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Shake Your Hips: The Excello Records Story by Randy Fox

There's some real interest these days in uncovering the history of the Nashville R&B industry. "Shake Your Hips! The Excello Records Story" is a book by Randy Fox available to order from A Nickel And A Nail. A label synonymous with Nashville R&B and Louisiana lease-ins - this is the first book to dig deep into the label history from Ernie Young's 1940s record store, development of Excello through late 50s R&B phase, the soul explosion in the 60s and beyond, label spin offs, the buy-out by Crescent / AVI, reissue series and final demise. Something in here for everybody - whether you are into swamp blues, R&B or 60s / 70s soul. Highly recommended.

Order "Shake Your Hips!" and take advantage of free UK delivery by quoting FREEPOST1. Follow the link for blurb and order info:




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