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Albert Petit

Vnsc Allnighter 6th October

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Mick Smith Top 10 is not available in this moment, sorry.


Carl Henderson - I´m Scheming - Renfro

Melvin Elling - Lonely Eyes - Stretch

Roger Hatcher - Sweetest girl in the world - Excello

The Caesars - Girl I miss you - Lannie

Rose Battiste - I can´t leave you - Thelma

Baby Dave Greenlee - We need Love - Steelcity

Ronnie Mcneir - Sittin´in my class - Deto

TSU Toronadoes - Please heart don´t break - Rampart

Clara Hardy - I dream of you - Tuna

Norwood Long - I´ve like to have you - Groovey grooves

DAVID DE SANTIAGO ( MADRID) Jerry Washington : "Don't waste my time" Glades

Ivorys "Please Stay" Despenza

Houston Outlaws "Ain´t no telling" Westbound

Nicky & Newarkers "Woman" Mercury

Charisma Band "Ain´t nothing like your love" Budah

Ronnie McNeir "Isn´t she a pretty girl" Deto

Shelley Fisher "Girl I love you" Dayla

Minits "Still a part of me" MGM

Joe Valentine "I lost the only love I had" Val

T.J. Williams & 2 Shades Of Soul: "Baby I Need You " Josie

Almetta Latimore "These memories" Mainstream


Big Don's Rebellion - It Was True - (Ethon)

The Ultimations - Would I Do It Over - (Mar-V-Lus)

Tony Middleton - Paris Blues - (Mala demo)

Little Rob & The Tankards - Love Song - (C/U)

Herb Ward - Strange Change - (Argo)

Tony Clarke - "(They Call Me) A Wrong Man" - (M-S)

Carol & Gerri - On Your Heartache Looks Good - (MGM demo)

The Imaginations "Strange Neighbourhood - (Fraternity demo)

The Ringleaders - Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love - (M-Pac)

Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - (SSS International)


Rozetta Johnson A mine was real Clintone

Clydie King " Soft and gentle ways " Imperial

Sam Fletcher " I´d think it over" Tollie

Othello Robinson" So in luv " Era

Sheila Ferguson " Heartbroken memories " Swan

Janie Welsh " I cant´t stop thinking ´bout you" GDC

Sylvia Shemwell " He´ll come back" Philips

The Hun´s Review " Don´t make me love you " Sorro

Jimmy Ricks " Oh what a feeling " Festival

Two people " Stop, leave my heart alone " Revue

Jimmy Reed Jr " I ain´t going no where " Mercury

Johnny Maestro " I´m stepping out of the picture " Scepter

Mickey Lanay " I´m gonna walk " Vulcan

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