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Motownopoly - Board game

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Hello, Many apologies for the delay in replying to your post - I've only just picked it up. Yes, the board game is still available if you're still interested. I promise I'll check for messages sooner in the future!

All the best.



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Hi, Mollie,

Well, I just checked back to see what I actually paid for it a couple of years back and it was just shy of £55 - I bought it from the States and the postage cost was almost as much as the game itself!! Ideally, I would obviously like to recover what it cost me so something around that figure would suffice.

I am based in the UK, in the lovely city of Edinburgh! If you're interested, please let me know.



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 Hi, Mollie,

Damn!! No harm in trying I suppose☺️

Yes, I can certainly provide you with photos of the game so that you can see the condition. Can I do it via my email address tomorrow if that's ok - it's just that I'm not sure about the possibility/practicality of doing it via the soul-source website? My email address is jimpower57.jp@gmail.com. If you are happy to let me have your email address, I'll take a couple of pics and forward to you sometime tomorrow morning.

All the best.


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