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Charlene And The Soul Serenaders - Can You Win - Paradox

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Charlene And The Soul Serenaders - Can You Win - (Paradox)


B/W - Love Changes


Condition - VG to VG+


(I am going to be conservative on the grading as there are a few superficial marks on the vinyl and a some very light pops at the start but goes into a strong VG+ with very clean labels. Overall a pretty nice copy that plays great and you won't be ashamed to get out in the light)


Perhaps the least celebrated of all the Muscle Shoals musical enterprises was the Paradox label started by James Thomas and Bill Cofield.

Cofield was a saxophonist who had played with Jimmy Johnson in the 50s as well as featuring on several Quin Ivy sessions including Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman".


This 45 hailing from Sheffield Alabama is ripping up dance floors all over Europe, the UK and beyond.

Taken on and made big by DJ bUTCH this never fails to deliver a full dance floor, with it's almost haunting melody and sublime vocal.

Compared to the Volt issue this is just so much rarer and more, and not one that appears for sale too often.

If that wasn't all it has a faux sticker on the label "Certified - A Muscle Shoals Sound".!!!








Bid Here



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Just a quick note. 
There will be a few bids at the end so it will be hard to email each person in real time but i will do my best to keep everyone involved
up to date on the website but the last minute or so maybe difficult.
You can PM me if you wish but again, i can't promise an immediate response but will do my best.
Good Luck if you are bidding.
Thanks Again


Current Bid - £1650.00

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