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The Soul of New Orleans (book) - Jeff Hannusch

The Soul of New Orleans: A Legacy of Rhythm and Blues - Jeff Hannusch

A book by Jeff Hannusch in stock now at A Nickel And Nail. A comprehensive exploration of the rise and fall of New Orleans rhythm and blues. It presents scores of colourful and important profiles as it investigates activities of the N.O. clubs, musicians, record companies, recording studios, and much more. Artists discussed include Tommy Ridgley, Chuck Carbo, Danny White, Robert Parker and labels like Ric and Ron Frisco and Hep' Me. Contains  over a hundred photographs and illustrations and a full appendix including a selected discography. A must for fans of New Orleans rhythm and blues. The author is a life long R&B and soul fan, having lived in New Orleans since 1978.

Link to ordering here:   https://a-nickel-and-a-nail.myshopify.com/collections/books/products/the-soul-of-new-orleans-jeff-hannusch



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