't Let The Music Slip Away bw Houston Texas + DJ

BELL, ARCHIE - Everybody Have A Good Time: same + DJ

BELL, ARCHIE - Nothing Comes Easy: stereo bw mono + DJ

BELL, ARCHIE - Soul City Walk bw King Of The Castle

BELL, REUBEN - Baby Love bw I Hear You Knocking

BELL, WILLIAM - My Whole World Is Falling Down bw same + DJ

BELVIN, JESSE - Goodnight My Love bw I Want You With Me Xmas

BEVERLY, FRANK - Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day: mono bw stereo + DJ

BIG MAYBELLE - It's A Man's Man's World bw Maybelle Sings The Blues

BIRDSONG, EDWIN - Phiss-Phizz + same + DJ

BLACKBERRIES - Don't Change On Me bw Twist And Shout + DJ

BLACKBERRIES - Yesterday's Music: stereo bw mono + DJ

BLAND, BOBBY - I'm So Tired bw If You Could Read My Mind + DJ

BLAND, BOBBY - The Thrill Is Gone: stereo bw mono + DJ

BLAND, BOBBY - This Time I'm Gone For Good: stereo bw mono + DJ

BLEU LIGHTS - End Of My Dream bw Yes I Do

BOB & EARL - Pickin' Up Love's Vibrations bw Uh Uh No No + DJ

BOBBY AND BETTY LOU - Soul Stirrer bw Sugar

BOOGIE KINGS - I've Got Your Number bw Bony Moronie

BRADY, BOB - More, More, More Of Your Love bw It's A Better World

BRANTLEY, DAN - I Can't Take No More bw Please Accept My Love

BRITT, TINA - Sookie Sookie bw Key To The Highway

BROOKS, LONNIE - Let It All Hang Out bw Some Sunny Day + DJ

BROTHERS TWO - Boogaloo (Soul) Party bw You Got It + DJ

BROWN, DOUG - Blue Night bw Swingin' Sue + DJ

BROWN, ELAINE - If There's A Chance bw Ev'ry Night + DJ

BROWN, JAMES - Escape-ism

BROWN, JAMES - Hot Pants

BROWN, JAMES - Super Bad

BROWN, JAMES - The Popcorn bw The Chicken

BROWN, MAXINE - Funny bw Now That You've Gone

BROWN, MAXINE - I Can't Get Along Without You bw Reason To Believe

BROWN, SHIRLEY - I Need Somebody To Love Me: 3:29 bw 4:10 + DJ

BROWN SUGAR - Didn't I: mono bw stereo + DJ

BROWNE, WATSON T. - Some Lovin' bw Home Is Where Your Heart Lies

BRUTAL FORCE - Number For Groove bw Dreams For Sale + DJ

BUNNY AND CINDY - Sure Didn't Take Long bw We're Only Human

BURKE, SOLOMON - Proud Mary bw What Am I Living For

BYRD, BOBBY - I'll Lose My Mind bw You've Got To Change Your Mind

BYRD, BOBBY - Keep On Doin' What You're Doin' bw Let Me Know

C, ROY - I'm Gonna Love (Somebody Else's Woman) bw I'll Never Leave You Lonely

C AND THE SHELLS - You Can't Do That To Me bw You'd Better Know It

C.O.D.'S - Pretty Baby bw I'm A Good Guy

CANDY AND THE KISSES - Keep On Searchin' bw Together

CANNON, ACE - Cottonfields bw Mildew

CARBO, CHICK - Two Tables Away bw What Does It Take

CASTOR, JIMMY - Stay With Me (Spend the Night) bw Can't Help Falling In Love With You

CHANDLER, GENE - Will I Find Love bw Little Green Apples

CHAUMONTS - Loving Soft Soul: vocal bw instrumental

CHICAGO GANGSTERS - 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years Of Love) bw Break Your Promise

CLASSETTS - Guy's In Love With You bw I Don't Want Nobody Else

CLAY, OTIS - All I Need Is You bw same + DJ

CLAY, OTIS - Lasting Love bw Got To Find A Way

CLEMENTE, DENISE - Way I Feel bw Nardello: Somewhere My Love

COALITIONS - I Don't Mind Doin' It bw Instead ... How Are You

COLEMAN, MIKE J. - Get Right On Up bw If You Were Mine + DJ

COMMODORES - Machine Gun - Red Vinyl

CONTINENTAL 4 - What You Gave Up bw Day By Day

CORBY, CHUCK - Happy Go Lucky bw Man Loves Two

CORNER BOYS - Gang War bw Take It Easy Soul Brother

CORSAIRS - Save A Little Monkey bw same instrumental + DJ

CROCHET, CLEVELAND - Sugar Bee bw Drunkard's Dream

CROCKETT, G. L. - Gonna Make You Mine bw Think Twice Before You Go

DAVIS, COURT - World Keeps Spinning bw My Words

DAVIS, J.C. - Monkey bw Sweet Sweet Love

DAVIS, TYRONE - Little Bit Of Loving bw Where Did We Lose

DAWN - In Love Again bw Ba Ba Ba De Ba

DECISIONS - Do You Love Me bw same (Sussex) + DJ

My EBAY ID = mrbothy


Thanks for looking, and Happy Holidays.


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